And fudge?

I was lonely when I didn’t have my relatives making noise in my ears when I first fought.
In this way, the fighting in the forging factory has been thrilling, and everyone is quite willing to let the other side’s blissful brother make mistakes. After all, it is not so easy to really fight a battle.
Then several waves of guerrilla commanders came. When they saw that the number of disabled people in their team was wrong, they quickly pulled the former captain to Maixu to ask. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the cause of their own death. How could he explain the situation clearly? After the command, it was a negligent mistake. Instead of blaming the guerrillas, another team was sent over.
Zuo Tangtang also played an excellent role. One time, when two teams came together, they looked at them. When it seemed that the law was profitable, Jinyiwei Mountain was now in the Flower Palace. Zuo Tangtang was patting the scattered crowd at the seven-step interval. She was most suitable for mastering and it was best to control less than one team by one person. Because of the remote palm method, the brothers in Blissful Valley were accused of coming out of the fire and the sharp wind blade was directly photographed. More than half of the blood fell into the furnace and was killed by the group. To be continued.
PS means that it was updated earlier and the results were too busy to be released now. Chapter A, a bean pot, escaped.
[452] Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Victory Iraq]
The first battle is over.
When I saw the words "Royal Guards Victory" attached to the name of their district displayed on the screen, I jumped and cheered with the unified judgment. The crowd was in fear for two and a half hours, and Zuo Tangtang finally felt at ease.
After that, the battle was not simple, not to mention that with the collapse of the exclusive guerrillas in the Blissful Valley in this forging factory, they finally felt something was wrong. The head of the guerrilla group reported to the head of Blissful Valley and led the remaining people to the forging factory together. Although he also suspected that his team leaders reported to him whether there was anyone hiding the flame on the hearth, he was more cautious. The head of the guerrilla group divided his own soldiers into two ways to explore the small door of the hearth, and the latter part climbed with him until he returned. When I didn’t get there completely, I received that my teammates were surrounded by fudge and others on the team channel. I just wanted to go but I was reacted. Zuo Tangtang and his team raided successfully from the side.
Almost lost a regiment in the forging factory one after another. In the end, it finally reached the ears of the head of Blissful Valley and the stewards. Although they wanted to see how difficult the forging factory is here, they also encountered more difficult things.
Later, when the battle was over, I realized that the war in kelp was waiting for excitement.
Even those who think they are familiar with the narrow mountain path can vaguely remember that it was abandoned, tattered and intermittent plank road. It can almost be called a special terrain of the Royal Guards, with no scenery, but kelp can lead everyone to stick to it with flying skills.
One of the Royal Guards in the kelp regiment was very excited afterwards, telling that when the enemies passed through this place with peace of mind, they flew to the sky with flying skill. At that moment, they panicked and they killed the quartet, which had to be said to be a memorable experience.
Yu Kelp’s guest appearance as a pianist, Jin Yiwei, is just patting his thigh-just relying on blood medicine to reply hundreds of points of blood every second to carry a group of people across the street for nearly a second! If it weren’t for the official competition, he was very wretched and crouched behind a mound to play the piano and return blood, otherwise he would really like to see how long kelp could last!
With the temporary delivery to Yanjing battlefield, everyone was transferred to the same channel again, and Cenjin also released all the wheat sequence patterns with fudge again, which made everyone excited and discussed freely.
This is their first battle.
Their place of honor!
The fudge nodded happily and listened to the excitement on the channel. It was very satisfying-right! That’s what it is!
In fact, noisy people usually like to play soy sauce and try their best to brag about their fudge. It can be called a commander who is not inferior at all. He has his own opinions and opinions on the war situation. If we say that such great achievements in the hidden part of this battle can be attributed to the fact that fudge dares to put all his eggs in one basket, it is actually a very effective arrangement
But now, in addition to listening to everyone’s lively discussion and harvesting the joy of the first battle of the leader, fudge wants to do it more. Probably, it is also to go back to the soy sauce channel and listen to the truth. The emperor said how much money he earned. Listening to the north finches yelling and listening to the pie, they said, "fudge is amazing!"
I didn’t watch the game screen, but I also discussed in Yanjing that all channels would occupy the hero posts and even post people; I didn’t listen to the channel from time to time, but I was laughing and exchanging my team experience just now; Zuo Tangtang looked at the silent fudge kelp cenjin floating clouds in the wheat sequence …
The success of Royal Guards is reliable in command strategy, more reliable in team cooperation, and more reliable in them.
The desktop mobile phone suddenly shook for a while. Take a look at it. It’s the news of the ball, and it’s the tragedy that has been offline for nine days.
Oh, I’m probably worried about fudge. I shook my head. Zuo Tangtang smiled and bowed his head and ordered the information.
"how about it? Did you win? "
Looking at this sentence, I can imagine that I was nervous when I asked questions for nine days.
"Well, winning fudge is amazing."
What did you mean by not asking for nine days? The tacit understanding in the same gang made her know what he was asking for a long time ago.
"Of course! I knew it! " After nine days, I was a little excited and then pretended to be calm. "How can it be unreliable for people who come out with soy sauce to get serious!"
Looking at the phone for nine days, it is natural that Zuo Tangtang’s heart is rare to be soft again.
The first cross-sect war ended like this. Fortunately, all four sects in their district have succeeded in participating in the competition. Whether they are divided into C, B or A sects is an exciting news. Although we don’t know what the other sects in our district are like, how difficult they are, and how different they are from their own sects, no one pays attention to this moment. They are still preparing sects on Sunday, and they don’t go to watch the recorded video at once. The whole district is surrounded by joy and celebration.
Before the major leagues of various gangs, other small thoughts in some gangs and some groups seem to disappear at this moment. The number of heroic posts has already been ranked hundreds of miles away, not only for their own gangs, but also for the celebration of the district. This competition seems unexpectedly good for the unity and unity of the district.
Zuo Tangtang knew that playing fudge virtue in the channel for a while was probably really going to play soy sauce, so he quit the United front channel first.
I never thought that I had just entered the soy sauce and I was not very excited to say a few words at the cashier’s pie, so I cried and called my mother "hooves and hooves."
Zuo Tangtang …
It turns out that a few days ago, because of the coming of Wednesday, more than a dozen brothers of the Flower Palace spontaneously organized graduation from the Flower Palace, and they were still attached to the photo posts. It was because of the coming of the sect war that everyone in the Jianghu turned their attention to it until the first game was over and relaxed. Now people just remembered to listen to the message that a security guard in the channel said, "I suddenly remembered that there was a Flower Palace in the forum, graduation photo. So why don’t we have one today on this meaningful day?" This is the last time to win the final victory … "These words full of chicken soup are right. Many people have an appetite. Cenjin and other old people are also very white. This is a time to consolidate and strengthen the cohesion of the Royal Guards. It should have been celebrated. This photo shoot is also very good.
So he stayed in the original channel and kept saying, "He won’t take pictures without his sister." The fudge grinds Zuo Tangtang’s hard foam again.
But …
This is the main hall of the Royal Guards. Huangfuyao, the head of the Royal Guards, stays in it like Miao Ying. Unless it is spying every day or when progress updates need to be made, many people will be scattered in it at ordinary times. After all, not everyone is as interested in NPC as Zuo Tangtang.
There is a long staircase outside, and at the end, there is a tripod standing there. After joining the sect, every newcomer in the Royal Guards is the first to kill three refreshed prisoners there, so it is still fresh in people’s memory. After all, it is necessary to meet the temperament of the Royal Guards, and it is not like the Flower Palace. Everyone forms a circle to make fun of it, but chooses to look at it layer by layer.
Everyone chattered, and in a short time they had an idea. There were three people on each side of the ladder, and both sides were slightly sideways, while the middleman looked straight ahead and each vertical column was neat. So from a distance, all the royal guards wearing sects with big hats and carrying knives behind their backs were terrible.
Is … The only one who feels embarrassed … Probably has Zuo Tangtang …
"Ah fudge! What do you want me to do here? " Even in the game of not seeing face, Zuo Tangtang felt very embarrassed. All this time, Shan Yidi, who went back to the Royal Guards to help, withdrew after the fight. After all, there are still special forces fighting, and she will stay here.
Think of a group of black and red Royal Guards! Think about it again. Dress her in a pink flower palace! Inside is its stubble eye! -There is no way. Although she is in the package of the Royal Guards Mountain and there are various stages of the Royal Guards, now she is not qualified to wear it.
"Watch the hooves and hurry to take pictures!" Back to such a fudge woman.she continued to pull Zuo Tangtang away a little, smiling in the middle, climbing Cenjin and choosing a posture at the end of the ladder.
Zuo Tangtang …
How is this appropriate … To do this …