"I like you!" In Meng Qi, the opportunity to force Cheng Rewei again and again was to shout out those four words in a roar way.

And after saying it, Cheng Rewei seemed to be relieved of any burden.
Meng Qi, on the other hand, was shocked for a long time before he calmly said, "Haha, you’re making fun of me again, aren’t you? It’s really a chat …"
Before Meng Qi finished speaking, Cheng Rewei interrupted him and then stared at Meng Qi’s eyes and said word by word, "It’s not a joke that I like you, you know."
Now that you have said the most key words, Cheng Rewei is not shy to face his feelings.
And Meng Qi looked at Cheng Re-wei’s bright eyes, and the dream Cheng Re-wei came to mind …
Meng Qi shook his head to remove the attractive picture from his mind, and then some couldn’t stand Cheng Ruowei’s eyes and took a step back and said, "I already have a wife, you know."
To say that Meng Qi is indifferent to such a great beauty as Cheng Rewei is simply to take off his pants and fart, but he still has deep feelings for himself, Yang Mengyi.
Otherwise, how could it be lost for three years?
Meng Qi was not prepared for the sudden confession.
"But she has passed away." Cheng Rewei once again knew that he was pressing Meng Qiyou, otherwise his indecision would never accept himself.
This point can be seen from Meng Qi’s action after Bai Hu Xianer’s mind, although it is far from the same at this time.
"But but ….." Meng Qi didn’t know he should say so.
Cheng Ruowei hesitated and asked Meng Qi directly, "Just tell me whether you like me or not?" Cheng ruowei doesn’t believe that Meng Qi doesn’t like himself at all.
Meng Qi sighed and said, "If I say I don’t like you at all, I’m lying to you, but I still have Meng Yi in my heart. It’s not fair to you, is it?"
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Cheng Ruowei stopped, and her heart was both happy and sad.
Seeing that Cheng Ruowei stopped pushing herself, Meng Qi said with a sigh, "When you give us some, if one day I put Meng Yi in my heart, I will definitely accept you, okay?" This is a typical Montessori procrastination method …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Free invitation
Eventually Cheng Rewei was persuaded by Meng Qi’s words.
And Meng Qi is also a sigh of relief. Of course, Meng Qi is also pretty admired in the middle of the back after rejecting such a great beauty as Cheng Rewei.
In fact, Meng Qi is also a man, and there will be normal men who want to have a party for three thousand nights in the harem, but for Meng Qi, this can be something that stays in the fantasy stage.
Meng Qifa did that irresponsible thing to a daughter who regarded herself as a friend and liked herself or owed her great kindness.
After all, Meng Qi thinks he is a guy whose emotions are better than his physical feelings, and he is not an animal, is he? Meng Qi is so comforting himself.
And Meng Qi can’t let go of his feelings in his heart.
Meng Qi is not the kind of person who insists on loving others and being loyal. He may like others again, and he knows it is quite possible.
But this is at least to make sure that he is ready to devote himself to one relationship, not to another while he is still intoxicated with it.
Speaking of which, Meng Qi is not cheating Cheng Ruowei, is it …
"Brother Meng, I’ve been waiting for the meeting to cultivate immortals. Do you want to go to my immortal gate?" In the past few days, the injured people have all recovered, but at this time, the low-ranking brothers of the Immortal Cultivation Conference are gone.
However, this meeting of cultivating immortals can not be completed in a day or two, and the friendship between the people in the battlefield is to send out their own invitations to enhance their feelings
In fact, it’s not just one monk. Many former hostile monks are also invited.
After all, knowing the truth, everyone’s resentment against each other is also much smaller, and it is very necessary for everyone to bury the hatchet, which is what the top leaders of all parties want to see.
However, since there are casualties, there will always be some gaps. Generally, the inviters invite some monks who were companions, as well as those who were enemies.
However, nine times out of ten, we will not go. In fact, everyone knows this very well. It is necessary to relax even if we know that the other party will not send an invitation.
And Meng Qi was invited to visit Xianxianmen. Of course, Nan Jun is the most representative of the Black Emperor Sect, but I’m afraid that Nan Jun, after all, is the older generation of monks. When he goes back this time, he will break through then and really be like Meng Qi with their generation.
Of course, if Meng Qi is not enough to practice with their generation, even if the other person is a hundred years younger than you and is taller than you, you have to behave and call a senior.
And to tell the truth, in this generation, besides Nan Jun, Meng Qi is the most brilliant. The original Black Emperor Sect has several people in Fang Chen, and everyone is different from each other
However, Meng Qi’s appearance and performance made a younger brother like Fang Chen feel sincere. Meng Qi is now the leader of the Black Emperor Sect.
Although Cheng Ruowei has won the respect of all, in this powerful world, Cheng Ruowei is not a leader. In fact, Cheng Ruowei is a think tank and a healer. Although everyone has enough respect for him, it is not enough to lead the people.
"Oh, Brother You’re welcome. I heard that Brother You also invited Sword Smile and Purple Burning Heaven. Speaking of which, all three cases in Southwest China are gathered together." Meng Qi replied naturally that he agreed to go.
Of course, from their conversation, I can’t see the friction in Wonderland.
"That is, of course. If Meng Xiong is invited, Brother Dao doesn’t know how to arrange me." With a line of friendship in Fantasy Wonderland, communication between the two people is casual. After all, it can be regarded as a life-long friendship.
Meng Qi used to say that he carried a gun together, crossed the country together, worked as a thief together, and went whoring together. How can they be regarded as life and death?
At this time, the laughter of the sword rang. "It’s not a good habit to gossip behind the backs of friends."
Meng Qihe smiled at each other and then turned to the sword and said, "Ah, brother Dao, it’s just a matter of time."
Sword smile today is still wearing his trademark like a tight-fitting fighter with a knife and a sword on his back. In fact, Meng Qi asked him why he didn’t put these two implements in the bag and put them outside. What an eyesore!
And the sword smile replied to Meng Qi, which made Meng Qiyu say, "Don’t Meng Xiong think it’s cool to carry this knife and sword?" It is simply necessary to seduce all kinds of girls. "
Meng Qi suddenly felt as disgusting as eating a dead fly. In fact, it was just a joke with a sword. He was carrying those two implements to confuse his opponent.
Meng Qi once saw a sword and a smile. One magic weapon is a pair of wrist blades, which he got in the late stage of his mastery.
However, I have to say that the ability of close combat with swords and smiles is really outstanding.
Smiling and smiling, the sword and sword walked into the two men and introduced them to a monk in purple clothes who followed him. "This is Haoran Zongzi Burning Heaven. I think you must have heard of it."
Looking at the extraordinary purple burning sky, he said, "Of course, I have heard of and seen this burning sky brother, but one person defeated three late-stage monks."
Meng Qize’s eyes narrowed sharply and said, "I naturally met them a long time ago."
In fact, this purple burning day is not the rest of the people. It is the man who once killed Meng Qi in purple robes. In addition to Du Sheng, this noble Sect is his first.
However, Haoran Sect is not the same as Black Emperor Sect. When Du Sheng was born, he hardly had much opportunity to show himself.
But Du Sheng is also preparing to return to the Sect and break through then. That noble Sect is naturally his Lord.
"You’re welcome." Purple Burning Day made a record as a greeting. In fact, this purple burning day was only built a few years ago. It is unusual for dzogchen to reach the late stage of his knowledge in such a short time and have such a talent for repairing.
"Well, now that everyone has gathered, let’s start." Seeing that everyone has come is the way to discuss.
Of course, ordinary brothers are also within the scope of this invitation, but that level will be received by which level, and several of their leaders naturally have their own small circle.
Meng Qi sword smile purple burning day three people are all nodded ready to fly multiplier.
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "You don’t fly the multiplier. It’s quite convenient for you to go together in a spell." Say that finish and transport the clouds.
I saw a cloud five meters square appearing from the feet of four people, and then slowly lifted the four people off. God, this size is enough for four people, even if they come to a table to play mahjong.
The sword smiled and sat in the corner and said with a smile, "Every time I see Meng Xiong, this cloud-climbing technique is better than envy." Then I shook my head and seemed quite sorry.
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "This little skill is also some of it."
Of course, this is just a courtesy. The avatar is sitting in the seat, and all three of them are envious. After all, this is not only a flight, but also a very real function.