The president gasped slightly and said, "They won’t believe this is the real B2 bomber research program. The confidentiality level is second only to Manhattan project and it is so expensive. One of them was shot down by the Ministry for the first time when it was put into actual combat. No one can believe it!" His eyes flashed with sharp light and he said, "There must be something weird in here. Check it out for me! I want to know how the Huajun discovered our super ace! " The plan of square A failed!

Upon receiving the report, Borrossi Love’s grim-faced fist was pinched with the veins standing out, and every knuckle snapped. The whole person looked like a furious lion trying to choose someone and eat it.
He’s going mad. More than 30 long-range bombers, even the most advanced anti-radar methods, found b2 stealth strategic bombers. It’s hard for the whole planet to find a more powerful medium-strike force. They successfully broke through China’s national defense radar network and went deep into Xinjiang, and they could destroy those targets that made the Soviet Union stab in the back one by one. Who knows, the situation turned sharply, and the well-planned attack turned into a trap. More than 30 strategic bombers were smashed into flying fragments by the Chinese army, and the Soviet Far East strategic bomber troops completely lost their fighting capacity! You know, in the Soviet Union, 300 planes were destroyed in the battle of Figure 223, and nearly one-tenth of them were destroyed. Such losses have already been called bone-crushing.
Figure 16 is too few, Figure 95 is too slow, and it is easy to be shot down. The amount of bombs exceeds 20 tons, and it can fly out of Mach 2.5. Figure 223 has become the main force of the Soviet bombing of China. Now this trump card has also been beaten. The Soviet army that invaded China has already fallen behind Figure 16 and Su 24 and Su 25. There is no doubt that these bombers and fighter-bombers launched a strategic bombing of China. This bombing failure has once again tilted the balance of victory to China. This seemingly insignificant point has made Borrossi Lov angry at the KGB and Gruu two intelligence agencies. Check it for me! Check all the responsible people for me, and don’t let go of one by one. Be sure to find the traitor for me! "
The general was furious that the two leaders were silent and passive. Nuo Nuo said that he would definitely check the ancestors of Xiangren and others for ten generations, and dig out the rape in the shortest time. It was too serious. They should not take it seriously. If the military really has a rape, then the strategic transportation plan will be exhibited in front of China. The important secrets, such as the machine type, the location, the temporary airport where the transport plane can land, the route and so on, will be mastered by the Chinese army. The Chinese army can ambush the transport plane group at will and strategic transportation will become a death!
It seems that Borrossi Loff’s mood is not bad enough. After a few minutes, another bad news came. The Chinese military pioneer railgun was fired again, destroying tens of thousands of tons of logistics supplies hidden in the Siberian jungle! At the same time, a large number of Chinese turboprop fighters flew into the Soviet rear in an ultra-low way to attack the Soviet supply and transportation fleet. The Soviet army was caught off guard and suffered heavy losses. Meretskov called six words in an hour, demanding that the strategic transport aircraft be moved as soon as possible to transport materials to the front line and a large number of helicopters be added at the same time, otherwise he would be overwhelmed!
It never rains but it pours. Angry Borrossi Love swept all the desktop files to the ground.
Marshal Ogarkov sighed, "It seems that decades of peaceful life have completely eroded the courage that Meretskov, an old guard, was afraid of … How can he fight this battle when he lost his mind just after the disaster!"
Borrossi Love said angrily, "This will talk nonsense and enlighten him that he is definitely the most terrible mistake I have made!"
Ogarkov wry smile "words can’t say that the Chinese army counterattack is ready for a long time, and every blow is right in the middle. Even if I am allowed to command, I may not be able to do better than him … French defense pioneer railguns can shoot down strategic lasers of aircraft outside Wan Li, and there are millions of troops. This is an almost invincible force. The absolute power of personal strategy and strategic command art is very small."
Borrossi rove rubbed his temples to calm his aching mind and asked, "What should we do now? What can be done to reverse the situation and turn to crisis? " Obviously, the confidence of the steel general is no longer so good.
Agero Meyer said, "I will go to the Far East to replace the mediocre man. Even if I can’t win, I will try my best to keep this army. This is the last strength of the Soviet Union!"
Borrossi Love looked at Ogarkov Ogarkov and nodded slightly. Agero Meyer was incompetent. He planned the war in Afghanistan in Ogarkov. The Soviet Union took Kabul in just 24 hours and occupied Afghanistan in less than a month. Since then, although it has fallen into a quagmire of guerrilla warfare, after years of hard work, the Soviet Union has cut off all channels for Afghan guerrillas to obtain foreign support, leaving the Afghan guerrillas in a predicament of lack of ammunition. If it weren’t for the damn Chernobyl nuclear explosion, The Soviet Union was badly hit and had to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. The Soviet Union was sure to win the war in Afghanistan in the end. Even NATO had to admit this. From this war, it is not difficult to see Agero Meyer’s ability, and his performance in the coup a few months ago also made Borrossi Lov trust him. Marshal Gao Galkov had to stay in Europe to prevent NATO from suddenly turning against him and letting Agero Meyer go to the Far East to take over the rotten stall. It became the only choice.
After Agero Meyev left, Borrossi Loff reluctantly calmly looked at the satellite map and said, "What’s wrong with us?"? What happened after the war that everything went wrong and the good situation was reversed a little bit? You know, just a month ago, we beat China so hard that we wiped out more than one million troops! "
Ogarkov method answer.
The bad news came one after another. The Chinese army had cleared the outer defense line of Almaty, and the armored vehicles rushed directly into the urban Soviet army exhibition for fierce street fighting. The Amur army’s offensive against Shenyang was still nothing. An armored regiment was ambushed by the Chinese army in the urban area and suffered heavy losses. Three tanks and a dozen infantry were lucky to come. Shanxi and Ningxia, the northwest theater of China, launched a counterattack against Mongolia, which means that the Chinese army has no longer been able to fight back. Their long front is against the Soviet Army exhibition!
Borrossi love silence for a long time reached a series of orders, the key one is to send the most elite special forces to destroy China’s Xinjiang strategic laser!
To destroy the strategic laser, he can crush the last strategic strike force, destroy all the railguns that can reach trans-siberian railway, and capture Beijing with less algorithm, which can also guarantee the safe withdrawal of Soviet invaders!
Borrossi Love doesn’t seem to realize that b2 strategic bomber has triggered an earthquake in Citigroup, and finally brought a terrible disaster to the Soviet Union. Although this disaster will come sooner or later, it will come later if b2 is not shot down.
July fifth
"Did the preliminary investigation result of the shooting down of Yu b2 come out?"
It’s been several days, but the president is still upset, and every time it sounds strange.
What can the CIA director find out in just a few days with a wry smile? He looked at the file in his hand and said, "We have investigated all the core technicians of Novoros Company who have access to b2 in three days. Today, we have not found the leaker. Novoros Company has repeatedly said that there is absolutely no problem in their department. The problem must be out of RockMartin Company!"
The director of the fbi Intelligence Bureau also smiled bitterly. "We have also investigated all the core technicians of Lockheed Martin who have been in contact with this project, and found no leaker. Lockheed Martin is angry and unbelievable that b2 was shot down. President Locke Martin said that everyone in Lockheed Martin is loyal and reliable and will never betray the company and the national interests. The problem must be out of Novoros!"
The Secretary of Defense said, "The Pentagon Intelligence Department conducted the most thorough investigation on the Chinese generals and technicians who had contacted b2, and no suspicious leakers were found. I can assure you that the military is absolutely fine, and the problems must come from Novoros and Lockheed Martin!"
Who says Uncle Sam can’t play football? This level of kicking the ball is much better than Brazil.
The president has a headache. "That’s enough! Stop pushing each other. I want to know what the problem is! "
The three bosses kept their mouths shut. If they knew what the problem was, would they still have to kick the ball here?
The president waved his arm and said angrily, "We lost four b2 planes in this secret attack, which is nothing compared with the Soviet Union’s loss of more than 20 backfires, but what is the reality?" Our losses are ten times heavier than those of the Soviet Union! The cost of a b2 is as high as more than 2 billion dollars, which means that we lost 10 billion dollars in a blink of an eye. The most terrible thing is that the wreckage has fallen into the hands of China, and God knows how many cutting-edge technologies will be leaked. This loss is measured by law and money! The consequences are so serious and we don’t know what b2 will be shot down! " It is impossible for him to have a pilot captured, and even if he did, he would not admit it, not even death.
The Minister of National Defense thoughtfully said, "Noplos and Lockheed Martin Boeing, who participated in the b2 research project, all said that the existing anti-radar technology is the law and found the b2 bomber, then there is a possibility that the Chinese army knew b2 from the beginning and knew that the b2 route and bombing target had been trapped long ago … If so, no matter how good the stealth performance of b2 is, it will not help to make up for the Chinese army that has been prepared for it. What can they do besides being used as a target?"
The director of the Central Intelligence Agency had a slight shock. "You mean there are moles in our department?"
The defense minister said, "There are moles, but it is definitely not necessarily our department."
The president’s eyes burst into two cold lights, which shocked everyone.
The Minister of National Defense went on to say, "On behalf of the President, I have repeatedly asked the Soviet side to help us destroy the wreckage of the fighter plane that crashed into China and prevent technical leakage, but it was rejected by the Soviet side for various reasons. Their reason is that they lack the ability to accurately strike targets in the hinterland of Xinjiang. Is it a joke? Who doesn’t know that the Soviet Union has 10,000 extremely advanced short-range ballistic missiles! "
The president asked, "What about now?"
The Minister of National Defense said, "According to the latest information we obtained, the Soviet Union b2 activated two outstanding agents lurking in Xinjiang at the first time when it was shot down. Before grabbing the Chinese army, they arrived at the crash ground and collected some fragments in an attempt to send them back to China for research!"
The president’s voice is even deeper. "You mean that the Soviets betrayed us and destroyed the b2 bomber fleet with the help of China?"
The defense minister said, "This assumption is to complete the establishment."
The director of the Central Intelligence Agency couldn’t help saying, "This is ridiculous! It’s not that the Soviets don’t have such motives. The problem is that the Soviet Union is in crisis and in urgent need of help. How could they do such a stupid thing and learn some technologies that will take years to get results and build their own more than 20 strategic bombers! No, it can’t be a Soviet! "
The defense minister said every word, "According to our investigation, the possibility of Soviet leaks is as high as 90%."
The director of the Central Intelligence Agency mocked and said, "I guess you must have gone to the door to investigate wishful thinking and never understood the current situation and the setbacks suffered by the Soviet Union!" If you had studied these factors a little, you wouldn’t have come to such an absurd conclusion! "
The director of the fbi Intelligence Bureau also laughed. "It’s as ridiculous as suspecting that a tourist trapped in the desert who is dying of thirst is poisoning his enemy by poisoning the spring water!"
The defense minister said, "It’s not funny! It must be the Soviets who betrayed us! "
The aggressive tone made the two intelligence chiefs speechless. They vaguely understood that the Secretary of Defense would come to such an absurd conclusion. It was the arms dealer who blamed the arms dealer law for accepting confidentiality as much as the Manhattan project. b2 would be discovered and shot down by the Chinese army. The politicians of the United States accepted the reality in the same way. They had to find a scapegoat and an excuse to prove that b2’s stealth technology was not good. It was actually a teammate’s trick to maintain the myth that b2 could not be discovered and shot down!
So the Soviet Union became a leaker who should be cursed. July seventh
According to the custom of Chinese unification, this is the day when the magpies will meet in Chinese Valentine’s Day, and a bridge will be built in the Milky Way, separated by the Milky Way, so that the cowherd and the weaver girl can reunite on the magpie bridge to talk about the pain of lovesickness. Needless to say, this is a romantic day on Valentine’s Day, but it is also an unfortunate day in history. In 1937, the Japanese army launched the Lugouqiao Incident, which kicked off the invasion of China. Since then, more than 30 million Chinese people and grandchildren have been killed or injured in the bloody and long war, and more than half of China has been washed away!
This year’s Tanabata is the same as 50 years ago, but the Japanese army is no longer carrying the menstrual flag, but the Soviet armored flood is bigger and more fierce, almost flooding the North China Plain!