Longyou has always been a more rational person. Looking at things these days, he feels particularly uneasy.

"You add a few more people to go there and watch them, do you hear?" This is from the mouth of the rattan project
Rattan engineering is also dealing with this gang. He is a little impatient these days, so he ordered his men to watch the people there quickly
But there is no way to be impatient. The boss over there has never’ exposed’ himself.
"Why are you impatient?" Longyou looked at the rattan project coldly and said there
"What if you are impatient? It’s not that you can’t do anything. What can you say?" Rattan engineering some nai said there.
Rattan engineering looked grumpy and couldn’t hold back his sex. He smiled and didn’t know what it was.
See longyou saw his one eye.
"You said these were temporary, and it won’t change anything. After all, there will be a fight." Longyou said there.
Fujitsu didn’t understand what he meant, but he said with a smile, "Are you sure you can win this fight?"
"Ha ha, hasn’t the fight started yet?" Longyou seems to have a good chance of winning.
How confident he was to predict that he would win Longyou before he started fighting.
Since the installation of a monitor there, Fujitsu has looked at him with new eyes. This time, he is not too white for him to suddenly talk about fighting.
Looking at him like that, I don’t want to explain much, because it’s hard to explain it to such an impulsive person
"If you say too much, you don’t want to explain more." Longyou said impatiently.
This is a bit different from what Longyou usually does. "It seems that you are also troubled by this?" The rattan project says there
After the two men got together, they were always suspicious of some questions of the gang leader, and they couldn’t understand what the other person was thinking.
This kind of frequent quarrel has always happened between two people in recent days.
"The rattan project must have sent someone to follow us these days. Pay attention to yourself and don’t blame me for not waking you up." Longyou said there.
Chapter 236 Fighting
A few days later, as Longyou expected, someone came to find him in trouble]
There are two small’ mixed” mixed’ people who found Longyou. These two people seem to have no power, but Longyou guessed what was going on as soon as he got there.
"I am Longyou. Who sent you two?"
Longyou deliberately asked how these two little’ mixed’ and’ mixed’ could be said.
"Hum, the brothers didn’t send us here just to see you unhappy and want to teach you a lesson-what can you do?"
Two small’ mixed” mixed’ also don’t talk nonsense with Longyou, and immediately took out a guy to teach Longyou a lesson.
But let them can’t believe that it is a small’ mixed’ and’ mixed’ and has been moved by Longyou before action.
The other man couldn’t believe his eyes glared at Longyou.
"Let my brother go quickly or else!"
Small’ mixed” mixed’ smashed the guy in his hand, and then several people came out.
Longyou took a look at two people, and there were five people in all.
Five people came to deal with him, and one dragon swam and smiled.
"You really respect Long Mou, but do you think you can resist me?"
Who is Longyou? He has lived two lives. Although there are many opponents in the world, he is not afraid.
A few small’ mixed” mixed’ see longyou don’t let people suddenly all great anger.
"Let my brother go or you’ll never see the sun."
A few "mixed" and "mixed" are tight step by step, but it is not enough that he not only refuses to let go of the hostages, but also sets up these "mixed" and "mixed" words.
"Want me to let him go, but you have to tell me the truth. Who am I, Longyou? You should know something outside. It’s absolutely uncompromising. I will definitely let you go when I say it."
Longyou laughed
Four small’ mixed” mixed’ looked at each other, it seems that I don’t know whether to promise or not.
Longyou felt very ridiculous when he saw this scene. It is no wonder that these people can be a minion when they come to "mix".
"You said we’d listen to your terms first, but we agreed to go too far, so we can accept it."
A few’ mixed” mixed’ still let go. Longyou smiled at this moment.
"I know you are sent by someone and you won’t tell me who he is, but I still want to know how we can solve this problem."
Longyou said
The four "mixed" and "mixed" roots have no promise, and they will definitely not tell the people behind them.
However, Longyou said that his way made the four people interested. What do you mean by his way?
"Tell me about it."
The four "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed" mixed "mixed, mixed" mixed "mixed, mixed" mixed
"You also know that I want to know who sent you, but you can’t say it. Then I’ll say it. If I’m right, you nod. If I say it, you shake your head. Isn’t that all right?"
Four’ mixed” mixed’ listen to leng leng longyou this is not playing them?
"No, what’s the difference between this and what we say? If you don’t let people go, we won’t care so much."
What scenes have you never seen before? They believe that their brothers are not afraid of what Longyou dares to do to him.
"Hum, you guys are really the hard way. Today I’ll let you have a good look at me."
Longyou knew that these people had been shut up and would not say anything, so he simply didn’t bother to ask again.
He can guess with his eyes closed that it must be someone from Zhongshan Hall who wants to find him in trouble, and the most likely one is that Lin Hao.