"What if I know?" Huangfuyi language show some impatience.

Xinwen needs the support of the babies. After reading it, remember to collect and recommend messages to support Xuanxuan. Chapter 69 Is he noisy?
Liancheng Xiumei frowned without saying anything, but said in her heart, "Noisy, I have never seen such a noisy man!"
"Why don’t you talk?" Long time no see her mouth HuangFuYi evil laughed "scared you must be scared! How do you beg me? Maybe I’ll put on a mask later when I’m happy? "
"Prince Yi, has anyone ever said that you are noisy?" Slow down, throw the bass to Huangfuyi, and then stunned that Kung Fu has gone far.
Is he noisy?
Huangfuyi recovered, and the corners of her mouth smoked nonstop at once.
"Hey, who’s making noise?" Chase Liancheng and listen to his hum.
Liancheng didn’t hear what he said. Look ahead and take care of yourself.
Touching her nose interestingly, Huangfuyi rushed to her back and said, "Don’t ask me to protect you later. Well, I won’t protect you even if you ask me. I have always been principled and gave you a chance. Don’t blame me if you don’t cherish it!"
"Self-affection" whispers a sneer at the corners of the eyes as they overflow.
Such as the noble palace, the atmosphere will be particularly depressing.
"Sister, I’m not saying that you don’t have to hate her to this extent even if you are as noble as San * now." Mei Guifei sat across the table with a tea lamp in her hand and rubbed the cup along the delicate pattern. "What a poor little emperor! He hurried away before he saw his father! It is said that sister Chiku never dreamed that her sister would be such a malicious hand. "She didn’t look at the queen because there were too many thoughts hidden at the bottom of her eyes."
"Palace without" queen looks very pale, but she will say nothing at this moment, but she will be branded as such. After she was abolished, she will be left in the cold. What should she do with her family? Will the emperor give them a net?
If she didn’t strangle the noble child and took it from Mammy’s arms, it seemed that the child had lost its breath. How can it be blamed on her?
And look at her as if she were a murderer.
When she entered the palace, she never took concubines to compete for the sacred palace, but she did her duty to be the queen of the palace.
Now she has been framed for being jealous as a noble and brutally retaliating against her child.
Innocent. She’s innocent, but who can prove it?
The queen has a good nature, just as she thought. Since she entered the palace, no one has calculated anything, and she has only given birth to a little princess for many years, so there is no one she can’t pass.
But today it happened.
It’s not hard to say that someone wants to get rid of her.
I learned from you before I found out the mastermind.
The little emperor died suddenly, and the queen denied that it was her own, but before many witnesses, she felt that her refutation was futile.
At the moment, she is waiting for the man she has trusted for her whole life to come.
Will he believe her?
Will you find out the truth in the shortest time to prove her innocence?
As time goes by, the queen is nervous because she is not an inexperienced girl. Since ancient times, emperors have been so fickle as nobles, and Huangfuqing is the most important concubine at present. She doesn’t know if she can be impartial. The truth is the majesty in Chapter 7.
Mei Guifei put the tea lamp and finally looked up at the queen. "Sister, why didn’t you say you didn’t have the little emperor?" It’s not that I’m saying that your emperor is everyone’s emperor. Today, this sister is another sister. Even if you feel uncomfortable again, it’s only appropriate to endure it … "