Chapter one hundred and forty-five Eleven supernovae

The new week is coming again, and Sun Yao has entered another round of training when he is grasping the opportunity.
However, there is a lot of news disturbing him off the court, because there are too many topics in Sun Yao recently. Although Sun Yao has deliberately kept a low profile, he still has to be published in major media magazines.
This German media published eleven supernova reviews in today’s football to judge the most talented and dazzling superstar in today’s football from 2000 to 2009.
Although eleven people were discharged, they were not discharged in a row. Most of these people were offensive players in the frontcourt. After all, it takes a lot of competition experience for a defender to become famous, and they belong to the late bloomer type.
The attacking players are all super-talented players who are easy to show their faces.
Many media in football like to rank like this, but this time Sun Yao is finally listed impressively.
Sergio Aguero, the son-in-law of Atletico Madrid ace, was the first to bear the brunt of the eleven supernovae, and Aguero was also the highest-priced player. The German media evaluated him as worth nearly 30 million euros according to his ranking.
And La Liga team Valencia also contributed a person born in the same year as Aguero Juan Manuel Mata Garcia!
His worth has not been raised too high by the media, but his recent eye-catching performance has also given him extra points. The media gave him a value of 1.65 million euros.
Its extremely young midfielder, Barcelona, was also born in 2008. Sergio Busquets has also become one of the few players to enter the backcourt of the Eleventh Supernova. His current value is 220,000 euros, second only to Sergio Aguero.
At the same time, Aguero was also the golden boy award of European football in the 27th edition of Tuttosport. He won the golden boy award at an extremely young age, which proves that it is not controversial for him to lead the 11th supernova.
Another backcourt player is also a siege fighter. Se is from Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. Born in 9 years, Bell, a super flying wing winger, is extremely fast. At this time, the little king of Wales has become a hot superstar of Tottenham Hotspur. At this time, his worth is as high as 20,000 euros. These three players are worth more than 20 million euros.
Another batch of fast horses in the Premier League came from Tottenham Hotspur’s North London arch-rival Arsenal Bell, and the nine-year junior nicknamed the little tiger Walcott ranked among them with 150,000 euros.
And there is another person in Barcelona, who once broke Messi’s record of the youngest appearance and the youngest goal in Barcelona for nine years, and Boyang is also among them, with a value of 140 thousand euros.
Another 9-year-old demon star from Serie A, Mourinho, was disobedient and bad. Balotel was famous for his extremely low emotional intelligence, and he made a ridiculous thing of singing the AC Milan team song in the Inter Milan locker room, but this did not affect his selection for the Eleventh Supernova. He was ranked fifth with a price of 10,000 euros.
Germany is also the winner of this selection. In the past ten years, German football has been unswervingly following the youth training route, and several super stars have emerged.
Tony Klose has left Bayern Munich and is currently on loan at Bayer Leverkusen. However, Leverkusen’s performance in tony cross this season has created great difficulties in winning the Bundesliga in Bayern. Therefore, by the end of the season, most people think that this 9-year-old boy will return to Bayern Munich and his value will reach 1.65 million euros.
And bittoni Cross is two years older than Bremen’s core Ozil, who is also selected for this eleventh supernova. His price is slightly higher than 50,000 euros, reaching 170,000 euros. These two will compete with thomas moorer for the core position of the German national team in the frontcourt.
Thomas moorer can not only stay on the roadside, but also be his shining place, so it seems that the 9-year-old Bayern star doesn’t have to worry about his national team position. This German media is worth a lot, and he is 20,000 euros higher than Ozil, reaching 190,000 euros, surpassing Balotelli and ranking fourth.
Young people always have potential, and the German media are extremely proud of their youth training achievements. It was Ozil who was ranked as the fourth supernova in their country this time. marko marin, a teammate in Bremen, was also selected in the final ranking, but it was ranked at the last 120,000 euros. However, although it was ranked last, no one can say for sure about the future.
Finally, we should talk about the protagonist Sun Yao, because Sun Yao is not efficient at the giants, and the stakes are less than those of the previous ones. However, the recent hot state has also increased his Se. In the end, the media paid 1.35 million euros, ranking tenth only a little higher than Marco Marin.
This is their ability and their performance at present, and they all play in five major leagues, which is a bit one-sided and not very powerful
However, it has also caused great controversy, making more people pay attention to this group of super stars.
Of course, doing this will cause some controversy. Everyone has their own opinions and decisions. Nothing is absolute.
For example, AC Milan Pato just won the annual European Golden Boy Award in Tuttosport, but this eleventh supernova was not selected. It can be said that this ranking is not prestige. Of course, it is not only Pato who has missed many extremely promising new stars.
Of course, Pato’s failure to enter the competition may be because he has been injured for a long time, but this reason seems to be somewhat one-sided.
For example, some youth training teams also have a lot of talented supernovae, while some non-mainstream leagues also have a lot of glowing gold waiting for people to dig.
It’s really not easy to rank newcomers across three years.
However, this group of people will definitely rise a lot in the future, and someone will definitely come out and shoulder the overall situation of international football in the future!
And these eleven supernovae have also become one of the hot topics in the near future.
Every time Sun Yao was asked about this topic, she smiled shyly.
"I am very happy to be selected for such a selection!" Sun Yao looks very satisfied "but I hope I can continue to play the ball well. Just smile!"! Can be entertained. "
But Xin has already scolded the judges several times "by letting me rank tenth?" Who’s that marko marin? Is it playing table tennis? It seems that a table tennis player named Ma Lin found such a guy to give me the bottom. Should I thank the media for leaving me a face? I should have rushed to the front! Just because I’m tenth now doesn’t mean that I’ll surpass everyone else in the future! Dominate all players in this generation! "
"Eleven supernovae? Hehe! " Sun Yao shook his head. "Keep training!"
Ps, there’s another one later. Wait a minute! We don’t have a holiday on New Year’s Day, but I will try my best to give you more on New Year’s Day! Please support! The protagonist’s first season has arrived, and now it has risen to a high level. Of course, it will be stronger in the future! It can be said that at this time, the era of "Love Song King" can be truly considered.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six garrido conversation
On February 27th, La Liga ushered in the 24th round of contest.
Villarreal is in el madrigal to face La Liga, and there are some lonely teams in La Coruna.
At that time, La Liga had become Barcelona Real Madrid duo compared with the era of La Coru? a, while Valencia and La Coru? a had completely fallen into supporting roles.
Relatively speaking, Valencia is in a better situation, while La Coruna is now reduced to La Liga.
At this time, every team in La Liga has some economic problems more or less, even the giants can avoid it. Of course, the giants are still luxurious, and even if they owe a few loans, they will still choose to introduce big-name stars.
And it is really difficult for the balls to mix up.
Speaking of the game, Sun Yao didn’t make the starting list this time. Because of a game, he fought with Real Madrid until J and jīng were exhausted. Although he had a week’s rest, juan carlos Garrido still hoped that Sun Yao could have a rest. Sun Yao’s post-game inspection showed that there was a slight strain, which did not affect the game and training. However, juan carlos Garrido was still afraid of an accident and let Sun Yao take a rest.
Others also have several main players taking the bench in a row.
This is also the reason why juan carlos Garrido won seven consecutive victories in the league after defeating Real Madrid, and became a little conceited, and some ignored La Coruna.
El madrigal’s seating rate in this game also set a lot of people, but it failed to win.
The seven-game winning streak is over.
La Coruna drew 1-1 with Villarreal in el madrigal.
In this way, although juan carlos Garrido was still unbeaten, he stopped the pace of winning streak. This score was not satisfactory for fans who came to watch the game at home, but it was not bad.