White building lobby

I was staring at a self-portrait of the President and wondering if I could sell it for a lot of money. When Debbie saw Mark coming down the stairs, she was about to speak.
Debbie saw Mark’s face was dark, so she quickly walked over to Mark and asked in a low voice, "Why not?"
Debbie is confused.
By the way, President Mu and her boss should be very good
Plus, President Kimi’s execution is full, and it’s not a problem to ask their office for a billion dollars.
But how?
Mark directly grunted coldly, "Politicians are big pig elbows."
He said it was polite to refuse the position of attorney general.
But it’s hypocrisy to fail once and never again.
The ancients still have three visits to the cottage.
The guy sitting on the throne simply doesn’t know how to write the word "courtesy and sage"
More than that
Now you want to trick him into going to Fox to make an apology?
What did you do?
To make his throne more comfortable?
Mark heart hum a way
If I can’t afford Mark now, I want to go all the way to Fox Town and directly hang Edward Cullen and Billy Black, two vampires and werewolves, to smoke a newspaper, which forced him to go far away and hate him.
That incident that year was simply the deepest black stain of his life.
Out of the white building
Debbie’s face continued to look ugly. Mark asked cautiously, "So, boss, where are we going now?"
"Take you to eat and burn your ribs."
Mark turned to look at the white building with a big lawn and suddenly said grumpily, "Don’t we, President Mu, like to eat ribs? I ate all his dinner today. "
Debbie blinked and said, "Boss, but we just had dinner."
"I can’t finish packing"
"… all right"
Mark directly turned around and watched by the secret service agent, handed out his international sports gesture directly, and then took sunglasses and walked towards the white SUV parked by Kate.
Automobile starting
Engine roar
Mark directly took Debbie and slammed the gas pedal at a roadside food stall that the president especially liked to eat.
In the meantime …
Middle East!
Chapter 679 New Iron Man []
Middle East
The navigation map shows the town of Ge Milla.
No threat gives people a kind of glasses that are harmful to people and animals. Dr. Ethan, a man, looks at Tony who got up from the sci-fi operating table and his chest glows.
Dr. Ethan looked at the energy source that he had just put in Tony’s chest and exclaimed, "You knew you would get hurt. Did you get hurt like this?"
Pulling out of anesthesia Tony’s face was obviously as black as black water when he heard this sentence.
God, I knew it.