Liu Chen took Liu Ai to sit in the square and talked with the teenager whose identity will be very complicated in the future.

Xiao Yan said innocently, "Yes, isn’t that enough?"
Liu Chen laughed, which made Xiao Yan feel annoyed. Brother Chen laughed at him.
"What’s so funny! ? Brother Chen thinks I can’t be that strong in the future? "
Xiao Yan is not very angry. Ge Feng’s brothers and sisters all praise him for his talent.
Liu Chen smiled and waved his hand. "That’s not what I meant. I think we are all of the same kind."
Or the secret blood fighters are all a kind of people who pursue power and worship. The strong are eager to get closer and firmly believe that they will be stronger in the future.
Xiao Lu Ying scratched his head and didn’t know what Lu Chen meant.
Lu Chen did not explain whether he continued to ask, "Is that why you practice boxing so hard?"
"Because Elder Martial Sister’s fist is very strong, she has hit all the younger generation opponents with a pair of iron fists without relying on weapons."
Xiao Yan’s face is full of worship, talking about the big teacher elder sister Lu Shuiliu’s eyes full of little stars.
Liu Chen’s tone was bewitched. "There’s nothing wrong with learning more weapons. As I am proficient in boxing, I think the knife method is also very helpful for fighting. Do you want to learn the knife? I will teach you. "
Small styles hesitate to look at the eyes Liu Chen waist with regicide shook his head "morning elder brother is not a big brother"
Lu Chen was speechless and told himself not to be angry with the child. The other party said it was true.
I am really not as good as Liu Shuiliu, and I have been dumped for more than one street.
However, he believes that budo is not just a knife method, a fist method and a sword method, but a more pure route. Some things should be all-in-one
Seeing the failure of bewitch, he no longer said, "Well, that’s all for today. I’m going to take a trip to the mountain. Let’s go and find his brother in the next few days."
Xiao Luyao was a little uneasy. "Brother Chen, are you angry?"
Liu Chen shook his head and smiled. "No, I really have something to do. I may have to come back from Wushen Mountain for a while."
"What took you so long?"
Xiao Luyao is very curious.
Liu Chen touched the "secret" of the little guy’s burr stabbing his head.
After nine days of burial
The afterglow of the sunset and the waves on the east coast are all blowing with warm red wind, and the small figure beside the long white hair of the female jade-like stone sets off her figure, making her look taller and taller.
"Captain, I’ve arranged things. I can leave at any time."
Qianxue reported that it was the same as that of the reporter.
"Mr Lu"
Leng Yue, as always, is polite and respectful after seeing Lu Chen.
She died straight in magic eye, which is no longer the kind when she first acquired it. After continuous growth and evolution, she is now a more special eye, which is more special than Lu Chen and his monks’ martial arts eyes, and some fields have advantages.
By analogy, if she dies in magic eye now, it can be seen as the source of the gods in Ye Fan. Through those lines, she can judge where in kill array can’t be walked or broken.
This is also the reason why Chu Hang suggested taking Leng Yue, so that they can bury their gods and explore the team from strength to brain to eyes
"Is there a better route for the map of Xueyuefeng?"
Lu Chen asked that all major powers also keep secret star maps, and each family is a little different.
He wants to compare the map with Chuhang to see if there is a faster route.
"It seems that the captain has now found a suitable strategist."
Thousands of snow laughed and knew that Lu Chen’s personality would not consider so much. Take out a map and pass it to each other.
Lu Chen scanned it again and copied the map to Chuhang through group frequency, and soon he got a reply.
"It will be faster to change a node to take the road of Xueyuefeng when the sky and the sea are in the star field. I will re-compare multiple star maps and select an alternative node. Brother Lu, please communicate with me at any time."
Chu Hang’s sitting in Jun ‘en City is the clearest eye of Lu Chen’s burial star.
"Let’s go then. I hope this operation will be fruitful."
Lu Chen returned the star map to Qianxue. Although it was copied, Xueyue Yuefeng was also put on record and needed to be returned after Qianxue.
This time, I went out in a thousand snows, and the goal of exploration was to discover the location of Xueyuefeng mineral deposit, a new source of life.
Thousands of snow strength to take over this, although the snow on the peak people surprised, but there will not be too many people curious.
It will be very strange for three people to rush to Mount Li, a magnificent and endless mountain range, to enter Inwu Shenshan and Xueyue Fengdi in batches to act together.