"Know the ancient uncle you busy …"

Let Liu Feng breathe a sigh of relief and now communicate with Pang Wanchun directly.
Pang Wanchun’s answer is slow because Pang Wanchun didn’t call Liu Fengzhi directly. This is not Pang Wanchun’s self-sustaining identity, but Jiang Yifeng asked him not to let Liu Fengzhi rely too much.
Even Gu Yue’s direct call was also a barbecue restaurant incident, and Gu Yue forced Liu Feng.
After the words were connected, Liu Feng simply said the opposite in the words.
Pang Wanchun’s performance was very different from Gu Yue’s. His reaction was much gentler, but he was neither too slow nor too slow. Then he asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Well, since I can’t compromise on the championship, the only way is to completely defeat them."
"Well, I support you on this matter … but you think it’s still too young. Since it’s going to be noisy, it’s going to be bigger. I just can take advantage of this opportunity to infiltrate our strength into Europe. The masters in Europe have been flirting with J countries recently."
“! ….. "Liu Feng was simply stunned to him. His idea was crazy enough. I didn’t expect Pang Wanchun to look so polite but act crazier than Gu Yue.
"Ha ha how? Scared? " Pang Wanchun heard the long silence inside the mobile phone. Haha. "
"A little … I’m wiping my sweat?" Liu Feng said jokingly on purpose
"Ha ha, don’t pretend to get down to business with me when you are young … I will send the Chinese team of the Security Bureau to help you. They are good at dealing with these things."
"Well, thank you, Pang Shu!"
"Well, they will bring a detailed plan in the past, and I hope you can give them help!"
"good! “
"Then hang up first. I’ll arrange it … and I wish you success in winning the championship!"
"Thank you, Uncle Pang!"
Liu Feng’s hanging up just disappeared, and he found that the so-called Elsa family was not so terrible.
Liu Feng didn’t forget his business when he finished his work here, that is, to train while he is busy.
Now that someone wants to take away their championship, they have a strong counterattack!
When Liu Feng returned to the Internet cafe, the people around him didn’t pay any special attention, because Liu Feng usually had his own things.
Now that Liu Feng has arrived, they have ended the training competition for manipulating the training team, with the focus on Shan Weixian’s mother Suo Laka …
The training time passed quickly, and the gb team members directly left the Internet cafe and went back to their rooms to prepare for their own training in the room.
Liu Feng Zhou Rebing came up on the way back to the room. He looked at Liu Feng and asked, "What happened to Xiao Feng?" "
"…" Liu Feng didn’t think that others didn’t find themselves abnormal, but Zhou Rebing still found it.
"Well, I don’t want to deceive you … if Sister Bing simply said that we were stared at in the second stage of the si competition."
"Well, the mafia Elsa family here is gambling in the ground. They set it as sq to win the championship, and we just got stuck in their … place …"
"Mafia? This is a video drama … "Zhou Rebing couldn’t believe his ears.
"Hehe, I couldn’t believe it just now, but it’s a pity that this is the truth, but we are not going to give up this champion, so we must do something!"
"… well, Xiaofeng, I believe you. I won’t ask you what you do, but you must remember that no matter what happens, I will always be behind you!"
"Thank you, Sister Ruobing!"
"Well, let’s hurry back to our room and continue our training. Since we are going to do it, of course, we must bring this champion steadily!"
"That’s right!" ……
One day, I spent the hard training of gb players. The next day, they played against goy. gb players still trained early as usual.
After their own time, gb players stopped training but relaxed, which is also windy’s advice to gb players.
Is it half a day late for today’s game with goy, Liu Feng, or are you going to leave the hotel directly for the venue at seven o’clock as usual?
As a result, I met a group of goy people as soon as I went out, and they seemed to be waiting for them
"Er … are you waiting for us?" Liu Feng said with some uncertainty
"Of course not. Who are you waiting for?" Nink said with a smile
"Why? What can I do for you? "
"Ha ha also said? Of course, there is a ready-made object. Do we have to squeeze the bus? " Nink laughed.
Gb Everyone felt a cold sweat when they heard nink’s words. This nink really doesn’t treat himself as an outsider.
"You know, we will discuss tactics in the car!"
"Cut, we will also discuss who is afraid of who hears …"
"Well … then let’s go …"
I cann’t believe that nink said that. Liu Feng can’t say anything more
In fact, Liu Feng likes nink’s personality very much. Everything is straight and straight, but it is very suitable for Liu Feng’s appetite.
And nink called a goy and everyone went directly to gb to rent a bus to go to the venue. Sure enough, they didn’t avoid gb and everyone discussed how to beat gb. Sometimes they asked gb for advice …
Gb everyone pretended to see this embarrassing atmosphere until the competition venue.
"Liu Feng, don’t worry, we will definitely beat you today!" The first sentence of nink’s car was not thank you, but a cruel sentence came directly.
Liu Feng felt a flock of crows flying overhead, pretending that he didn’t know this group of people and took the gb players directly into the rest area from another entrance.
Gb didn’t train in the rest area this time, but relaxed in their own ways. They knew that the second stage of si was a tug-of-war, and they couldn’t keep their nerves tense all the time. They had to learn to relax themselves.
Soon it was time for the audience to enter, and Liu Feng and nink led their respective teams out of the competition area.
Chapter 392 The second game
"Hello, everyone, this is the scene of the second stage competition of si. Today’s competition is the pride of our people. The gb team and si have recently attracted much attention. I am a bear."
"Hello, I’m Zhou Zeng."
"Zhou Zeng, what do you think of this goy team?" Bear is used to digging holes for his partner again.
"You’ve asked the right person about this. I have recently studied this team with confidence and found a very interesting phenomenon."