It’s Dennis! ! ! ! ! !

But just as Naples fans were preparing to celebrate the goal, Dennis’s stab hit the post and bounced back in front of thousands of people.
However, after sighing, Naples fans were pleasantly surprised to find that the bouncing ball didn’t roll out far, and they still had a chance to get Naples by Dominica! ! ! !
Qinan’s right foot stopped and the ball just rolled towards him. He shot before Inter defender Chivu came in horror! ! ! ! ! !
"Hit the door! ! ! ! Domonica, knock on the door! ! ! !” Moreau jumped up from the commentary with an ecstatic expression, but for a second his face turned into panic.
"Oh my God! ! Domonica, hide! ! ! !”
Unfortunately, at this time, I was holding my right leg high and preparing to shoot Qina, but I couldn’t hear Moro’s warning.
Behind him, Argentine Cambiaso flew a shovel to Qinan’s foot. The ball was in a hurry. There was something wrong with the Argentine sight. Instead of shoveling the ball, he shoveled it to Qinan’s support leg! ! !
In the world, I like Qinan, and I like Naples. Fans exclaimed that Qinan collapsed like a cut down tree! ! !
It stings! ! ! The stabbing pain that invaded the bone marrow flowed from his left foot to Qinan’s brain. He had to roll on the ground with his left foot, because it seemed that this could relieve the great pain of the cone heart, and his teammates in Naples quickly gathered around Qinan at the first time. Dennis, the nearest to Qinan, even roared and rushed to shovel Qinan Cambiaso.
The situation became chaotic at the moment.
"oh! ! God bless! ! Domenica looked very painful. I hope it won’t be a serious injury. The referee Luo Saidi came running. He divided the players. After the captains of the two sides took hold of their players, Luo Saidi bent down and asked Domenica. Then he went to Cambiaso. The referee raised his hand high! !” Moro stared at the field and didn’t rest.
"Red card! ! ! ! ! Luo Saidi gave Cambiaso a red card! ! ! Thanks to Cha Qiuhao, the referee’s red card is controversial. Actually, this foul asshole can be seen, not to mention the vision is said to reach 16. Luo Saidi Cambiaso’s tackle is not a foul. He is simply committing a crime. The red card is not enough to reflect his crime. I suggest that the Naples police department arrest him for malicious injury ………………………………………………………………………..
Just as Moro was still preparing to continue to attack Cambiaso, a thunderous clap suddenly broke out at Sao Paulo Stadium.
In the eyes of several Naples fans, Qinan stood up tenaciously with the help of teammates Cannavaro and Montevino! ! ! !
After moving his left foot painfully for a few days, Qinan refused to let the stretcher carry him to the field for treatment, so he easily indicated to the referee that there was no problem and the game could continue. In fact, his left foot was still very painful, but he chose to stick to the rest of the game! ! ! Because there is not much time left for Naples, even treating injuries is a luxury wave! ! !
Seeing Domenica seems to be no problem. Before he created the Italian ball himself, the fans in Naples broke into great cheers.
At this time, a few minutes after the end of the game, the importance of this Italian ball to Naples can be imagined.
The tension at the scene was almost suffocating. The fans in Naples held their breath and dared not blink their eyes. Qinan resisted stabbing pain from his left foot and swung the right leg that could kick a fatal arc! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three
When Qinan’s right foot made close contact with the ball, the main watch had already passed for 16 minutes, which means that it was only seven minutes left for the Neapolitan, so this Italian ball opportunity became a few chances for the Neapolitan team.
In this attack, almost everyone in Naples rushed to the restricted area of Inter Milan, even the big Cannavaro, which has never participated in the attack, was no exception.
Because of his age, big Cannavaro rarely takes the initiative to attack. Most of the time, he is firmly behind the defense line. After all, for people his age, there is no way to be as energetic and full of flight as when he first debuted.
However, when he was young, the big Cannavaro didn’t like to take part in the attack and Terry and Pepe, who often took part in the team’s set-pieces attack and scored goals from time to time. Compared with the big Cannavaro, the height is obviously not dominant, which is a big reason why the captain of Naples rarely headed to the other side’s penalty area. But today, this time, the big Cannavaro appeared in the Inter Milan penalty area.
At this time, almost everyone’s eyes were on preparing for the goal, and the defenders of Inter Milan also focused on Dennis Lavezzi. Almost all Inter Milan people thought that Qinan would attack the goal directly, and they kept an eye on him since Qinan was in front of the goal, but they were horrified to find that Qinan did not score the goal directly with his favorite ball, but accidentally chose the ball.
When Cesar flew out of the arc along the ball with panic eyes and looked at the final landing point of the ball, the panic in his eyes became more and more intense, because he found that Qinan made this perfect arc and landed accurately on a head in a sky-blue jersey. More importantly, this player who jumped high and headed the ball to Naples didn’t have a teammate beside him.
Danger! ! ! This was the first reaction in Cesar’s mind. For a second, his fear came true.
“GOOOOGOOOOOO; GOO when huge cheers have already flooded the entire Sao Paulo stadium.
"Fabio is our captain! ! It’s our captain Fabio Cannavaro! ! ! No one thought that at the last moment, the score of Napoli team turned out to be the perfect cooperation between our Fabio Cannavaro and the two captains of Napoli team to complete this lore. Fabio, the "iron tree", would be fragrant in Wan Li if he didn’t "flower", but he also had to thank Domenica for his beautiful assist in helping Domenica make an arc almost to Fabio’s property, which was as accurate as that of a cruise missile. All Fabio had to do was smash the ball hard at the door, and he finally did it! ! ! Yes, he really did it! ! ! Recover from the low ebb and flow! ! Never give up when you are in a desperate situation. The pressure is overwhelming. This night has always been difficult for Naples, but fortunately, Naples has passed through the difficulties after the final fatal blow of the Grand Cannavaro. It is only a blink of an eye that Inter Milan "dies" and Naples "lives". The fate of life and death is so often like a suspense blockbuster. You will never guess the end until the last second. Who lives and dies when the pendulum of fate swings back and forth between Inter Milan and Naples five times? Life is like death? Even the Imperial Capital couldn’t bear to toss a coin to decide the best screenplay for the Oscar. I’m afraid it couldn’t write such a perfect bridge. This is not a ups and downs competition, but the most vicissitudes of life. Cannavaro gave the answer. This goal may be the most important goal in his life. He sent Naples to heaven with a priceless header and Inter Milan to hell at the same time. Great Cannavaro! !The emperor gave him a pair of wings at the last minute, and he jumped high with them and sent a fatal blow to cheer! ! ! Let’s cheer! ! Let’s cheer for Fabio’s great goal! ! ! ! "
At the moment, no one in Naples is listening to Moreau’s almost incoherent explanation. What the fans are doing now is to throw everything in their hands and hug them tightly with the people who watch the game with them, whether they know them or not.
When the whole world was stunned by Cannavaro, the hero of the goal, Big Cannavaro, is now being pushed to the ground by a group of teammates who are not considerate that he is still a wounded man. If you zoom in a little closer, you will find that the most important thing in the pyramid is that Big Cannavaro sent wonderful assists. Now Qinan has been very cunning. Actually, one has been crushed by teammates for 20 times throughout the season.
In the end, Neapolitan people celebrated crazily and were stopped by referee Luo Saidi himself.
Complaining about Naples on the sidelines was when Ferrari celebrated delaying the game.
There are still a few minutes left in the game, and Naples is far from celebrating its victory.
The game continued to be eager to equalize the score. The Inter Milan people went crazy to counterattack Mourinho and made adjustments again. He exchanged Samuel and Mancini for defender Cordoba, who had excellent assists, and often came off the bench but saved the team several times. Cruz Mourinho’s team obviously did not give up. They besieged the Naples goal exhibition in the last few minutes.
However, Naples was not too flustered. Rhea also chose to change people after Mourinho. Domic changed and was dragged by Ibrahimovic to run fast. Rinaudo motioned for Naples to recycle three lines in Rhea to keep a tight defensive formation. People gathered almost 30 meters in front of the goal, and Naples players built a "sigh wall"
That’s right! ! ! It is the "wall of sighs" that Inter Milan players attack again and again and come back again, while Inter Milan fans who watch the ball sigh! ! Sigh "Naples shield" blocking
The fourth official on the sidelines held up the five-minute injury-time card when the Grand Cannavaro headed out of the country again. The conflict injury-time was a little long because Qinan was shoveled by Cambiaso.
For Inter Milan, these five minutes have been more precious than Mourinho kept roaring and waving his arms on the sidelines to signal his players to attack Rhea and gave up playing bodhisattva on the sidelines. He was not inferior to Mourinho’s exaggerated gestures and called his brothers to pay attention to the defensive formation.
Zina wanted to come back to help his teammates defend, but Rhea gestured him to stay at Inter Milan’s half-court and prepare for a counterattack at any time. Because Rhea knew that Zina was going to attack Inter Milan there, he didn’t dare to be too reckless. For Inter Milan, Zina was like a "saber" that could stab a deadly knife at any time. If Inter Milan were allowed to storm around him, it would really be possible for them to deceive one! !
In the last few minutes, the two teams also showed real hand-to-hand combat. Ibrahimovic’s long-range shot from the front of the restricted area was Biagio’s double boxing, and Cannavaro’s big foot cleared Inter Milan and then continued to attack.
Four minutes! !
Quaresma broke through St. Croce’s St. Crauser and decisively brought down the Portuguese. Referee Luo Saidi gave St. Crauser a yellow card. Ibrahimovic directly hit the door and bounced off the wall.
There are three minutes left in the game! !
Montari tried to force a breakthrough in the middle. Montevino and Brasi goalkeeper intercepted Brasi’s goal, which happened to be cleared by Qinan. Qinan got a series of stops and beautiful passes, and passed Chivo and Mai Kong in succession. Cordoba had to foul Qinan’s attack soon after the last game. Similarly, the Colombian’s foul undoubtedly brought him a yellow card.
However, by this time of the game, Inter Milan players don’t care about yellow cards. They need to score goals.
The referee looked at his watch. There are still two minutes left.
Napoli fans in the stands have lit blue fireworks everywhere in every corner of the stands, while the Inter Milan fan area is silent. Close-ups of China rice fans are silent, with tears in their eyes. Few female fans have even shed tears.
Hamsik dawdled and set the ball again and again, deliberately creating this Italian ball delay by Lizinan. After Inter Milan players repeatedly protested to the referee, Luo Saidi raised his hand and gave Hamsik a yellow card.
After Hamsik "reluctantly" threw the ball out, the ball was broken by Cordoba. After the Colombian dodged the anti-rob Hamsik, the big foot pushed the ball to the frontcourt. Cruise pressed Cannavaro to head the ball to Zamontari, but when Montari shot, he was almost knocked down by Dennis, who had become a central defender. Dennis also did not escape punishment. He also got a yellow card.
Montari tried to sneak a shot at Naples, but his move was seen by little Cannavaro, who held on tightly for the first time. quaresma caught Montari’s ball, and finally quaresma was blocked by little Cannavaro on the side.
Inter Milan get a corner kick! ! ! There is one last minute in the game! ! !
This is almost the last chance for Inter Milan to attack. Even goalkeeper Cesar has rushed to the restricted area of Naples to prepare for the point, and all members of Naples, including Zinan, have returned to the restricted area to defend Inter Milan. This last threatening attack, he is responsible for guarding against the perimeter of the restricted area. Several long-range outstanding people of Inter Milan suddenly shot the sniper outside.
Quaresma, in the corner flag area on the right side of Naples, carefully placed the ball again and again. After hearing the whistle of the referee Luo Saidi, the Portuguese leaned into a huge arc and pulled out the ball with his right back! ! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four The championship belongs to the dust settles
When Quarez, who is nicknamed "The Demon on the Sidewalk", trotted out that arc and flew to the restricted area of Naples full of thick legs with a rare light, almost all Naples fans were watching this arc with their hearts covered, and the great tension almost suffocated them. Some timid fans even covered their eyes! ! !
The Neapolitan players and the coaching staff on the sidelines were not much better than the ordinary fans. They nervously looked at the falling arc on the sidelines, and even Rhea, who has always been calm, was a look that he could not bear to see.
The coach clenched his fists and felt the tightness of his heart. He was afraid to gasp for fear that his heart would jump out of his throat. If you pay attention to him, you can see that Rhea’s legs are shaking slightly now. Rhea has never been so nervous, so he was so close to the first champion in his coaching career that he could already smell the attractive smell of the championship trophy. *
He knew that if his brothers could withstand the attack of Inter Milan, he could put the trophy in the honor room of Naples Club, which didn’t have much decoration.
Can the children hold up? Maybe it depends on the emperor’s intention. Rhea secretly crossed his chest, hoping that the emperor who has believed in it for 60 years can play the role he should play at this key *
At this moment, there are many Naples fans all over the world who have the same idea as Rhea, but the gods chanted in the hearts of Naples fans in China are the Buddha Guanyin Jade Emperors, and whoever they catch is who they are anyway! ! !
Perhaps it was the Emperor Buddha who really heard Naples fans praying. In the cheers of Naples fans in Sao Paulo Stadium, Cruz pushed Domic to the ground. The ball actually hit the crossbar and bounced into the stadium. Naples escaped a fatal bullet! ! ! !
In the sigh of hundreds of millions of Inter Milan fans, Qinan was the first to react. He rushed to the rebound ball as quickly as possible. He did the same with Inter Milan striker Ibrahimovic.
According to their position, the original Ibrahimovic is more likely to get the ball first, but Qinan is far more explosive than Ibrahimovic.
Click for a few seconds! ! ! Qinan is only a few seconds ahead of Ibrahim! ! ! Almost at the same time, the two of them were furious. Before Ibrahimovic stretched out his foot and stabbed the ball, Shi Qi South pulled the tip of his right foot and turned around to control the ball firmly in his own foot *
It turned out to be a Marseille roundabout! ! ! !
Ibrahimovic gaped at Qinan, who had controlled the ball. He didn’t expect Qinan to be able to evade his own poking ball in such a high-speed running! ! ! Shocked, he forgot to pay attention to Qinan’s move and forgot that his goalkeeper was still in the restricted area of Naples and didn’t go back.
Ibrahimovic didn’t wake up until he saw Qina looking up not far in front of him and then kicking the ball to the square goal with a big foot.