"It’s incredibly dare to challenge our North Hospital to bite off more than one can chew."

"You are the cowards. Your family is all cowards. Brother Lin is not what you want. Isn’t it still not time?" This speaker is obviously the younger brother of the South Hospital, but these people who say Lin Yuan are angry.
"It’s what your North Yard will do besides bullying more."
"How can our North Yard be so ridiculous? The South Yard is suppressed by our North Yard every day, and the martial arts field of our North Yard will be abolished if it doesn’t kill him." The North Yard brother also argued when he heard what the South Yard brother said.
"When you look at it, there is still half a column of incense, and the forest edge has not come yet. What is not fear?" The younger brother of the North Academy saw the burning incense in the stands proudly.
"Hum, this … this … is that Brother Lin Yuan may have something, but we believe him." Brother Nan Yuan obviously has no bottom in his heart, and he will come to Lin Yuan when he looks at it.
"This what this didn’t come is …"
"wow!" Just as the younger brother of the North Academy was about to continue teasing the younger brother of the South Academy, suddenly the whole Wushu field was silent and looked behind the Wushu field.
"Brother Lin is coming." A younger brother of the Southern Academy was instantly happy when he saw Lin Yuan walking from the rear to the position in the Wushu field.
"Didn’t you say brother Lin was afraid? Isn’t this coming? "The head of the younger brother of the South Courtyard is instantly high. It sounds like he is holding his head high and said to the younger brother of the North Courtyard beside him. Obviously, the arrival of the forest edge makes the younger brother of the South Courtyard boil instantly.
At this time, the forest edge is walking step by step to the forest edge of Wushu field, and the people passing by automatically let a path walk along the forest edge.
"He is Lin Yuan, so young that he can’t be more than sixteen, so bold as to challenge all the outside brothers in the North Courtyard." The younger brother in the East Courtyard said it was obvious that he had also heard of Lin Yuan.
"This is the edge of the forest, and it is worthy of challenging the people in the North Courtyard."
"Hum a bite off more than one can chew"
"Wow, this is how handsome Lin Yuan is. I wish I were my boyfriend." Obviously, it’s a west campus anthomaniac.
Lin Yuan is still walking towards the Wushu field. It seems that every step of Lin Yuan affects all his younger brothers’ hearts.
"Bang" Lin Yuan stepped on the Wushu field and walked directly to the middle. His eyes directly scanned the square, and hundreds of people did not mess with it. There was peace in his eyes.
"Aren’t you going to challenge me? I’m here at the edge of the forest." Lin Yuanzhong Zhenyuan in the abdomen expanded the sound to the whole Wushu place, and all the younger brothers could hear it.
"Zhang Xianlai, the younger brother of Linyuan Children’s North Hospital, challenged". Suddenly, at the moment when Linyuan finished speaking, a figure directly crossed the crowd and ran to Taiwan.
Chapter seventy-four-bullying
"Here comes the fun" all the younger brothers said in their hearts.
"Lin Yuan, you have such a heavy hand. I, Teacher Chen, are just asking you for trouble. I didn’t expect you to waste his meridians." Zhang Xianlai didn’t fight the horse but said to Lin Yuan. Obviously, this is Chen Lai looking for Lin Yuan.
Lin yuan doesn’t talk. What’s there to explain?
"If you treat Teacher Chen today, just as I treat you and you, I will hurt my brother, Zhang Forget Me, and I will not let you go. I will waste you in public." Zhang Xian said, his legs pushed his whole body toward the forest edge like a flash, and a sword light flashed at the same time.
The day after tomorrow, in the late ninth grade, Zhang Xian shot instantly, and everyone felt this remarkable strength. I didn’t expect this North Yard to be the late ninth grade. Is this the anger of the North Yard?
People have never spoken. Lin Yuan will say something this time.
But they saw the corners of the mouth of the forest edge draw a ray of disdain radian, and then he slowly raised his fists and gently waved them in the direction of Zhang Xian
A layer of deep blue se light flashed and slowly wrapped the fists on the edge of the forest with momentum.
In the air, layers of ripples seem to be rippling around the fist at the edge of the forest.
In an instant, Lin Yuan’s whole fist was covered with blue Se light.
"You don’t deserve it." A drink from Lin Yuan resounded through the Wushu field.
The voice did not fall
There was a bang in the air.
Lin Yuan punches out.
His fist was wrapped in a layer of deep blue Se arc light, and it was incredible to bypass Zhang Xian sword light and hit hard at Zhang Xian cheek.
Don’t ….. Nine heavy late Zhang Xian was not Lin Yuan opponent?
Seeing this, some people’s eyes almost popped out.
Moment sure enough, Lin Yuan’s fist directly hit Zhang Xian’s chest when everyone was unexpected.
In an instant, a terrible strong breeze suddenly broke out from his fist.
"Poof … poof!"
He lifted his head and opened his mouth to spit out one mouthful blood fog, and involuntarily flew out.
The first move was defeated!
In the incredible exclamations around, the operation of Lin Yuan’s facial expression has reached the Dacheng realm, and a black shadow has been chased by the footwork of stepping on the clouds, such as throwing punches at Zhang Xian mercilessly.
Zhang Xian’s face has changed dramatically. People in the middle can use their power to wave their swords to resist.
Bang bang bang! ! !
However, it is impossible for Zhang Xian’s whole body to relay Zhenyuan instantly.
Lin Yuan’s fist once again landed on Zhang Xianshen.
Then blood splashes in the water.
In a moment, the collision was very clear and the outcome was determined.
Zhang xian, like a crazy beast, tried his best to rage again and again, but after all, he still managed to resist the rain of forest edges, and his fist strength was no longer a class.
It’s only half a breath to fly Zhang Xian upside down from his forest edge to the ground.
At that moment, Zhang Xianshen fully got Lin Yuan’s nine fists and fists until the roots of the meat did not show resistance.