Arihiko hurriedly said, "A thousand adults are merciful."

Chen Yan was born with a strong spirit and wrapped Fu Please in the wind.
Long Dao with a forward momentum cut congenital Gang gas broke out in a muffled sound.
Long Dao was broken by earthquake.
Zuo Qianyi looked horrified and said, "It’s a congenital protective body!"
Chen Yan lifted Ching Fung up and said to Zuo Qian with a smile, "Will a thousand adults, Fu adults, not leave you, and they will be cruel to a little girl?"
Zuo Qian said, "She is the daughter of Fu Tianqiu."
Ulrich said, "Does Fu Tianqiu’s daughter deserve to die? Thousands of adults from the Kingdom of Heaven visited Guobei County. I have a feeling. Please hope that thousands of adults and Fu adults can stay in the county government for one more day. I will make it clear to the Buddhist face to face, and everything will come out in time. "
Zuo Qian nodded, "Well, then Zuo Mou will stay in Guobei County for one more day, and Zuo Mou doesn’t want to see loyal subjects wronged."
Doing fuels "thank you very much"
Ulrich said to Ching Fung again, "Miss Fu, you can go back first and talk about something during the day."
Ching Fung took a grateful look at Ulrich. "Thank you, Mr. Chen, for not killing my daughter. I’ll visit again tomorrow."
"Well" doing nodded and waved "go"
Zuo Qian looked at Ching Fung and said to Ulrich, "Mr. Chen seems to have a special interest in the current Buddhist. Is he trying to murder the Buddhist? Zuo, a humble warrior, doesn’t understand the truth, but he also knows that Buddhist is a court official, but even if Mr. Chen’s martial arts are no matter how high, once you want to murder Buddhist Zuo, you will definitely fight to prevent you from doing harm to Buddhist. "
Chen Yanxiao said, "I am very interested in Buddhist, but I believe that Buddhist will be more interested in me when he meets me, and he is afraid that Buddhist will be bad for me when he meets me."
Zuo Qian blurted out, "I will protect my husband …"
The voice did not fall
Zuo Qianyi smiled bitterly. Does Mr. Chen need to protect himself because his martial arts are ten times better than his own? It’s not such a way to offer an ugly face.
Chen Yan said, "I’m very touched that thousands of adults have this heart. Well, let’s rest. There won’t be any accidents tonight."
Chen Yan sat in the plush chair again, and in less than two seconds, he entered the "living dead" dormant state.
During the day, if you want to see Buddhist Chen Yan, you must save your strength and recuperate your mental and physical strength to the peak.
Zuo Qian was shocked by the fact that it was the first time that he had seen Ulrich enter the "living dead" state. Although he didn’t know this state very well, he also knew Ulrich could definitely enter this mysterious state at any time.
"unfathomable Mr. Chen’s repair is really unfathomable. Even a handful of people can surpass Mr. Chen’s repair today." Zuo Qian’s heart whispered.
Ching Fung went out of the county and returned to the houses.
Sister Fu Yuechi and Fu Tianqiu were relieved when they saw her back.
Fu Yuechi hurriedly asked, "How’s the elder sister? Is the county government heavily guarded? And have you seen dad? "
Fu Yuechi has too many questions in his heart.
Ching Fung threw the mask on the table and took a sip of water and said, "I haven’t seen Dad’s county government’s lax defense."
Fu Yuechi said happily, "Great sister, let’s act now to save Dad."
A thin, middle-aged man said, "Even if it’s not that simple, Miss Er, let’s listen to Miss Da first."
Ching Fung said, "Although the county government’s defense is lax, we have no chance because there is a peerless strong man in the county government who is worse than Zuo Qian, and Zuo Qian’s knife method can’t even break his protective spirit."
Everyone was horrified.
They know how overbearing Zuo Qian’s martial arts and knife skills are.