Wu Liang "Calm down, Nimei, do something for me!"

How can you be influenced by ordinary people as a host of preparatory singers? You should stick to your will and not be shaken by external forces! "
Wu Liang was puzzled and asked, "Do you mean to let me refuse her?"
Please follow your intuition.
Wu Liang "Intuition Ni Mei, you just want me to refuse her, right?"
They’re all dead. They have something to burn.
Wu Liang "wipe and play dead? I got u! "
However, after all this, Wu Liang realized that he didn’t need to give everything to the audience.
Besides, it can’t be limited to the unified music library. If every audience asks for this, wouldn’t they sing hundreds of new songs a day? Where did so many new songs satisfy them?
"I will refuse sooner or later anyway, so I’d better take the knife from you!"
Wu Liang glared at the screen as if this had added poverty to himself, and said firmly and cruelly to the charm rain, "I’m sorry to write a song to talk about the inspiration anchor, but there is no inspiration now, so you can’t write a song."
Charming rain? Why can’t it be done at noon?
Wu Liang "because writing songs is a very mental thing, the anchor is more than willing to do."
The second marriage is also beautiful. I’ll reward you with ten golden buddhas if you write songs for my wife!
Wu Liang jumped out of the corner of his eye and his heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe, but on the surface, he said calmly, "It’s not a question of rewarding. Writing a song requires a heart. The anchor is full of thoughts about signing a contract. I really don’t have the energy to write a song."
The second marriage is also beautiful, and it’s also important for signing the contract and the anchor. I understand (shaking hands)
Charming rain (grin) but I really want to ask the anchor to write a song. What should I do?
The second marriage is also beautiful. coax her wife not to cry and go home. I’ll write for you. My husband can also write songs.
Charming rain, you play kai!
The second marriage is also beautiful, true wife, your husband, I not only write good songs, but also sing good poems. (grinned)
Brother Hu, you can sing a good poem! (Laughter)
What does Bai Leer have to do with writing songs? (confused)
Don’t listen to these two big perverts, young children! (board brick)
Charming rain husband, can you help me beg for the anchor again? (coquetry)
Second marriage is also beautiful, wife. Why do you have to let the anchor write songs?
Charming rain, you idiot, have you forgotten what day it is? (glaring)
The second marriage is also beautiful. After a moment of silence, I suddenly realized that it was our wedding anniversary!
Charming rain Xu Hao, that’s enough. We got married in October! (knife knife)
What a mess! Oh, it’s over! I can’t remember my wedding anniversary correctly … (gloating)
The second marriage is also beautiful (frightened)
Charming rain will give you another chance to think about it! (Nose blowing)
The second marriage is beautiful, too. After five minutes of thinking, I finally got over my wife. I remember that it is the third anniversary of our acquaintance! (wiping sweat)
Chapter 16 A large audience is pouring in
It’s also beautiful to have a second marriage at this juncture. Finally, I thought about what the important day is, and I avoided a family ethics, violence and horror detective drama.
Charming rain hum finally you react quickly! (supercilious look)
The second marriage is also beautiful. Thank my parents for giving me this smart brain! (wiping sweat)
Hush, haha, men are really unlucky (gloating)
Tu Tu husband, I suddenly forgot when we met. Do you remember? (smiling face)
Hum … (fear)
The second marriage is also beautiful, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ~ karma is coming! (gloating)
Hum, you can beat me? I’m telling you, I’ve been guarding against this for a long time. I remember all the important days. You wait for me!
After that, he was silent for dozens of seconds and soon reappeared.
I have found my wife. The day we met was 3: 15 p.m. on June 1, 2013. I saw you on the bus that day. Since then, I have fallen in love with you. I can’t stand it without your wife. I love you! (Kiss)
Tu Tu’s husband … (moved)
Bai Leer, wow, it’s so romantic. I remember the time so clearly! (scattering flowers)
Be careful. This man is so calculating … (sinister)
Huhu & Tu Tu …
Charming rain, please listen to me first, okay? Anchored this special day, I sincerely beg you to help us write a song, ok? (pleading)
Wu Liang is silent. People have already said this. How can he have the heart to refuse?
Besides, others say that "it’s not as good as how many good people meet each other in the early days, and it’s beautiful to have a second marriage." The second marriage is also a kind of "timely assistance". When Wu Liang, a friend, was the most down and out, and the number of people in the live broadcast was the lowest, it was his first collection that gave Wu Liang great encouragement. If it weren’t for him, Wu Liangzhen would hardly have been able to have seven audiences until now (of course, it was only two days in total, but when people were down and out, it always felt like a year. I
He has a reason to send a beautiful song for his second marriage.
So Wu Liang thought for a while and compromised, "How about this? I really don’t have any inspiration today. Since you are two anniversaries, why don’t I just ask you to write a song to ensure your satisfaction?"
Charming rain didn’t continue to find it difficult to let him go, but said happily that it was better to receive songs on the anniversary day! (moved)
Wu Liang "It’s not much when it’s easy to pick up, so let’s continue listening to music."
After that, he ordered the accompaniment of "Happy day" and sang softly with the light music.
Sing until about three o’clock, and tell the administrator to come to the door again.
Wu Liang was dragged into the little dark room as usual, but this time he learned the live broadcast software and set up a restriction on the live broadcast method, and then saw him talking to the administrator.
He’s still Jinlong Xiaorui. I’m very happy to type with him. Congratulations to the anchor. Your identity has passed. Now you can change the name of the room to "Happy Break-up" original live broadcast.
Wu Liang, thank you
How did Jinlong Xiaorui think about the signing of the contract?
Wu Liang is fine. Can I see the contract first?
Jinlong Xiaoruihao, I’ll send you the contract by email. If you feel there is no problem after reading it, contact me again. You can add my chat number 2257169.