Well, his physical strength is not small, even if he is not divine, he is faster than others.

Because there was a little wave when turning back, Huang Jiaoma had already flown far enough by now. It released Wang Dagui according to Li Yan’s command and then continued to fly to the west.
Wang Dagui never dreamed that he would ride a dragon and fly in the sky one day, but now his legs are weak and he is paralyzed. When he came to his senses, he suddenly found that he didn’t know where he was, and it took him half a month to return to the city.
A moment later, the thunder chased Huang Jiaoma, but when he saw that Huang Jiaoma was flying in the distance, he was furious. "Damn, where did this little guy go?"
There are dozens of villages and cities all the way through the area. If you want to hide a person in such a large area, it is simply easy to find out that it is a needle in a haystack.
"Maybe it was hiding in the city at that time." Fang Lei couldn’t help but come up with the idea that this idea made him hesitate even more, and he didn’t know whether to search around here or return to the former city.
Li Yan had already left the city when he was in trouble. He was going to take a detour and then go to the West Sea.
Because I don’t know if it will be discovered by the Godsworn Nuoxingjing that all Li Yan didn’t move his power, he bought an ordinary horse to walk instead of walking.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Flying arrows
"I don’t know how long it will take me to be arrested by this monk," Li Yan sighed. If he was caught by that man, not to mention whether his life would be in danger, he could be sure that he would lose his arm.
"Good luck, good luck. It’s unlikely that the monk will find me."
After about half a day on the road, he didn’t notice the smell of the Godsworn Nuoxingjing and the ancient head didn’t find being followed, which made him feel uneasy.
"Don’t need this horse to walk instead of walking. I can still get to the West Sea on slow three Day." Li Yan took out the red sword from the ring and then jumped on the sword and flew to the sky. The crimson sword crossed and left a beautiful red light.
The fact is that Li Yan wanted to fly almost two days later, he didn’t meet the monk who moved the planet again. It seems that he has been completely rid of himself, and the flight in the past few days has made him quickly approach his destination. I believe that he will arrive at the place where the Sun Star appears in half a day’s journey.
"Now in the past two days, the sun star will be fashionable in the future. Let’s take a rest first. Alas, there is still a foot force to facilitate ourselves not to rush so hard." Even Li Yanxian can’t stand flying for two days and two nights, and he has to find a place to rest for a while.
Put away the red sword and fall from it. Li Yan came to a dense forest. He reposed on a big tree to relieve fatigue.
At this time in the sky, snowflakes are floating in the dense forest, which is already white. Occasionally, a few birdsongs ring to add a sense of tranquility to the surrounding environment. In pranayama, Li Yan breathed the falling snowflakes evenly and was shocked by the breath he gave off when he was half a foot away from him.
Maybe it’s because I’m really tired that some of Li Yan’s pranayama lasted for half an hour and he didn’t wake up.
At this time, a group of people galloped along the road not far from the jungle. They were armed with swords and bows, and a pair of hunting costumes seemed to be hunting people in winter, but the only difference was that the middle-aged man’s face was full of pride and there was a commanding feeling, which made people feel uncomfortable at first sight.
"Today, it is very important for us to hunt 300 Jin of prey, and the types of prey are also limited. Some fleshy and fat prey, such as roe deer and rabbits, can also be killed outside him if they encounter wild bears in winter, regardless of the consequences if they mess up, as you know." Manager Wang shouted at the top of his voice, although he pretended to be a prestige, he felt neither fish nor fowl.
"Manager Wang, you can rest assured that this piece of Linda has never been hunted since the winter because of its remote location. I believe there must be a lot of prey here, and maybe today’s quantity will be completed at noon." A middle-aged hunter said that although he looks a little old, he is tall and powerful. If he takes off that leather coat, he must be a bruiser.
Manager Wang shouted, "In that case, why don’t you go into the forest to catch the prey? Remember that the prey can’t kill the mouth, but it’s very tricky. If you can’t serve well, we’ll halve the reward today."
"Yes, yes, we know, but Linda can’t go hunting directly, otherwise the prey will easily escape into the depths of the jungle. In this way, the prey can be driven to a dead end," said the middle-aged hunting veteran.
"No matter what you can do, I want to see you bring your prey before noon," said Manager Wang.
"This nature is trusted by people. We still have two strong reputations. You go with a group of people to circle a piece of land in the jungle." The middle-aged hunter ordered.
A sturdy young man rushed into the forest with seven hunters and then quickly dispersed to prepare for the enclosure.
Until a moment later, I remembered three urgent birdsongs in the jungle.
The middle-aged hunter’s face moved slightly and said, "It’s Erzhuang’s signal that something has happened in the jungle. Let’s go and have a look."
More than a dozen people left rushed into the jungle with fierce horses, and no matter what disturbed the prey in the forest.
"What happened to Erzhuang?" Middle-aged hunter asked
Erzhuang pointed to an old tree with a low face and said, "Uncle, there is a man sitting there who doesn’t know if he is passing by. His breathing is already very weak. Should we take him back for treatment?"
The middle-aged hunter looked and saw a young man breathing if he was sitting on a tree, and his knees were submerged in the snow.
"Save lives first, and then go to two people to carry the man out, and then go to the strong village to pour him a few mouthfuls of liquor and wrap him in a few fur coats. If it doesn’t warm up, just bury him on the spot. It’s also a good deed."
At this time, the housekeeper Wang next to him shouted, "What can I do to save someone who is dying? It’s important to hunt first and then wave. I’m afraid I can’t finish it today."
"Wang Guanjia, it’s not good. After all, this man is not dead yet. If you don’t save him, it’s not too unkind to watch him die." Said the middle-aged hunter.
Wang Guanjia snorted coldly. "You are all people who eat my food. Don’t you even listen to my words? If I don’t save, I won’t save. Get me a bow and arrow. "
He drew a long bow from a hunter and then quickly took the bow to shoot an arrow "Go ~!"
A spike arrow flew towards the tree man.
The middle-aged man’s face changed greatly. Now he is too late to stop it. He immediately said, "You can’t save the housekeeper Wang, but it will kill others."
"Hum! Hum! Hey! " Answer him that the tail of the arrow vibrates.
"Missed?" Wang Guanjia shot an arrow again in anger.
Li Yan suddenly woke up with his eyes open, and he grabbed this spike arrow in the front. He firmly held it in the palm of his hand and coldly asked, "I have never met you before to kill me?"
"Yo, I still want to freeze to death. I didn’t expect to be a practitioner. Why do you want to kill you? Because you have hindered my hunting in Wangjiazhuang," said Wang Guanjia with his head held high.
Li Yan said calmly, "I didn’t expect this backcountry to be so outrageous. You just shot me two arrows, so you left two arms and then rolled."
"What?" Wang Guanjia even wondered if he had heard wrong.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two It turned out to be an acquaintance
"Leave me two arms?" The king housekeeper first one leng and then laughed "is really a little guy do you know what place is here? This is Wang Guzhuang, which is dozens of miles in Fiona Fang. We have the final say, and you don’t weigh your own strength to see if you dare to say this. "
Li Yan sighed, "It really is the hinterland with weak strength, but even the eyes are so low. Today, I will let you have a long memory and let you know that the world is not as simple as you think." At the same time, he shot out two divine powers.
"bang! Hey! " Almost didn’t even have this manager Wang to scream when he reacted. One or two arms suddenly fried the bones, and the flesh instantly melted into minced meat and sprinkled it on the snow. He struggled and twitched in pain.
Seeing this scene, those hunters are all scared to retreat. This young man is an ordinary person who was killed. Now it seems that he is even a powerful master. This kind of person who will lose the two arms of Manager Wang with a single shot is definitely his own and others’ hope, not to be provoked.
"No … I didn’t expect this person to be so powerful. Manager Wang is somehow also a top person in the practice force. This Wangjiazhuang is also considered to be some identity people, but now it is directly abolished. Is this what the population calls a powerful monk? Sure enough, it’s not terrible, and it doesn’t reveal vigorous qi and blood, but it can have such strength. Is it a monk who practices gas? Or is it … refining the gods? " Middle-aged hunting is nervous and thinks
"What shall we do now?" Next to Erzhuang, he swallowed his mouth. "We shouldn’t have lost our arms, or … be killed. I heard that the more powerful monks are, the more they like to kill people. Killing people is as simple as eating. I don’t want to die. I haven’t married yet." I am the only child in my family. If I die, my family will be extinct. "
"Erzhuang, shut up and stop talking," the middle-aged man growled. He can’t figure out this young man’s idea now. The best way is to do nothing. If these people talk too much, it will be bad for this man to kill his heart.
Li Yan continued to close his eyes and "get out with this waste"