"We agreed that if you leave me again, I’ll never talk to you again," said one too angrily.

She smiled and kissed his forehead and said with a smile, "Well, after we agreed, I will never leave Ah Chu again."
This sudden kiss made a certain wife be elated and giggle.
Is it really a ghost that the shore people look at the pale faces of the women in the water? But she has a shadow.
Father-in-law Chen recognized this woman at a glance when he served Xuanyuan at the beginning. She was the maid-in-waiting beside Taidian a few days ago, but she seemed to have become more beautiful. No, that face is more beautiful than those former queens in this palace.
And just now the maid-in-waiting kissed Taidian … Taidian was molested!
Imperial officials were summoned in the imperial room, and the emperor suddenly heard the news that the show girl who had previously given the draft to the Emperor ran out of Bei Gong and pushed the Taidian into the Taiye pool. At that time, the aura made everyone almost die, and those officials who had previously sent their daughters to the palace almost turned their backs and prayed silently that the offending daughter was not her own daughter, and all of them ignored the emperor’s footsteps and went to the Taiye pool.
It was when the emperor used his flying skill to get to Taiyu pool that he saw a woman in white coming from the pool with a small figure in her arms. She looked gentle and was talking with a little girl.
That face is still the same as before, but the expression is softer than before. I don’t know how much. When she was holding the baby, she unconsciously bloomed a trace of maternal brilliance.
He stopped in the distance, and his clenched hand relaxed slightly, and his heart suddenly seemed to be filled with something.
"Long live my emperor, slave! Long live my emperor!" Some eunuchs found Xuanyuan Tianyue and bowed directly, and others followed suit.
The smile on the female face is instantaneous and stiff. She looked up not far away, dressed in a lilac dragon robe, and his pale purple eyes were staring at her with one hand. She tried hard to show a smiling expression, but her face seemed to be stiff and even it was difficult to speak.
"Father …" Xuanyuan explored his head and shouted at Xuanyuan Tianyue, but he couldn’t help looking at the face on the top of his head and his mouth was flat and flat and rubbed against her arms.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked back and saw the people around him. His face suddenly sank. "What’s going on? What about people around you? "
Father-in-law Chen hurriedly ran out and knelt down and said, "It’s too bad for the emperor to forgive me, but it’s really that xiunv is too cunning to beg the emperor to forgive me." At this moment, Father-in-law Chen thought that he could watch him serve for so many years and spare his life.
Xuanyuan Tianyue took a look at Father-in-law Chen and didn’t speak, but turned his eyes to the woman who was framed by the eunuch not far away. "Didn’t I say that the Imperial Palace official was not allowed to go out and who is she?"
"Report to my emperor, this is Miss Sina Shangjia Sinanyu" said Chen Gonggong hurriedly.
Hear the emperor asked about her Sinanyu was more than I could bear, and said to Xuanyuan Tianyue, "The imperial courtesan doesn’t want to serve the imperial courtesan’s wife. If it weren’t for the stubborn courtesan’s wife, she would be an imperial concubine now."
Not far away, I came to Sinanqi. Hearing this, I couldn’t help but huff. "Who is presumptuous and allows you to talk to the emperor like this? You are guilty of capital crimes and you still don’t know how to repent. It’s really hopeless. Don’t kneel down and beg for the emperor’s pardon." Then he burst into a kneeling confession. "The emperor is a minister who is wrong and asks the emperor to treat the minister and teach the daughter the crime of being lax."
SiNa jade such as don’t know this is her father to speak for themselves, she hurriedly knelt down to "the emperor is a minister and a woman at that time confused for the emperor’s pardon"
"Murder dynasty too kneel to admit it? I can’t believe that the imperial system is so loose. "A cold voice suddenly came to the woman’s arms and handed it to Lin Chen, who didn’t know when it appeared. She took a few steps forward and took a look at the kneeling Sinanqi not far away." Of course, this adult is really a goddaughter. You don’t worry that no one will punish you. "
Sinanqi one leng raised his head and looked at the beautiful face of a white woman covered with frost, and the murder in her eyes was the most important thing. She raised her hand and acted like a king, but she didn’t look like this palace lady, and he had never heard of such a woman in the palace.
A woman who doesn’t know who she is wants to punish him. He doesn’t even think that this woman is presumptuous. Although her handsome face is still expressive, her eyes seem to be softened a lot. How can she do everything?
Yu Imperial Secretary is also surprised to see the white woman wondering who dares to speak in front of the emperor in this palace, that is, Taidian sometimes dares to be presumptuous, but this woman even said that she would cure the crime of opening two official positions.
Wen Zhong and others rushed over to look at the virgin not far from the emperor. Her heart was full of doubts, especially when Wen Zhong looked at her, she always felt as if she had seen her somewhere.
"This girl, in what capacity do you speak? I’m ignorant. I don’t know which palace empress the girl is?" SiNa jade self-improvement: didn’t Chen Xueying, the first beauty of YunDu City, also be defeated by her? But looking at the woman in front of her, she suddenly felt a sense of shame. The emperor hates it when someone covets the harem position, otherwise they won’t be sent to Bei Gong. Since they are having a hard time, she must also taste this taste.
At this time, an emperor who had been silent suddenly looked over and said faintly, "I also want to know what identity you are talking about now?"
Listening to this, everyone is surprised. Shouldn’t the emperor be angry? Anyone who wants to claim to be the emperor in the palace before will not change his face like this. Is this waiting for a while to calculate the general ledger?
Father-in-law Chen took a look at Lin’s bosom, and the maid-in-waiting just kissed the temple. Do you want to tell the emperor that he is so entangled?
Shallow leng leng looked at the cold-looking man’s eyes, but he never looked at Sinanyu. "Do you know a woman named Chen Xueying?"
"What’s wrong with knowing?" Sinanyu looked at the female heart in front of her, and I didn’t know that she was dying. This female body was too imposing, and she could feel it only when she was imperial.
Smiled and suddenly provoked her. "Do you know her?" She smiled charmingly, but her eyes were covered with frost.
Sinanyu unconsciously shook her body. Chen Xueying died a year ago. She was forced to die because of rumors. It is said that she was bent on climbing the Tai Temple, that is, the current emperor. As a result, she suddenly disappeared after a palace banquet and was found again. It was several days after everyone said that she had lost her virginity. Once the first beauty withered, she married her husband’s family and disliked her. Finally, she couldn’t stand suicide.
Not far away, Wen Zhong’s heart jumped in consternation and looked at that face, which was naturally impossible for them to see the strangest woman in the world, but even if they had seen it all before, it might not be true for her.
"You should know who did it to Chen Xueying." Smiled.
Sinanyu was one leng. At that time, Chen Xueying offended people with toffee, which was naturally toffee … but it was not right. Toffee had just arrived in Yundu City, and the power was weak. At that time, many people said that it was Taidian who saw Chen Xueying adding difficulties to Toffee, so that people came out and married Chen Xueying people. It was only when they got hints that they would be so humiliated. When the Chen Xueying Dynasty was first established, the Chen family also declined because of some charges.
Looking at the man who looked cold and handsome not far away, Sinanyu suddenly became afraid. Four years ago, when she saw this man, she liked him. She always dreamed of marrying him. But is this man really in such a mood? Yes, she is going to murder the child born to that woman today. How could he let her go? She made up her mind to die a long time ago. Even if she finally hates her, it’s better than he doesn’t know her.
"I beg you to let go of your father’s thousand mistakes, but it’s all because I love you too much, and the queen is no better, but she’s dead and she won’t come back. I know you’re alone, and I want to be with you. I don’t believe I can be worse than a dead man." Sinanyu looked at the emperor with tears in her eyes.
Si Nanqi almost fainted when she listened to her daughter’s outrageous remarks. Is she dying? Does she know that every word she says now will make the whole Sina family doomed? How did he raise such a thing?
Gherardini glanced at Xuanyuan Tianyue not far away. I don’t know what mood he was in when he heard such a sincere confession. Just then, the man also looked up. His pale purple eyes were cold and silent. She took a sip of her lips and didn’t look away.
"You just died. Your family is dead. Father, that ugly woman cursed the mother!" A certain Taidian jumped up and pointed to Sinanyu angrily and said, "Somebody please tear this woman’s mouth and dismember her."
As soon as this was said, Sinanqi hurriedly begged for mercy, "The emperor is too angry and too angry", but he couldn’t say a word of intercession. Today, one of the holy scales is too much, and the other is the queen. Today, both of his daughters have been hit.
"ShangSiNa kei taught the woman longitudinal female murder too officer down three-level lady stripped titles by his wife demoted concubine room in this assassination too murderer according to too said" emperor suddenly charged.
Sinanqi’s blue veins stood out on his forehead. Fortunately, his life is still good, but his daughter is lost … If it weren’t for today’s Emperor Saint, it would be feasible to punish his Jiuzu for this crime.
"I thank Lord Long En!"
"Don’t want it!" Sinanyu was suddenly afraid to say cold words from that man’s mouth and let her fall into hell. How can the emperor turn a blind eye to her affection? She trembled at the thought of tearing her mouth and dismembering her heart. Her eyes suddenly fell to one side and stood quietly. "Yes, you are all you. Are you confusing the emperor?" Just now, this woman was also very polite, but the emperor didn’t blame her.
A wife took a look at the crazy woman and spat out her tongue. "You’re right this time. My father is really confused by her. Don’t be sad if you don’t marry her and have a baby. Don’t be sad if you don’t have a father, you won’t care."
Never complain about the six deaths outside the Fan.
Everyone’s heart and soul are shaking, and they carefully look at the indifferent emperor. Is the emperor not angry? Everyone is at ease, but if you think about it carefully, is there anything wrong with the local emperor? Isn’t he devoted to the empress? How did you change your mind so quickly? This woman is also capable, and she can still make a fool of the Tai Temple …