Later, a monster beast threw a thunderbolt at other places in the camp of the Great Wilderness Dynasty, especially where heavy siege equipment was placed in the camp of the Great Wilderness Dynasty.

Xu Ren’s skill is to cover heavy siege equipment and hay at both ends, which is very important for the army of the Great Wilderness Dynasty. If there are things on both sides, the army of the Great Wilderness Dynasty will be easy to care about.
The camp of the Great Wilderness Dynasty was in chaos until dawn, and most people were very tired.
But it’s not over yet. Xu Yuanxia deserves to be an old general. This guy has a strong sense of attack. Just as the spirit of the wild dynasty army relaxed, he counted arrows from the sky and fell into the wild dynasty barracks.
"The enemy attacked and someone robbed the camp."
The troops of the wild dynasty were well trained, but it took a long time to react.
And in such a short time, the soldiers who robbed the camp in Xuanwu City have killed one back and forth and returned to the city again.
Xu Yuanxia also knows that although the wild dynasty army has just experienced chaos, its strength is still not underestimated, so he robbed the camp in one word, that is, "fast" and quickly attacked and finally quickly evacuated.
Although this wave of attack can’t really hurt the wild dynasty army, it has greatly dampened their spirit, and at the same time, it has also made Xuanwu city soldiers shout loudly that they have been "blocked" by the wild dynasty for several months, but the taste is a little uncomfortable. Now they can finally vent their anger, so everyone’s morale is very high
"Bastard, how did this happen? Who can tell me where those monsters come from? How did you sneak into our barracks? Where’s our brother in the army? Where have you been? "
Sanglong was so angry that he jumped up in the tent of the camp of the Great Wilderness Dynasty. What he had just experienced caused great losses to the army of the Great Wilderness Dynasty.
Not to mention the loss of personnel, it is enough for Sanlong to despair that several grain and grass barracks were burned to ashes.
What’s more, there are a lot of heavy siege equipment damage, which is the least loss compared with that of Xuanwu City, but the impact is very huge, which makes the morale of the wild dynasty army directly bottom out.
"Marshal, such a thing seems to have happened to Suzaku City, the army of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. At the beginning, we all thought it was the negligence of the commander-in-chief of the three armies of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. Now it seems that the root is whether this is a new tactic designed by Daning Dynasty specifically for our rear supply."
The advisers of the Great Wilderness Dynasty were also very angry, not only angry with the cunning and cunning defenders of Xuanwu City in Daning Dynasty, but also angry with them because their commanders-in-chief of the three armies were indiscriminate.
"This Daning Wang Chaoshi is too cunning to be so tactical. It’s a disgrace to soldiers. They don’t deserve to be called soldiers."
Sanglong, commander-in-chief of the three armies of the Great Wilderness Dynasty, also knew that he had lost his temper a little too much, but he could find a scapegoat if he had lost his temper, and the best target of the scapegoat was the defenders in Xu Yuanxia, Xuanwu City, Daning Dynasty.
"Marshal rightly points out that Xu Yuanxia’s roots are not worthy to be called the first handsome man in the north. He is a dirty dog."
What else can the advisers of the Wild Dynasty say? Since the marshal has cursed, they will follow suit.
Xu Yuanxia, the head of Xuanwu City in Daning Dynasty, sneezed several times in succession.
"I’m afraid the old city owner caught a cold. I have some Dan medicine here to strengthen the muscles and help the old city owner resist the cold."
At the moment, Xu Ren has come to Xu Yuanxia’s side, and this operation is quite successful. Although a lot of fire monsters have been lost, the results are still good. Presumably, the wild dynasty barracks should be quite lively at the moment.
"Ha ha, although I killed old bones, I’m not so easy to catch cold. I guess it’s that Sanglong who cursed Xu Yuanxia in his military account."
The old duke Xu Yuanxia’s face is full of laughter, and his mood seems to be very high.
"Old city owner, since you guessed that you were scolded, you are so happy that it seems that you were not scolded."
Xu Ren was surprised to see Xu Yuanxia. At the moment, he felt that the old general was really cute.
"Who will feel angry if you scold me like this? If I can, I want the whole wild dynasty to scold me."
Xu Yuanxia is really very happy today. He hasn’t been so happy for a long time.
"The thinking of the old duke is really different and unpredictable. It seems that the first place in the north is really a real name."
Xu Ren must take the flattery and sparkle all the way in one step.
"Brother Xu, I especially like to hear you talk. Let’s have a good talk after this war."
Xu Yuanxia patted Xu Ren on the shoulder and looked like a big brother.
Xu Rennai can back off a talk with Xu Yuanxia about how the two brothers feel too cheated.
"Although the old duke said this now, it may make you feel disappointed, but I still have to wake you up. Now it is far from the time to celebrate the victory. It is the biggest test of Xuanwu City to receive the army of the Great Wild Dynasty. When I was in Suzaku City, the attack of the Great Inflammatory Dynasty almost capsized us in the gutter. I think this army of the Great Wild Dynasty must have been better than the army of the Great Inflammatory Dynasty."
Xu Ren gradually put away his smiling face because he knew that it was not the time to celebrate the victory, and the great army of the wild dynasty would certainly attack Xuanwu City more violently. That was the greatest danger of Xuanwu City at that time.
"Ha ha bro, don’t worry, I’m ready. Come and see us."
Xu Yuanxia suddenly straightened up and released a powerful momentum at that moment.
Xu Ren first slightly one leng, but soon white come over, some people strength is not too strong, to have a strong enough heart can still send out an amazing momentum.
For the next two days, Xuanwu City of Daning Dynasty was in a very tense state of preparation.
It’s really tiring to keep this situation, but the soldiers guarding the city in Xuanwu City are still looking forward to the early attack of the wild dynasty, because the earlier the wild dynasty attacks, the more urgent it is, the greater their losses will be, so Xuanwu City will face more fierce attacks, but it will be closer to victory
On the third day, the army of the Great Wilderness Dynasty attacked them, and now they are in an embarrassing situation. The loss of grain and grass is too serious. If they stay here, they are likely to starve, but they are not willing to let them withdraw. In addition to being unwilling, the most important thing is that they can’t support them out of the vast plateau with only a little grain and grass roots.
Then the eye situation is already a desperate situation for the army of the wild dynasty. They have to attack Xuanwu City constantly and completely break Xuanwu City before they have a chance to live.
When the wild dynasty army attacked, it was forced to go to the only heavy siege equipment department.
Xuanwu city is famous for its strong defense, but even so, it almost fell in the face of the fierce attack of the wild dynasty army
Xu Yuanxia Chengtou’s brow wrinkled into a big knot in one’s heart. He didn’t expect the wild dynasty to attack so fiercely that he almost capsized in the gutter.
"Boy, how much hay did you burn them? Look at this posture. I’m afraid they can’t support the rest of the hay for a month."
Xu Yuanxia didn’t talk to Xu Ren until the situation stabilized.
"I guess there will be less left. If it is enough for a month, then they can choose to go back first. Now they are attacking so fiercely. I think they can last for 20 days with more food and even less."
Xu Ren didn’t expect the wild dynasty to attack so fiercely. In fact, he didn’t know how much food he had burned out of the monster beast, but it was clear that there was not much food left when the wild dynasty army attacked.
"Well, maybe you’re right. It’s a little too much this time, but it’s better this way. If we can last for 20 days, the army of the Great Inflammation Dynasty will have to be weak with hunger."
Although the situation has just stabilized, Xu Yuanxia is still in a good mood, just like Xu Ren said that the more fierce the wild dynasty army attacked, the more food and grass they lacked.
Sanglong couldn’t sit still in the army tent of the wild dynasty. Two days ago, he counted a grain and grass, even if they saved a lot, they would be able to persist for half a month and a half, and then they would have to face the situation of no food.
Then Sanlong is still calm. If he is impatient, he will probably be crazy.
"This group of wild dynasty chop suey how suddenly so hard, those people in front of the root is to die!"
The soldiers guarding the city at the head of Xuanwu City have just resisted a wave of attacks by the army of the Great Wilderness Dynasty. Some people were injured, but the other side suffered more losses.