So the horrible black hole became very huge this time.

Even the environment around Xiaojin began to become distorted.
The ground around Xiaojin began to collapse and flew in the direction of Xiaojin involuntarily.
What’s going on here has attracted Antoine’s attention
It looked down in the direction of Xiaojin.
Is a little guy several times smaller than himself.
But Antoine actually felt a slight danger from this guy.
This made Antoine have a different understanding of Xiaojin.
Facing Antoine’s gaze, Xiaojin’s face showed a sunny smile.
Although the death door blessed Xiaojin, I felt that my body was constantly in pain, as if it would collapse at any time.
But this feeling of hard work makes Xiaojin feel excited.
Xiaojin took a deep breath and then roared and punched out.
Looking for opportunities in a desperate situation makes the impossible possible.
This ….. is passionate youth!
One punch flow … Dead fluctuations!
With Xiao Jinli’s blow, Antunesse exhibited a sigh wall.
This deadly epigenetic terrorist attack has produced unprecedented amazing results.
See a huge energy ripple, and the collision center begins to radiate.
At this time, a large number of energy ripples began to appear in the original object
The black energy covered by Xiaojin fist is like a virus and begins to erode the sigh wall.
The horrible gravity generated by the concentrated psychic force is involved in the center of the horrible black hole.
The impregnable sigh wall began to shake violently at this time.
Then several cracks appeared in front of Xiaojin.
Although when a crack appears, more energy will appear immediately to make up for the crack generated here.
But the black hole caused by Xiaojin is like the root has no end.
Not only can it devour everything around it, but it can also absorb these objects and concentrate them again.
It can be said that the theory of the degree of attack of this black hole is not limited if the golden body can withstand it.
But although Xiaojin’s flesh is powerful, it is not a god after all.
See the little golden body began to appear a lot of wounds.
These broken wounds make him look like a statue full of cracks at this time.
It will collapse at any time
However, in this process, the small gold body seems to have another force that is constantly repairing its body.
Let its body eventually not develop in the direction of complete collapse.
I was always calm before, and Antoine finally had some mood swings at this time.
It looked at Xiaojin with a little shock in its eyes.
It seems that I didn’t expect such a small person to burst into such amazing power.
And because Liu Yuan chose the weakest point in the sigh wall.
The wall that led to that despair and sigh finally collapse.
Pa …
When the first crisp crack sounded, more cracks quickly spread to the sighing wall.
Then the original huge sigh wall finally turned into several light spots.
The sighing wall between Antoine and Liu Yuan disappeared.
Almost sighing, the wall cracked and Jin fell heavily.
However, although its breath is weak, its body has not collapsed further.
What will happen is that there are many unique vines on the golden statuette.
These vines, like blood vessels, connect it instead of small gold blood vessels.
See a little guy who looks like a meat doodle ginseng around Xiaojin and is trying to treat it.
This little guy is none other than Xiaoshu.
Team shame is the first aid.
Young trees naturally have no way to be absent when the group like Eye hits bss key.
But if it’s a small tree, Xiaojin is the way to save his life from the huge deputy of the door to escape armor and the door to die.
Another important reason why Xiaojin can come alive at this time is that he has reached an amazing degree of control over his own body.
Therefore, the small tree can help close the door.
Although he saved his life, Xiao Jin suspected that he was completely defeated.
But it’s not without effect.
At this time, Liu Yuan and others can really touch Antoine’s body.
When several people came to Antoine, they still didn’t feel shocked.
It’s okay to look at it from a distance, but you’ll still be shocked by Antoine’s horrible size when you walk in.
But this shock is also a moment. Lu Yuan and Tam quickly adjusted their mentality and started a further attack.
See a side small sword, light and Po three pet beast glances at each other and then began to display a special ability.
See three little guys have cast out their kingdom.
Sword country, light country, two poles
After these three kingdoms were merged together, a terrible chemical reaction soon occurred.
See a huge figure slowly appeared before Antoine.
This is the special method that can be formed by the fusion of Xiaoguang, Xiaojian and Po … arm shura.
Arm shura’s face is half good and half evil, and his body is half bright and half dark.
A symbol of Po’s special ability of combining vibration and devouring.
And there is a huge golden aperture behind the arm shura.
This aperture is not a decoration. When it shines on people, they will feel a sense of oppression.
After seeing this huge arm shura, the average person gives birth to rebellious thoughts.
If that form Antoine was shocked by Jin.
Then it is really shocking for the eye-arm shura.
Because in the sight of this guy already has a limit close to the level of strength.
That is, they have not mastered the level key, otherwise they may have broken the diamond level limit and reached the level of truth.
Adolf in the rear is a little excited to see this scene at this time.
If he had doubt whether Lu Yuan could defeat Antoine before.