The queen mother in the bedroom is eating grapes, which are rounder and more elegant than grapes fed into her mouth through other people’s hands!

She enjoyed the scene very much, but suddenly she couldn’t help but knit her brows when she heard the noise outside. "Who? Who is destroying the mourning family? "
As soon as the Queen Mother waved, the guards let Song Yuanhang in. Song Yuanhang crawled and said, "Queen Mother, I’m an apprentice of Master Jiang. Master Song Yuanhang was arrested by bad people!"
"what!" The queen mother clapped her chair and pointed her slender nails at Song Yuanhang. "Come to Ai Jia as soon as possible!"
Song Yuanhang told the story again, and the queen mother heard that Jiang Qinghua was taken away by the people of God, and her eyes flashed slightly!
After listening to her, she was very sophisticated and the official laughed. "You go back and have a good rest and mourn for your family. It’s really too much to send someone to Yunming mainland to find Lord Jiang. Yunming mainlanders have come to our country in South Lebanon!"
Song Yuanhang bowed his head and cried again and again, saying, "Thank you, Empress Dowager!"
As soon as Song Yuanhang left, a flattering eunuch came forward. "The queen mother slave immediately ordered to find Lord Jiang!"
The queen mother slammed her nails into his head. "What a fool!"
The eunuch looked at the empress dowager, "wasn’t the empress dowager very angry just now?"
The queen mother looked at him meaningfully. "If a Jiang Qinghua dies, we can still have thousands of Jiang Qinghua in Qian Qian, but once the protoss is destroyed, what else is there … 48 Chapter 48 Crazy Plan (3)
The eunuch had an epiphany and immediately smiled, "It’s still the Queen Mother!"
"And … when there were six princes before, we couldn’t defeat the protoss. Now there are six princes. If his country didn’t attack us, we should be thankful and count on ourselves to stir up trouble!"
The queen mother knocked on the little eunuch’s forehead again, and the little eunuch smiled. "It’s still the queen mother!"
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue and his party returned to the island where they were killed. As expected, Mulan and his party were guarding the door this time. If they didn’t find these people, they were afraid of giving them another chance to break into houses!
But fortunately, the night was like a stranger, and he was careful enough. He made a barrier and then went in quietly …
As soon as I got back, I found that the rebels had lost a lot of weight. At the sight of Zhuge Yue, they seemed to see hope!
"Girl, we have been guarded by these protoss people, and we haven’t eaten for many days now …"
Although there are fruits and vegetables on the island, the quantity is very small because the temperature here is really too high!
As soon as Zhuge Yue saw that they were so skinny, he quickly dazzled the Lord of the Rings and took out the contents for everyone to eat!
It’s not the way to go like this. They have to be passive and take the initiative to fight their way out!
Zhuge Yue went straight to Chen Yunnan and Hector even shallow leisurely room and heard a scratching sound inside!
It turned out that Lian Qianyou broke something again. "I am so old and ugly, why do you have to stay by my side!" "
"Get out of here!" Harsh high notes almost prick the eardrum!
But I didn’t hear a counterattack from Chen Yunnan!
Zhuge Yue directly knocked at the door and heard Chen Yunan’s "coming in". Zhuge Yue saw Hector even shallow and Chen Yunnan in front of him and almost dared not recognize them!
Hector even shallow leisurely is getting old, a lot of don’t eat, don’t drink thin are all skin and bones!
But Chen Yunnan’s eyes are full of indigo naturalis, and his face is full of stubble. Even his hair has turned white with Hector even shallow!
As soon as Chen Yunnan saw Zhuge Yue, his face was full of excitement. "You are finally back!"
"What are you …" Zhuge Yue pointed to Chen Yunnan’s face and Chen Yunnan smiled bitterly. "Shallow leisurely is always afraid that I will abandon her old ugliness, so I thought that if I became as ugly as her, I would abandon it …"
Chen Yunnan can’t see the place. Even the shallow leisurely is a wry smile …
However, the couple will finally come through thick and thin after considering each other so much!