Anger starts from my heart. I didn’t bother you before his grandmother. Forget it. This time, someone will come again. I won’t attack me. Since you are adamant, I will be with you to the end. I will destroy you this time!

"Master, be careful!" Just as Li was thinking about her heart, Guo Jia shouted behind her and didn’t respond to a bump of thick wood.
Li involved in a drum and a drum, bursting with thick wood and flying back directly, but how could there be a thick wood and thick wood that kept bumping into half of the foot soldiers from all sides on the spot, being smashed and falling off the horse, avoiding the thick wood dancing in the middle?
The dark tiger’s head broadsword is even more sinister in the sunlight. When Li She cuts the thick wood in front, it immediately explodes and the sawdust flies away. The speed of the road is not reduced, and it is triumphant all the way.
Suddenly, the horse collapsed to the ground with a soft leg, and the size of the ground was bumpy. Li’s hip mount was deeply involved in it, and his right leg was broken, so it seemed that he could not run.
Behind him, the fighters stepped into Li’s footsteps and fell to the ground one by one, their eyes looking alert to the left and right.
It is self-evident that these potholes can’t be formed naturally, but must be placed by people and just stand in the way of Li She’s progress.
"Shoot the arrow!" Roar rang around, and more than 30 people, including Li She, were immediately baptized by the rain of arrows. Some of them didn’t react and were injured by arrows immediately.
Li She retreated Guo Jia to Lejin and shouted "Protect Filial Piety!"
"Master, don’t worry!" Le Jin walked around Guo Jia, and the knife entered the clear spring to block the arrows coming from all directions. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred day of the dead
Le Jin is fierce, but other foot soldiers are not so lucky. In a blink of an eye, four or five people are hit by arrows and those horses are even more fortunate.
Li used his quick wits to quickly order his foot soldiers to hide behind the horse’s corpse in order to block the bow and arrow attack.
In a very short time, the horse’s corpse has been filled with arrows, which are as dense as hair and shocking, but the enemy in the dark is still raining down without mercy.
"ah!" Guo Jia’s black hair danced and drank loudly, and the branches on both sides swayed wildly like tentacles, straggling around, causing the enemies in the dark to scream and drink.
With these trees interfering with the enemy’s arrows, they couldn’t shoot in, and finally they simply didn’t shoot. They all showed their shapes and surrounded Li She and others.
First, a red-haired man is wearing ancient armor, but it is not difficult to see that this man is a player only by his handsome hairstyle.
Li Shema’s corpse built a fortress. At this moment, the bow and arrow stopped and immediately looked up and found himself surrounded. The enemy around him was not more than 2,000, and the red-haired man was covered by coercion. "Who are you?"
"The Duke of Li is really magnate and forgetful. The other day, our sword will be here. Zhijiang Hall is destroyed by the Duke of Li." The red-haired man didn’t care about Li’s coercion in the previous step
"It was a sword chop suey, but with this mere two thousand chop suey, I was too despised by Li She." Li She sneered at her face, and the only thing that surprised Li She was that the red-haired man was also a virtual soul.
The red-haired man didn’t care. He waved his hand and said, "Kill them."
The figure gradually recedes and slowly hides behind the Bingjia, and two thousand foot soldiers roar wildly at Li She and others.
Soldiers "Blood Blade" players belong to the first-class foot soldiers, and each of them is less than 6 o’clock in combat power. Compared with Le Jin, these second-class foot soldiers are far from being brought. The main reason is that I didn’t think so much at that time. If I knew that Le Jin had brought his own guards early, I wouldn’t be like this.
At the end of the day, Le Jin still hasn’t entered the true soul realm, and he can’t kill that kind of conan the destroyer feeling. At most, he can release his strength, and when his strength is limited, he will be exhausted, and his body and soul will be different.
If there were strong people with true souls, they wouldn’t have this kind of trouble. Although their hearts fit and Tianhe still consumes energy, they can continuously get from heaven and earth, but there are also accidents, such as getting from heaven and earth will still be exhausted when they don’t physically consume it.
And when the manpower is always exhausted, even if you are energetic, your body can’t carry it!
Now, I don’t want to kick the horse’s corpse out of the way at these times, smash a large enemy knife in front and kill it.
The shadow of the knife flickers, the wind blows, the tiger kills the tiger, and the enemy can’t stop it. The front consciousness temporarily avoids the joy and comes to Li She’s side to kill.
Le Jin is desperate to stop Nai’s many enemies. How can he be able to stop Li’s involvement with short soldiers?
Li has entered the virtual soul realm, which is naturally not afraid, but he is worried that Guo Jia and others can protect Zhou in the chaotic war.
After that, Li She thought too much. Guo Jia was awe-inspiring and stood firmly on the top of the earth with a negative hand. The rotation of a drawing was the scattering of the "beauty map" of Guo Jia’s pregnancy.
Li She immediately saw the visible breath of the enemy foot soldiers. Although it was very light, it kept on. Li She knew that it was the essence of life. When she was in Yang Zhai City, Li She had seen Guo Jia make this move.
The other foot soldiers immediately felt backache, leg weakness and whole body strength, and finally simply collapsed to the ground and even had no knife strength.
How did the enemy foot soldiers get stabbed in the chest immediately before they were white? wait for a while looked at his chest and still closed his eyes.
The weeds that pierced their chests, the tender leaves of which kept dripping with blood, never imagined how the weeds suddenly became so sharp and pierced their chests.
Li she wiped her forehead and sweat, and she felt something. Mom, it’s convenient to have a counselor. Where can I be afraid of your hordes?
"Clapping ….." A burst of clapping sounds came to the red-haired man again, with a smile on his face, and he didn’t care about the death of two thousand elite. "It’s worthy to have a’ natural genius’ to say that Guo Fengxiao really deserved his name at first sight today."
"Say more benefits and dig out your cards. Today is doomed to life and death." Guo Jia looked coldly and looked dignified
Li She’s heart sank and she’s never seen this expression of Guo Jia. It seems that things are a bit big.
"Ha-ha ….. Mr. Guo talked and laughed. It’s impossible for the president to die and wait for Mr. Guo to seek heaven together." There is no one around the dead red-haired man all over the ground who knows where this red-haired man got such great confidence.
"Looking for death!" Li was furious and ran to the knife quickly.
Bang! A burst of steel crossed, and the red-haired man raised his single arm and blocked Li She’s knife. Li She closed the knife and retreated. His eyes were full of disbelief "Impossible?"
Although the knife in Li’s hand is not a magic weapon, it can still cut off the virtual soul and the strong body, but this red-haired man is blocked by his arm.
Li she’s sure that the red-haired man didn’t wear any protective gear on his arm. It’s just amazing that Li she found that the tiger’s head broadsword actually gave birth to a small gap, which would be invisible if he didn’t look at the root carefully.
"What a surprise?" The red-haired man showed a light smile and didn’t seem to regard Li She as an opponent.
Li’s eyes were gloomy and he didn’t say a word. The broadsword pointed at the red-haired man again and flagrantly
The battle between the two men was also fierce, and the sound of dense steel kept coming out.
"Master’s saber method has improved a lot!" Le Jin laughed and his face became gloomy again. "What kind of monster is this red-haired man? How can it be invulnerable!"
"It’s not invulnerability, it’s just that the strength of the master is not enough to break his body." Guo Jia frowned and worried about Li’s safety. "It’s not a long-term plan to join you to help the master."
The evil spirit of the red-haired man smiled, "Don’t bully more and less!"
The underground cracked and rotting people climbed out and surrounded Le Jin and others. Li She glanced at it at random and exclaimed, "Zombie!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and nine Flying corpse
What’s this show? Is it not a living zombie? Li She was dumbfounded.
"Hey, hey … try some of these zombies!" Red hair, yin and evil laughter, Li involved constantly, and the situation was extremely fierce
A brave foot soldier stabbed the zombie in front of him with a gun and instantly left a pair on his chest, thinking, no matter what you are, can you still live without your heart?