Diego Lopez breathed a sigh of relief, but it was a little dangerous this time!

If the opponent breaks the door again, it will be hard to fight!
At this time, it is necessary for the team to unite as one and let Seville think that nothing can be done!
Seville took it for granted that they would take the lead again, but Villarreal certainly couldn’t let them take the lead again and let them take the lead quickly, so they would naturally be in a hurry!
The game is tense and I can’t breathe!
It’s fabiano who directly hits the door with his left foot after the side buckle of Gonzalo!
The ball hit the post!
Seville’s attack was really out of the picture, but the goalpost didn’t give them a face!
The Villarreal team also got a lot of offensive opportunities on this side!
San Diego cazorla fired outside the restricted area and asked palop to make a J and jīng save!
Nierma also let palop make a save by hitting the door from the side after receiving Sun Yao’s ball!
And Pereira also hit the door, which was quite threatening, but unfortunately there was no life. The goal range was a little too wide!
The last fifteen minutes of the half-time were really exciting!
In the 40th minute, Sun Yao had another J: ng color breakthrough, forcibly overtaking Kongke from the side, then making an emergency stop and "snake step" to directly shake Kongke down and then send the ball!
"J and jīng color breakthrough! How beautiful! " He praised the poet, "Sun Yao is really a good seedling! The breakthrough is so chic! Which country has such a master of Se dribbling? This movement is very harmonious, it looks very beautiful, and the viewing is very high! It is hard to imagine that Chinese players can make such a move. "
If Sun Yao hears this, he must tell him something about his family history!
"Absolutely hundred percent national descent! Root red Miao Zheng! At that time, my grandfather’s four sons were * * company commanders and soldiers who played imps! "
"Well, that’s why my family is poor! It’s a pity that my dad couldn’t learn if he didn’t pass the exam! "
Well, this is the absolute root of history!
Besides, Sun Yaoqiu is really not a big threat!
Palop jumped high and picked the ball.
And there is no Villarreal player competing for the top in this range.
"Ah! This foot is not good! " Poet He is also dissatisfied with the quality of this foot, but it doesn’t look like a La Liga player’s ball.
Sun Yao is not so good at some technical details! It’s a fact!
Sun Yao nai shook his head and went back to defend again!
Palop went out of goal kick to Lei Natuo’s foot, and Lei Natuo split again!
And gave it to navas!
At this time, Sun Yao didn’t defend himself in place!
Navas finally waited for another one-on-one chance with Karp Devilla.
In the face of navas Karp, did Devilla dare to jump out? He kept a certain distance from navas, let alone let him break through!
Here’s the thing. Distance can’t stop navas!
Navas didn’t choose to break through the ball directly.
The ball made a beautiful arc and directly hit Canut’s head!
Canut’s header bounced back towards the goal!
Diego Lopez is in a good position and finally holds the ball in his arms!
"This foot is too comfortable! It’s a pity that Canut has no top strength! " The poet He sighed, "But navas’s kick taught Sun Yao a lesson. The quality of a winger is very important!"
Canut nai held his head and regretted that he had just missed the chance to surpass the score again!
All the fans feel sorry!
Players from both sides rushed back and forth, hoping to return to the dressing room with the lead after half-time!
Unfortunately, both sides have become more careful in defense. After all, it is more important not to be led back to the locker room by the opponent.
Therefore, the two sides dragged this score back to the locker room.
"Good half game is over! The two sides played a very j and jīng half-time in the 45-minute contest at half-time! In the end, the two sides entered the game with a score of 1-1! At half-time, Seville team Vesquelazi took the lead in scoring through a corner kick! Later, our country’s new star Sun Yao stepped forward to help Villarreal equalize the score! " He Poet briefly introduced the first half of the game "and Seville still took the initiative!"! Let’s enter the advertisement and look forward to the half-time J Ο ng color competition! "
Central five advertisements are naturally stronger than those of former local sports stations. At least, advertisements like those of prostate infertility and abortion hospitals are not there!
Sun Yao’s parents couldn’t sleep well because of this game. They got up in the middle of the night to watch their children’s performance!
When Sun Yao score a goal, that couple celebrated wildly!
Have a rest in Villarreal locker room.
"Sun Gan is good!" Barr Vaild is still very appreciative of Sun Yao’s performance!
Sun Yao smiled. "I will perform better in class!"
Sun Yao still has to say this. Don’t let the coach say that he is good and then change his game!
"But I believe you will do better at half-time!" Barr Vaild also smiled!
Chapter 17 Crazy Half-court (1)
During the break, Barber specially arranged half the tactics for a long time.
Specially, the Seville team members waited for a full minute before the appearance, and the Villarreal team members came late!
The referee has long been impatient, and then half-time will follow!
"Good welcome back! Now live broadcast is a focus contest in the 10th round of La Liga in 29-1 season! Seville, the third place in the season league, played against Villarreal, the fifth place in the season! At half time, the two sides fought fiercely and finally scored 1-1! Therefore, there is also a great suspense in the half! "
He also gave his own explanation!
"It’s worth one thing that Villarreal scored the equaliser in the half game. The goal came from Sun Yao, a young Chinese player! This is the first goal of a Chinese player in La Liga history! This game should be a J and jīng contest in the history of football! Who would have thought that Sun Yao scored in the third game of La Liga! This is a very exciting thing! " He Shi Jie said