"All right, let’s go." Li Yan waved.

"small excuse"
As soon as I pushed the door, a mist rushed out of the room. There was a huge pool, and hot water flowed into the pool from a dozen copper pipes next to it, keeping the pool water at a constant temperature.
Li Yan couldn’t help laughing at this. "This Liu family really knows how to enjoy it. It seems that this time, saving people can not only eat and drink, but also enjoy it."
Soaking in a hot bath, I was so dirty that I couldn’t say how comfortable I was. No wonder many monks would rather enjoy themselves than practice hard.
At this time, the bathroom door creaked and two young women came in. They took off their coats and left a close-fitting dress.
Li Yan’s eyes flashed and someone came in. He said faintly, "Did Liu Qian ask you to come?"
The two women respectfully said, "Your Excellency asked us to wait on you."
"When someone knows, come and help someone clean their back," Li Yan said.
It’s an idiot to take advantage of it, not even an idiot. Li Yan is not a bad guy. He will just say that you don’t need to wait for me to go out here. On the contrary, he will be happy to accept it
This is also Li Yan’s true nature.
Of course, he knows what benefits he can get and what benefits he can’t get
When two young women saw Li Yan, they agreed to shed their trousers and show four slender legs. They moved lightly in a seductive gesture and walked into the pool. The whole movement was carried out in one go, with a provocative gesture of refusing and welcoming.
"What are your names?"
Li Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at the two men. The two men looked like they knew each other very well. At first glance, they were twin sisters, but both of them had a certain foundation, and all of them were monks in the middle of refining power. This level of strength is a figure in this running water city.
"handmaiden Chunlan"
"handmaiden autumn chrysanthemum"
The girl named Chunlan has a weak beauty, which makes people feel a sense of hugging and caring in their arms, while Qiu Ju is tall and tall with a sultry look on her chest.
"Good name" Li Yan replied intentionally to continue soaking in the bath.
Qiu Ju showed a faint smile and came to Li Yan’s back. A pair of small hands kneaded gently, but soon her heart was shocked. She saw that Li Yan’s skin was glowing with a faint golden light and a terrorist force was slowly flowing. She had no doubt that once the power broke out, she would definitely die.
"This is master liu said? Indeed as expected strong even this pair of body everywhere reveals extraordinary "Qiu Ju beautiful eyes with a strange light hands more flexible, her charming body can’t help but stick the past chest soft things from time to time Li Yan back slip.
And that weak girl named Chunlan is bold, small and charming, so that Li Yan’s thigh can be gently cleaned for him.
Li Yan squints, although her face shows enjoyment, but her heart is still calm. "These two people should be specially trained handmaids in the Liu family. When I was too Amen, I once heard a rich man say that such handmaids should be trained from the age of two and have been trained in various ways, such as washing and cooking, such as pretending to cry and laughing … It is fortunate that the last hundred women can stay four or five. This kind of woman is specially prepared to win over the masters, and I don’t know how many elite sects are confused by this kind of female fans. Abandoning the cultivation of this family’s thugs, but this can’t be blamed on those families. Blame those monks who are not determined and can’t tell what is true love and false love. Even if they are addicted to beauty, it is difficult for such monks to practice further. Sooner or later, everyone will disappear. "
"But this kind of trained woman is not only to win over such a simple nun, but also to be proficient in poison assassination to prevent herself from winning over the monks and leaving one day."
It is precisely because I know that there are some scenes in it that Li Yancai will always be vigilant. Otherwise, those brothers who know that they are immersed in penance and can’t understand the world will be recruited in nine cases.
However, before the Liu family wants to woo themselves with beauty, they have to like these two beauties. Li Yan is quite interested in seeing what is special about this so-called carefully trained maid.
"Do you feel comfortable, my Lord?" Chunlan lies on Li Yan’s chest and spits fragrant and blushes.
Li Yan smiled slightly. "It’s not bad, but it took a lot of effort to seduce a family."
Smell speech two female face smile slightly frozen, especially that a face of weak Chunlan is a pair of almost crying.
"Mountain adults don’t think we two sisters? Actually, we also have to. If Master Liu wants us to wait on adults, our sisters don’t want to play the fool and smile. If we read our sisters’ meditation, it’s better to ask Master Liu for mercy and redeem us. Even if we go out as cattle and horses, we are willing to repay adults. "Chunlan said, hugging Li Yan’s waist and perfect charming body and sticking a gap."
Li Yan’s face is still as usual. He knows that the two maids are even feeling that they want a good-hearted monk to be sad as usual when he sees the beauty in his arms, and he will surely agree.
If so, it’s just right for Liu Qian to show his heart. You took away the other two beauties. Naturally, you took advantage of others’ leniency and had to give something back. In the long run, you were trapped.
"Although it’s a trick, it’s the first time I’ve met." Li Yan touched the heart and thought.
"Well, don’t cry in front of a family, make people upset and take a bath." Li Yan was so angry that the two women were so angry that their faces turned slightly pale and there was water mist in front of them. Otherwise, they were really seen.
Li Yan turned to say, "Continue to serve. Find a suitable opportunity and I will present you to Liu Qian."
The two women were just so overjoyed that they didn’t kowtow and thank humbly. They served up and worked harder.
Li Yan laughed at himself in the heart, but it’s just a colloquialism. How can it be that two irrelevant women owe human feelings?
But I want to return, but Li Yan’s concentration is always limited. These two beautiful women are tempted to respond gradually.
Sitting on his body, Chunlan felt the hot object of ass, and her face was not redder. In her beautiful eyes, she seemed to have a look of autumn water and said no to people.
"Adult, we sisters are better than today. Let us sisters act the role of adults as a reward for their kindness." Said the charming body twisting slightly, clutching the Li Yan brothers and gently stroking her heart, but there was a ripple in her heart. "I don’t know if I can stand it later."
She winked at Qiu Ju, who got the message. She clung to Li Yan and breathed heavily. Li Yan needed a slight twist to kiss the attractive lips.
Just want to sit on your hips
Li Yan squinted and smiled. "Things can’t get into an acrobatic method. You can’t get into women’s sex. You will break some work when you sit down, and then you will be in a bad mood."
This sentence is like a bolt from the blue, and the ass in Chunlan Qiuju’s ear will never have the courage to do it, and the charming face will gradually disappear, taking the faint fear.
"You don’t have to be afraid that a certain family won’t help me clean it and then return it," Li Yan said.
Two people are also smart people’s hearts suddenly realized that the master has even seen through his tricks.
"Big … adult" Chunlan turned pale slightly and stuttered.
Li Yan will hug her arms and play with the soft things on her chest and say with smile, "I won’t pursue this matter, but I have to pay a little price to take advantage of some of you."
Smell speech two people if amnesty immediately grateful exception "thank you for your understanding".
Chapter ninety-six Sword
However, after the discovery, the two men immediately became jittery, afraid of doing something wrong and losing Li Yan, so they waved them away.
After cleaning, Li yanjue was refreshed and returned to his residence, regardless of whether he directly lay down and fell asleep. There are black cats watching around here, but he is not worried about his affairs.
Li Yan got up early the next morning, which is a habit he has developed for many years, and it is difficult to get rid of it if he wants to.