The only light that can bring them in this era is Su Yonglin and his army.

In this way, the 41 villages will be closely linked with their destiny, and they will all be the most loyal supporters of the Victory Army.
If we want to forcibly change this situation, we can refer to the practice of the general manager of Kaishen Logistics-if the stone is too hot, people should change it.
Chapter 49 Indigenous methods also have great advantages.
Demography is the first thing that farmers’ associations face after they are initially set up.
The construction of peasant associations just finished after the development was in a hurry.
The commissioners sent by Su Yonglin were depressed and found that they could not find a few helpers who could count.
When Su Yonglin sent Zhou Daqiang, a special correspondent in Ganquan village, to write to Su Yonglin to report his work, he said something that made Su Yonglin laugh and cry.
Few cadres in peasant associations can count. Most people’s mathematical ability stays with their fingers. If they don’t have enough fingers, they don’t know how to count.
After receiving the order, he arranged for the cadres in the peasant association to go out to count the population. Many people came back with straw in their hands after sending them out.
A closer look turned out to be two fingers with a bunch of straw and four bundles of straw in one hand.
Zhou Daqiang asked them why they did this, and they replied that they were afraid of forgetting how many people had learned the indigenous method, one straw, one bundle of straw, and one person made it clear that two fingers held a bundle of straw to represent the number of a family.
In this way, they reported the population of each family and the number of straw to Zhou Daqiang and asked Zhou Daqiang to count it himself and record the case.
Qian Bao, the special correspondent of Laotongcun, also wrote to Su Yonglin, who also focused on this matter.
However, the cadres of Laotongcun Peasant Association are a little more clever.
They used paper strokes, horizontal bars or circles to count a person as a horizontal bar and a family as a circle. Drawing a horizontal bar in a circle is equal to how many people there are in a family.
Draw a piece of paper. If you can’t draw a piece of paper, change a piece of paper. Finally, let Qian Bao count for himself.
Farmers are so simple.
Although they are so simple, they are still very enthusiastic and efficient, and they quickly counted 6,139 people, which gave Su Yonglin a preliminary understanding of their own strength.
This is much more efficient than bureaucrats.
This completion proves that the farmers’ association has been able to complete the most basic work, and some work can be run and done independently, which is very good
Lack of culture doesn’t mean that farmers can’t complete the most basic management work. Someone needs to organize and give the methods. They can complete similar work.
Even if the method is very "earthy"
Su Yonglin is also the first time to rule and master a region, and his first success gave him confidence and valuable experience.
He has no doubt about the attempt to build a peasant association governance institution in rural areas, and he has decided to promote this matter more in the future.
After the completion of the census, Su Yonglin reached a recruitment order to the villages.
He called on families with surplus labor in each village to join the rebel army, and at the same time announced to each village the concepts of "peasant army" and "joining the recovery army is to defend their homeland"
Farmers’ Army Farmers participate in farmers’ associations, farmers support and help, and farmers are in charge of the army.
This is the first time in history that someone has said that they want to help farmers back up and make decisions for them.
But these farmers don’t have much doubts.
Because Su Yonglin really gave the land to themselves, he didn’t want an acre of land, and he also built a peasant association to familiarize everyone with the villagers’ ability to make their own decisions.
This is the real farmers’ management. We discuss things politely. If there are any major problems, we will hold a villagers’ meeting to discuss them together, so that everyone can know what is happening in the village and what they should do personally.
No one rides their heads to shit and pee.
The commissioners have a spring breeze and warm words.
When the army entered the village, it was not armed, dressed neatly and looked neat. When it entered the village, it came to help with the work and didn’t ask everyone for a penny.
Taxation is that everyone agreed to abolish the Ministry of exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous taxes stipulated by the Jin State, and retained the most basic land tax, even the poll tax was abolished.
The farmers were so excited that tears fell straight to the ground.
No one can believe that the good day has actually come.
Not to mention the farmers know in their hearts that they have no way out.
The situation will be very bad if you don’t follow the Guangfu army with gold blood on your hands.
Don’t say that when the time comes, exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous fees will come back, which will be both good and bad. At worst, everyone will die together, and the whole village will be slaughtered by Jin people.
They can definitely do such a thing.
As a result, Su Yonglin successfully called on a large number of able-bodied men to join the army to defend their homes and land.