He met Lothar Khadga Terenas and some of them.

"The Orcs’ target is Mount Ying Chao," he said when he came in. Everyone turned to look at him. Turayan could see the surprise in some people’s eyes. "A ranger reported it to me." He explained that "the orcs and the forest trolls have joined forces and they are preparing to attack Mount Ying Chao."
Terenas nodded and then turned to the map that kept the big table. "That makes sense." He admitted that pointing to the position of Ying Chao Mountain, "the Humpback Dwarves have the ability to launch a battle. They don’t want to be attacked from behind. If the trolls are with them, they will want to drive the dwarves out of Hinterland forever."
Lothar stared at the map, too. "It’s very difficult for them to fight in the forest." He commented, "We can’t show our team there well, and we must also leave the crossbow behind." He rubbed his forehead and thought, "On the other hand, they can’t allocate their troops well either. We can divide into many teams without worrying that they will send the whole army to one place."
"Moreover, the dwarves can also become quite powerful allies," Khadga pointed out. "If we help them, they may repay us. They are good sentinel first-line forces."
"We can help them, too," Lothar agreed. He caught Turayan’s eyes and nodded. "Clean up the army." He ordered, "We will go to the forest and rescue the dwarves."
"There are too many of them in the name of ancestors! Just like fleas, but bigger and better equipped! " When kurdran looked at the scene, he cursed that he and a whole hunting team were stopping at a height high enough for them to have a good view of the strange green monsters, but everything looked terrible at the moment.
These guys are moving very fast, and now they are one day away from Ying Chao Mountain. Just now, he saw a small team, but then he noticed that another team appeared not far away, and then a third team appeared farther away. His sentry also reported the same situation. Although these green skins were scattered into teams of about 20 people, it is conceivable that more teams are forming. Although the Hummel Dwarves are not afraid of challenges, if these guys are half as difficult as they look, they will destroy Ying Chao Mountain by absolute number advantage.
No, of course they can’t sit and let this happen. kurdran looked around and every dwarf nodded in response. "Good." He told them to raise the horn to their lips. "Hammer attack!" He blew the horn and hung it beside him. At the same time, his knees controlled Scully’s position. She responded with a loud cry, spread her wings and dived excitedly. Others followed suit. Like them, kurdran also took out his storm hammer and held this huge weapon high.
This time, however, his goal was not to hit the green body, but to hit the trunk violently. This impact made the green-skinned monsters feel overwhelmed by this raid. kurdran also hit two other trees. These actions made the tree nuts hit those guys, and they lost the fruit. The green skin lowered their heads and raised their hands to try to protect their eyes, but the hammer attack continued. The green skin didn’t know how all this happened, but they didn’t like it. So they responded by the most original means-since the forest was no longer safe, they jogged to the nearest place.
And this is exactly that opportunity that the hammer have been waiting for.
With a loud roar, kurdran was ready to launch the first attack. The first green skin was smashed in the jaw, and only half-lifted. The huge tomahawk in his hand flew straight up with a thunder bone. "You bastards don’t deserve to pollute our forest!" When his opponent was knocked to the ground, he shouted that the hammer flew back to his hand and disappeared again. This time, he hit another green leather. Then Scarey drew an arc and spread his wings around to prepare for the second wave of attack. He was quite a hammer and attacked well. The forest was full of curses and shouts. When the Griffin flew by, curses and insults were endless.
No matter what these guys were, they didn’t bend easily. When kurdran approached again, he saw that the remaining green skins had raised their weapons and got ready. Their formation gradually gathered to try to make it difficult for the brute hammer attack, but they didn’t get the advantage. kurdran raised the hammer to the top of his head and waved it, then threw it out. A heavy stone hit the right temple of a green skin. He was as loud as an ironforge musket, and the sound fell down. When this guy fell down, he hit his body and tried to hide from the other two people.
"Ha, so you can escape." kurdran shouted before he poured the guys. Those guys found themselves in front of them by mistake. His storm hammer has returned to their hands, but let Scarey solve these guys. Her powerful front paws pushed down one of them, and her sharp beak tore up the second one. At the same time, her wings stunned the third one.
The conflict soon ended, no matter what these green skins were, they were too slow to respond to a blow, and kurdran and his partners were quite good at attacking ground targets. These guys tried to fight back, and some dwarves were slightly injured, but they didn’t lose anyone. Only a few green skins in this team came alive, and they fled into the Woods in panic.
"This taught them not to forget to look at their faces," kurdran said to the dwarfs, laughing. "Go back to Ying Chao Mountain, boys. We will send another army to attack them soon. Maybe his team can learn to stay away from Ying Chao Mountain this way." Get ready. "Lothar whispered that he slowed down his horse and was thrown by a low branch. He took out his giant sword and raised his shield in the other hand." It should be very close. "
Turayan nodded and raised his hammer and rode to his usual commander’s left side. Khadga stopped at the other side. The three of them formed a standard cavalry triangle formation. Although the mage hand didn’t take anything, Turayan already knew his ability in battle. Turayan looked around carefully and tried to penetrate the darkness of the forest and find out the prey around them.
"there!" He pointed to the right in front of Khadga, and his two companions turned their heads with his gesture. After a while, Lothar nodded, and it took the mage a long time to notice the movement coming in that direction. For a bird, the position was too short, and for a snake or an insect, it wouldn’t be him. It may be that a creature with the same size as a human can only make this movement when it passes through the forest, and this movement has been going on, saying that it is not those things passing through here repeatedly or that it is a big team, but it is barely visible. It is said that those things have the same color as the surrounding environment to cover them all. Everything
"Take them," Lothar wrote. He turned his head to Khadga to "let others know about it." He ordered the young old mage to nod his head and then gently turned his horse’s head. "At the same time, we continue to monitor." The general said to Turayan that the latter nodded. "If it seems that they are preparing to leave so well, we need to confirm why they did it and then we will come back here again."
"Yes, sir," Turayan replied with a smile. He patted his hammer lightly. He was ready. Although he was still nervous about joining the battle, he was no longer worried about running away. He had already fought the orcs and he was very white that he could do it again.
"We lost earlah," Mrhal reported, and kurdran looked at him in surprise. "So did Oengus," the hammer fighter continued. "Two other people were seriously injured before continuing to fight."
"What happened?" Kurdran asked the other dwarf. It looked difficult for a few seconds and then he became impulsive.
"Those green skins, that’s why!" He replied, "They are all ready! They threw spears when we approached them! Then they scattered so that we couldn’t aim at them in the Woods. "He shook his head." You were lucky to surprise them. They learned those ugly bugs and learned them soon. "
Kurdran nodded. "It’s not stupid these green skins." He agreed. "And they are much more than we thought." He studied and put many marks on the map of Hintland in front of him, showing that almost all the positions where the orcs marched were marked. "Then we must attack them before they react. Tell the boys to stay away from the throwing range of green skins faster and harder. If they compete with us, they will benefit the earth and we will have an advantage."
Mrhal nodded, but he wanted to say something before Beahan broke in. "Troll!" He shouted and collapsed in a chair next to him. His left arm was hanging hard near his shoulder, and a wound was still bleeding. "We were chasing a group of green skins when a group of forest trolls suddenly jumped out! The first attack hit Mray and Seaghdh and shot down Alpin and Lahin from their Griffin. "he pointed to his wound." I was hit by an axe, but fortunately I escaped the second attack, or I lost my head. "
"Damn it," growled kurdran, "they’ve joined forces with trolls with green skins and green skins! These trolls have been preventing us from making those trees! " He tugged at himself. "We must find help and be quick, boys, or they will soon flock like ants with wooden hammers."
Just like answering his question, the third dwarf appeared to report, but this sentry named Derid was not injured and looked happy rather than worried.
"Humans!" He announced happily, "They have a large group! They say they’re here to help us deal with the orcs-that’s what they call the green skins. "
"Praise the ancestors!" Kurdran said, "If they can entangle the orcs and make them forget their new strategy, they can defeat them again." He laughed and waved his storm hammer. "Aha, we have to deal with all the trolls, too. They may control the forest, but we are the heavenly rulers. Our Griffins will tear them apart." He turned and walked to the door, whistling and calling Scarey. "The hammer let us take off!" He shouted behind him and the dwarfs cheered and quickly followed him out.
"Right now!" Lothar encouraged his steeds to cross the field and rushed at the orcs. They were shocked by this sudden attack-they kept looking at the sky. Many people were holding spears instead of their usual axes and hammers. An orc tried to throw a spear at Lothar, but the general was too close to them, so he easily cut off his spear with a huge sword, and then turned around and cut off the head of the orc. His arm was cut off and he didn’t even fall to the ground.
Turayan was on his right. He hit an orc with a hammer and shattered his chest. His second blow passed over an orc’s arm enough for the green monster to hold the axe in his hand. This time, he hit an orc’s head and the other side fell down without making a sound.
But Turayan heard some strange sounds between coughing and laughing, so he looked up. A creature taller than the orc but thinner jumped from the tree. A spear was clenched in his huge hand, and his sharp eyes were staring at Turayan, ready to pierce him, revealing a row of sharp teeth. A troll!
Turayan raised his shield to block the spear stab. However, the force of this heavy blow on the shield made him dare not relax. The troll responded to the fierce attack of his hammer. The troll wavered but did not stop moving. The spear was ready again. Turayan inspired his horse to swing his shield forward and hit the troll’s face and chest. Unexpectedly, the attack was hit hard. He shook his head and tried to wake up from dizziness. Of course, Turayan would not give him a chance to reply. The hammer hit the troll, who fell to the ground.
I was secretly glad that Turayan looked up and suddenly saw another troll appear from the shadow of the tree. His eyes were full of hatred and he threw a spear. Turayan soon realized that the weapon was aimed at himself. He didn’t have enough strength to block the attack and didn’t have enough time to hide from him. He was prepared for the worst, closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the spear flying.
But what he heard was a strange scream mixed with a low roar and a loud thunder, followed by a painful scream. Turayan opened his eyes again and saw a strange sight. The troll fell from his position with his hand still clutching his face, and the exposed part had been shattered. There was a spectacular creature hovering around him. Turayan had heard of it but had never seen it. It had the same yellow-brown fur as a lion, but it was true that a violent bird face replaced the screaming in the mouth of a cat head bird. He had heard it before. Legs have deadly claws, but the rear legs are thick as cats’ meat pads. A long tail is thrown behind huge wings, and feathers are evenly distributed on both sides to cover his head. A person is sitting on the surface like riding a horse.