Aren’t you quite capable?

Don’t be coaxed by the first-team players like the kids in the youth team.
The first team and the youth team are two different worlds!
Wait till you hit your head!
Chapter 13 "Injuries"
The first-team players made a difference between them and Chang Sheng in the face of Chang Sheng, Victor segura
Winning is not stupid. Why can’t you hear the threat in segura’s words?
If we get injured in training, you will be a human being! So if you don’t want to get into such a dilemma, I advise you to give up this "unscientific" training plan!
Chang Sheng thought that this really represents the thinking of some players.
This team is really rotten to the bone … it has changed three coaches in a row, and its poor performance is on the verge of relegation, which has ruined the team’s belief.
Perhaps many of them are already preparing for their own future. The team can be relegated. They can’t be relegated. The team can be relegated. They can quit.
In fact, I’m afraid these people are not worried about whether Hertha is really demoted.
You have to rely on such a group of people to avoid relegation?
God, you are so good to me …
But anyway, he can really rely on these people now.
No matter what the cost, no matter what the means, he will rebuild these sanggudogs into real soldiers, who can transform one into another.
He looked at Victor segura.
"It seems that you don’t know how urgent the situation is now …" He sighed. "Avoiding relegation depends not on healthy body but on strong will, so training and exercise are your will. Avoiding relegation must be done. Even if he is healthy, I won’t. I can tell you now that I am willing to work hard in the next ten rounds of the league and I am not afraid of sacrificing people!"
Constant victory is not to scare the players. He can see every player’s attributes through golden pupil scanning, so his main players have actually taken shape. The only criterion for selecting main players is to look at several attributes.
Aggressiveness, Courage, Willpower, Neutrality, Teamwork and Work Involvement.
Everything else is secondary, and these six attributes are the most important, because these six attributes determine whether a player can go all out on the court, whether the team can risk injury and win, whether it can persist in the game until the last second, and whether the team can consider whether it is brave to take responsibility.
In the relegation war, the technical level will drop to a very low standard, while the spiritual requirements are more important.
Many of the main players who can play the game before then may no longer be the main players.
Since there will be a knife, it is better to kill the chicken now.
Victor segura and many players didn’t expect Chang Sheng to say this. The main players are still the main players in the hands of the new head coach
But now listen to this … It seems that it is not what they think.
Segura is also the main force, but now there is a trace of fear on his face.
Because he thinks he may not meet the requirements of the head coach …
But he is not willing to give up just like this. He thinks he still has a killer.
"But in this way, a large number of players will be injured. If eleven people can’t get together …"
Changsheng’s pupil narrowed instantly when he heard him say that.
Threaten me?
Even a fool can hear the threat.
Those people decided that they had to rely on them or they would die.
That’s why they are so scared.
The team is made up of players, and the players are the most basic and important. If there is a large area of injury to others, then it is nothing but a thousand ravines in his chest.
They seem to be so sure that they dare not do anything with them.
Chang Sheng thought that in the near future, the team doctor Lu Rodriguez would be full of people.
But how many of these people are really injured?
But I’m not afraid to threaten myself with this.