With the sharp sound of the white father-in-law starting from the outside of the main hall and stepping into the golden hall, the alto is not particularly loud but extremely clear, and every step is exactly the same.

Slowly, as the footsteps get closer and closer, waves of armor friction ring into the hall.
A burly general with a firm and cold face and wearing gray chain mail slowly walked into the golden palace.
People just walked into the hall Chang Sheng ears immediately rang with Fang Wenmi voice.
"This guy competitive murderous look! What’s this murderous look? I think it takes ten thousand people to have such a murderous look. "
"It’s fierce and murderous. It’s much heavier than I’ve ever seen a few hands of Ying Wuhou, Chai Tianrong and the general who wants to refine the old devil!" Chang Sheng secretly looked at the bearer with a dignified heart. Ying Wuhou’s hand is really more horrible than that, but I didn’t expect that the hand that I haven’t met yet is domineering than Ying Wuhou. This guy will also give something to shoot Real Madrid fart!
This man didn’t move extra. He came in from outside during his reign, which was relatively close to him. Several civilian officials even unconsciously stepped back a few steps, apparently because of his murderous look.
This is not his intention. If he deliberately releases murderous look, it is estimated that many civilians will directly scare and pass out.
But this guy is really arrogant enough to enter the golden palace and he doesn’t know how to converge a murderous look!
Chang Sheng stared at each other and saw the bearer holding a brocade box in his hands. Otherwise, he walked all the way to the place facing the emperor Fang Yuanfu. This stopped when he passed by the marshal’s side, and he still ignored him.
On one knee, the bearer said, "At the end of the year, An Ruiqi was ordered by the British Wuhou to come to present the rare fruit of longevity and fire cloud recently obtained by the British Wuhou overseas."
An Ruiqi said, holding the brocade box to the top of his head with both hands. Although he was talking to the emperor in the golden palace, his voice was still full of murderous look.
"Life-prolonging fire cloud fruit" This is an elixir in the 36 islands near the fire cloud island in the sea. This elixir has long been possessed by the owner of the fire cloud island. Ying Wuhou actually got the life-prolonging fire cloud fruit. So Ying Wuhou must have attacked the fire cloud island. "
"Fire cloud island? Huoyun Island is not the outermost island of the Seven-Star Cloud 36 Island. Yingwuhou attacked Huoyun Island so quickly? "
At that time, during the amazing constantly sounded.
"General Ann got up first and you came to tell me that Ying Wuhou has attacked several of the 36 islands."
"When I reported that I was leaving the camp at the end, Lord Ying Wuhou had captured twelve islands. Now it is estimated that two more islands have fallen into the hands of Ying Wuhou." An Ruiqi proudly answered Fang Yuanfu’s question.
"It seems less than two months since the twelve islands were sent to attack and attack the seven-star cloud and thirty-six islands. It’s hard to imagine that twenty islands have been attacked."
"Thirty-six islands are no ordinary islands. Before that, the Daqi Dynasty sent three generals to attack these islands and failed. The third general was buried in the sea. Only then did Ying Wuhou go and didn’t expect Ying Wuhou to achieve such an amazing record!"
"Ying Wuhou is the first hero of our Daqi Dynasty, and he is not only good at leading troops to fight, but also good at fighting. What is most rare is that Ying Wuhou is so loyal and loves to fight abroad, and he does not forget that the emperor always presents all kinds of treasures to the emperor."
"Yes, the emperor is sleeping in the Wan Nian Wen Yu bed or is it sent by Ying Wuhou? The world knows that sleeping on the Wan Nian ice bed can adjust the human body to drive away human impurities. However, although the ice bed is good, it is too cold to sleep on the surface. The Wan Nian Wen Yu bed is different from the Wan Nian ice bed, which can improve human function. At the same time, the Wan Nian Wen Yu bed is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is comfortable to sleep on the surface."
"It’s not only the golden silk covered by the Emperor Wen Yu’s bed for ten thousand years, but also the golden silk given by Ying Wuhou. It feels as smooth and light as a girl’s skin, but it’s warm and warm at the same time. It’s the most suitable to cover the golden silk in winter."
Chapter 313 Present a treasure
Chang Sheng clearly heard that during the praise of Ying Wuhou kept ringing.
"Ying Wuhou is really a model of loyalty and patriotism. This time, Ying Wuhou just lit the fire and Yundao immediately sent someone to deliver the longevity fire cloud fruit, which can increase the life span by 20 years, baby!"
"It’s twenty years, even if you practice to the next level, you will increase your life span by twenty years. This fruit will increase your life span by twenty years a year."
Chang Sheng listened to the ear ringing with admiration and looked up at her eyes with a smiling face. Fang Yuanfu secretly hated his mother. This British warrior really flatters and increases life expectancy. Not only are you old, but you also have it.
If you want to shoot real Madrid, you can’t shoot it since it’s old here!
Changsheng looked up just as white father-in-law had hit the brocade box with a fiery red fruit, and the tip of the fruit had cracked, and a pungent smell of choking nose flowed out of the crack and instantly filled the whole golden hall.
"Wow, what is that? It smells terrible." Chang Sheng suddenly jumped out of the crowd and pointed to the longevity fire cloud fruit in front of Fang Yuanfu and shouted, "Uncle Huang, this thing smells terrible and suffocates Chang Sheng. Please throw it away quickly."
"Throw him away!"
"This silly what he said!"
When the ministers heard Chang Sheng’s words, they couldn’t help laughing directly. "Silly … Chang Sheng Well Chang Sheng, do you know what this is? This is the longevity fire cloud fruit, which can increase the life span by 20 years after eating. If it is refined into Dan medicine with other medicinal materials, it can increase the life span by 40 years. This is a panacea, but you should let the emperor throw it away! "
"Twenty years? Very powerful? " Changsheng still looked at the fiery red fruit with a puzzled face.
"Let you live for twenty years. Do you think it’s bad? Dan medicine, which can increase life expectancy, is rarely seen after ten years, not to mention the fruit of twenty years … "A big interpreter said a few words and suddenly reacted. He explained to a fool that this was not casting pearls before swine. No matter how to explain this stupidity, I can’t understand it.
"Twenty … forty …" When Chang Sheng heard the minister’s words, he stretched out his hands and looked at Fang Wen for a long time. "Is forty worse than twenty?"
"Yes, of course, it takes two twenties to compare with one forty. Of course, it’s forty!" Fang Wen nodded heavily, and Chang Sheng suddenly asked this question. Maybe he wants to take out the golden fruit of life extension?
"Oh, forty is worse than twenty. Changsheng knew it long ago." Changsheng rushed Fang Wenyang’s head and suddenly turned to Fang Yuanfu and shouted, "The emperor’s uncle is going to throw away that smelly fruit. Changsheng is better here."
Chang Sheng said, putting his hands into the bag of Gankun, and everyone was surprised. He took out two identical golden fruits in his eyes.
Suddenly, a strong fragrance spread throughout the golden hall, overshadowing the pungent smell emitted by the longevity fire cloud fruit.
"This taste is not the taste of Yanshou Jinguo!"
Fang Jing suddenly turned to Chang Sheng when he smelled the aroma. He was holding two identical golden fruits in his hand and said to the emperor, "The emperor’s uncle Bai Hu told Chang Sheng that Chang Sheng’s things can be increased by 40 years compared with that fruit. The emperor’s uncle threw away that ugly fruit and gave it to you. Chang Sheng’s fruit was delicious, green and sweet. Chang Sheng ate two!"
An Ruiqi suddenly raised his head when he heard Chang Sheng’s voice, and his murderous eyes passed away. It turned out that this stupidity was Chang Sheng!
It’s really a shame to let the emperor throw away the treasures presented by Ying Wuhou.
Aside, many ministers’ eyes are always full and Chang Ganze’s face is always full. This silly him to come to the Golden Temple is simply a shame to Chang Ganze.
This is stupid! What is his fruit? It can increase his life span by 20 years if he gives it to the emperor. Is it beyond his broken fruit?
"Chang sheng, you actually ate two golden fruits to prolong life! You …! "
Suddenly a binge drinking during the ring all go back and suddenly san huang anger came into view.
"Changsheng, you said that you didn’t see my medicine. You took the golden fruit of life extension from my home!" As soon as Fang Jing saw the golden fruit of prolonging life, no matter where it is now, she rushed to Chang Sheng with a whoosh.
"No, Chang Sheng didn’t take your things. This is Chang Sheng fruit." Chang Sheng put his hand in the golden fruit to his arms and received a little consternation in his heart. Just now, san huang broke out and ran so fast that I didn’t see that san huang was still a master.