"My friend is Warcraft and it should be okay!" Any suspection.i zhantian asked

"It’s okay if your friend, then no matter what, we won’t mind. Where have you been during this period? Why did you come back so late? " Dream day nods a way
"There’s nothing really. It’s just that the road came so late because it was in a little trouble!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately said what he had encountered before, but he still didn’t say it as before. I’m afraid that the strength of this evil spirit honour person will be hit by speaking out.
"Why can’t there be such monsters? Let’s organize forces to destroy these monsters now, or it will be too late until they become climate!" See an old man out shouted
"Yes, these monsters must be eliminated!"
The elders who came with Jiang Ruyi and Mengtian immediately shouted that they were particularly active.
But Jiang Ruyi and Meng Tian’s face is not very good-looking, because these monsters are afraid of fire. Which force has more fire fighters? Of course, it is the refined pharmacist union. If there is no fire property, the root can’t refine Dan medicine, and these old talkers and their cousins, although some of them have fire properties, are a few. Of course, they responded positively and didn’t let them play forward.
"Well, this matter is really urgent, and of course, it is the responsibility of our refined pharmacists’ union to punish evil. I will call people to prepare to set out to find those monsters!" Jiang Ru’s face soon recovered. Since these people want to see the strength of their refined pharmacists, let them see if they can’t help these disloyal guys.
"Elder Jiang is really courageous. I’m willing to go with the refined pharmacist union to find those monsters. When I find them, I’ll have to bother with the refined pharmacist union to get rid of them!" See a man with a sharp edge light way
Hearing this old man’s words, Jiang Ru’s face looked a little better.
"Thank you for your help, Elder Zhu!" Jiang Ruyi hand grateful way
Although others are reluctant to hear the words of the elders of Fengjianmen, the situation is like this, and there is nothing they can do when they all agree.
Seeing that these people all promised to come to Jiang Ruyi and Mengtian, they just smiled and nodded their thanks to the strong sects. Although some of these people had to promise, their faces were always passable [
Looking at these people, suspection.i war, as in heaven, suddenly sneered at them, and then greeted Xiao Xuan and disappeared without even saying hello to those people. He really couldn’t stand these people pretending to be so clever in their minds. If so, then this alliance is a joke.
"Smelly little you are willing to come back!" Just when HuangFuZhanTian just stepped into the door of refined pharmacists’ union, a sound full of hot breath came.
Hearing this, suspection.i Zhantian suddenly burst into a wry smile. Why did you forget about going to find your mother-in-law with phlogistic sunrise? No wonder your father-in-law is so angry.
"Uncle, don’t be angry. I went out because I had something to do. I hurried back as soon as it was done!" Any suspection.i war days to appear in front of him the sunrise please way
"Hum, have you forgotten? When shall we start?" Inflammation, the sunrise, some unhappy, said that although this refined pharmacist’s union is delicious and delicious, his heart is not here. Where did Qin Si, his wife, fly long ago? If he entered the elixir, he would have to fight for a long time, otherwise he would have left.
"Let’s start tomorrow. Do you think this will do?" Any suspection.i Zhantian carefully said that this future father-in-law can’t offend.
"Hum that’s more like it! That’s it, then. Start early in the morning! Smelly little you’d better stay here honestly and don’t go anywhere, or I’ll have to teach you a lesson. "Yan Xi said and gave Huangfu Zhantian a hard stare and then left.
Watching Yan Xi secretly wipe a pair of forehead sweat from Huangfu Zhantian, he didn’t sweat in the face of any situation, but his future father-in-law is sweating like rain.
"Boss, who is this old man when I see you for the first time?" Small xuan asked a face of smile looking at suspection.i war day.
"Hush, you want to kill me. Let alone that he is my future father-in-law. His strength beyond the realm of dzogchen, a god, is enough for me to choke. Besides, he is my future father-in-law. How dare I attack him without being beaten half to death by him!" Huangfu Zhantian made a move to Xiao Xuan and then be careful. Section 1715: Tieying Moon is back.
"Ga …!" Xiao Xuan was startled immediately after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, and then he laughed.
Looking at there laughing wildly, Xiao Xuan suspection.i fights with heaven, but there is no way.
"Someone is going to attack the city. Go and inform your adults!" Is suspection.i zhantian a full face of bitterness when looking at small xuan a sound.
Hearing the sound, everyone moved, suspection.i Zhantian did not consider quarrelling with Xiao Xuan, and his body flashed and followed them to fly out.
"This man is very strong! But it is somewhat familiar! " Any suspection.i Zhantian was surprised to see that the energy storm outside the city kept bursting and he could feel it from the city, and he felt that he had got the big ring Dao Jiang Ruyi’s forward breath and knew it was him [
Huangfu Zhantian did not reserve the speed and flew directly to the wall. Just after the wall, Huangfu Zhantian froze.
"Ayue!" Any suspection.i Zhantian light shout a eyes suddenly turned to look at the beautiful image of the high school outside the city. At this time, it was the iron shadow month in the sky. She wanted to come here to try her luck and see if she could find any suspection.i Zhantian, but they didn’t expect to meet a stop here, and they got into a fight.
Xiaotian!’ Although HuangFuZhan auditions are very small, TieYingYue is too familiar with this sound, and it is not very simple for her to want to hear these.
"Hey!" Jiang Ruyi also felt as if he had dialed the wrong person at this time. When he saw the girl’s eyes and those of Huangfu Zhantian, he suddenly turned white. He really dialed the wrong number. When his face turned red, he quickly ran away, or he didn’t know how to make trouble with himself until Huangfu Zhantian reacted.
"Xiaotian is really you!" Iron shadow month some dare not look at suspection.i war heaven eyes misty charming body trembling slightly stretch out your hands.
At this time, where can I wait for the flash of my figure to come directly to the middle of the day? That’s a fast speed. It’s a moment, and I came to the iron shadow month, shaking my hands and hugging the iron shadow month. I felt the softness and trembling in my arms. The genius of Huangfu War felt that this was true.
"Ah Yue, you’re finally here. You don’t even know the next time I see you. You don’t know me. It’s good to be here!" Any suspection.i zhantian murmured
"Sorry, sorry!" Tie Yingyue feels the strong man breath holding her chest, and she doesn’t know how to feel at ease. Although she is very strong, she doesn’t know what to do. If she is not around this man, she always feels at ease.
"Is it Sister Ayue?" As soon as the two of them hugged each other, they were full of excitement
"Henaan sister and sister, you are all!" After hearing the sound, the two of them quickly loosened up.
"I still want to take Xiaotian to find you. I didn’t expect you to come by yourself so soon, but it saved us some effort!" Henaan walked before grabbed the iron shadow month hand said with a smile