In Archaean times, the oxygen content in the gas was much richer than that in the ancient times, which resulted in the shape of all species in that period being much larger than that in Archaean times. For example, the height of ordinary human beings was generally about two meters, and those beasts tamed by human beings were all three or four meters long, such as Zhu Jing, whose body was more than a few tens of meters high. There are countless beasts that can be tamed, especially the Jiuli clan in barbarian king. This also means that the fighting capacity of the wolf king and cavalry in barbarian king is a bully in Archaean era. If it were not for the later generations, the Wang family had developed a machine guard with a height

This period is also called the behemoth period by later generations, and the number of behemoths recorded in this history alone has exceeded thousands, not to mention the number and types of hidden behemoths who have lived in seclusion in the deep mountains and forests for generations, and they dare not think about it. In Archaean, the eternal forest in the north was dominated because of its vast territory, and several behemoths chose their habitat. If a behemoth like Zhu Jing was put in Archaean, its size could be considered medium, that is to say, Wang Hui, the soul in the depths of the eternal forest, was even taller than Zhu Jing.
You should know that all the beasts attacked Galand Mountain and wanted to annihilate the forces of Xuanyue Palace. The main resources in the hands of these beasts are the beasts who live in the depths of the forest all day and night. After all, all the beasts of Wang Xuan Moon Palace and Xuan Nv were personally selected by God. The second generation defenders are all candidates to protect this planet. As mentioned above, the defenders are also contradictory.
If it weren’t for the unity before human beings, especially the Xuanyue Palace and the Yan Temple, it would have abandoned the estrangement. This was just like repelling the Beast Legion of the King of All Spirits, and then giving the mad King of All Spirits a seal in the world plane. This was the only way to let the tide of the beasts in the forest at night die down and be sealed by Xuan Nv, Emperor Wa and Emperor Xi. At that time, there were four pairs of long Zhu Jing, Xuan Si, Yulong and Hu Po, who were responsible for the immortal team of the King of All Spirits.
Now, because Ji Lingzhu’s earthly life is to let these four undead team captains break through the seal and imprison, and to bring the spirit and body back to reality, in this era, the defender of the eternal night forest has to face up to these four ancient gods who have just awakened.
Yes, that’s right. Now, without the blessing of the Night King, everyone is not strong enough to directly confront these four giants from Archaean times. Unless the Emperor joins hands again, there will be a little chance of winning.
You know, in ancient times, the king of all souls was still alive, and the emperor clan was put there at that time, but it was not even beneficial to the slave clan on the battlefield. After all, its size and strength were put there. If there is no strength in a country that values power, if there is no solid muscles and strong physique, then there is no second way out except to enslave yourself.
For sharp claw failure is understandable.
Looking at his lover and his daughter as sharp as claws, he couldn’t help crying. In a sob, he directly spread his beloved two people and gave each other a hug full of apologies.
"I’m sorry, please forgive me!"
After saying this, the sharp claws opened their eyes and closed their eyes slightly. There is no fear left in his eyes, and there is determination and firmness.
"(Eternal Night Language) No, you can’t be so selfish. You can’t do this. What should I do if you do this? How can you let me live? How can you let Bao Er live? How can I explain to Bao Er that you are so irresponsible? No, no,no. I won’t allow you to do this. I won’t allow you to leave my sharp claws …"
However, regardless of the sharp claws, the lover begged on his knees, but he still resisted the pain in his heart and pushed the two people he loved to turn around and ran away in the direction of Zhu Jing behind him.
And accompanied by sharp claws, she can choose to be strong in tears and indignation.
Because she knew that Sharp Claw had done all this, she could get more escape time for her and Bao Er.
"(Yong Ye Yu) I hate you …"
Bao Er’s mother must not be heartbroken when she looks at the sharp claws fading away.
"(Eternal Night Language) Immediately prepare to follow me to find the crane emperor!"
Turn around so that you don’t look at sharp claws anymore, so that you can be strong for a short time. Treat her like this and hold the fox Bao Er to give her up. This is a roar towards the fox guards around you.
Draw from heaven and earth …
Draw on all things …
Draw the reincarnation spirit …
JiLiu Road …
Draw on fate …
Take it to life! ! !
Because Ji Lingzhu was annihilated by tens of millions of people in Lingchuan.
Because the spirit bead awakened the devil who had been sleeping for tens of thousands of years.
Because Ji Lingzhu destroyed the backbone and future of the forever forest fox family.
Because Ji Lingzhu has completely changed the future life of Fox Bao Er.
Because of the spirit bead, it is because of this spirit bead that Mr. Bai played with in his hand.
As predicted by the rock wall, this is the resting place where all souls breed and the earth sleeps, and it is the resting place where all souls eventually have to sleep.
The pious man who head for that far north will surely find this ancient place where the book is written.
When the universal fire gradually goes out, the guardian fire king will also fall into the abyss.
Ji Ling is alive again, which has become a wake-up call for these ancient emperors.
When life is cremated, all the spirits of the world will be enslaved in the abyss.
When all souls are angry into embers, the worst of the world will never sleep again.
Only those who are lost in the pursuit of real reality can awaken the king of spirits in their hearts with their own blood and will.
Parliament will eventually rise, and the abyss will surely take revenge.
Roaring and shaking violently, the whole forest is full of birds and animals.
The four statues are waiting for the dust to rise and gradually disperse, and the four kings of spirits forgotten by the years.
The embers are reborn again!
But this rebirth is not just embers, this rebirth is also accompanied by the fear of the end.
Chapter six hundred and ten Tattooing
The eternal night forest is in chaos, and it is still extremely chaotic. Because of the return to the world, the embers have made this immortal fire quiet for more than ten million years. It can be said that this fire will completely rewrite the history of the eternal night forest.
The so-called history is the memory that is about to be pushed out of the stage, the past is about to be forgotten by the world, and the past is about to be annihilated by the time.
It can be said that whenever one thing or a period of time has evolved into history, then it means that the human fields in those life histories may not be so beautiful at that time.
After all, this is the cruelty of history.
What’s even more frightening is that this ember brought extinction inflammation, which not only burned the sharp claws of the fox emperor, but also completely destroyed the clan of the fox clan, the clan of the tiger clan and the clan of the eagle clan.