Finally, there is a dialog box to explain this hidden unlocking.

You will be triggered only because you actively challenge the hidden obstacles in your heart. If you have not triggered this hidden before the Olympic Games, the system will automatically unlock it, but you will get this reward and your future achievements will also be affected.
After reading the introduction and saying at a glance, my heart is bright.
"This Olympic Games really didn’t come in vain."
Coming out of the toilet, Li Cheng was spit out by everyone again.
"I also fell into the toilet!" Yao laughed. "I was just about to go in and get you."
"You mountain constipation? Seeing that you have so few shots at half-time, I think the possibility is really not small! " Liu Wei tucao said
Li Chengyi head black line also didn’t speak.
In a burst of laughter, the half-time game passed at half-time.
At half-time, the rhythm of the China team was generally two, but the number of three-pointers made by Li Cheng obviously increased.
However, he deliberately shot three-pointers, but his hit rate dropped. The first three shots actually bounced out of the basket.
Li Cheng’s shooting has the skill of "top basketball" and his skill of "shooting star" is not a decoration, but his three-point shooting rate is so outrageous that he doesn’t know how big the three-point shadow area is in his heart, and he doesn’t know whether the strongest scholar can calculate the shadow area in his heart.
Sometimes it is not good to deliberately increase the number of shots, but Junasz is not dissatisfied with Li Cheng’s practice on the sidelines, so the game is to train. Now Sung Jae Lee deliberately exercises his shortcomings, which is naturally very happy for Junasz to see.
Junasz even expected that if Li Cheng could practice his three-pointers, China might go further in the Olympic Games! Because the stronger Li Cheng is, the stronger the China team will be.
However, because Li Cheng made more and more three-pointers, the China team was restrained by Serbia in the scene.
Serbia overtook the score in the fifth minute of the third quarter.
Li Nan woke up Li Cheng, but Li Cheng became more and more impatient. He was upset and wanted to hit the ball in the face of the Serbian number who defended him.
Seeing that the score has fallen behind again, Li Cheng is even more afraid.
Li Chengyi made a determined effort. This time, he had an opportunity outside the three-point line, but he didn’t make a move.
Li Cheng is not a big threat in this game. Anyway, it means "putting down the hook", and Serbia has relaxed his defense a lot.
But this time, Li Cheng tore up his goodwill disguise and a testily beast finally showed his fangs and claws.
Li Cheng buckled the ball from behind, then caught it with his left hand and pulled it to the right. The Serbian player was also a little absent-minded and was shaken down by Li Cheng’s flash.
Li Cheng naturally has no pity for his opponent. He didn’t look at the player who fell to the ground and ran past him one step, and then a backward jumper sent the ball to the basket.
"Mom’s back jump shot is the old exclusive field again." At this time, Li Cheng is still voicing his poor three-point shooting rate
In fact, it’s no secret that Li Cheng’s shooting percentage of three-pointers is extremely low in the nba. Although Li Cheng made six three-pointers last season, his total shots were simply unbearable compared with his total shots.
Even O ‘Brien wondered why Li Cheng’s 3-pointer percentage was so low.
O ‘Brien has never found out why Li Cheng’s three-point shooting rate is so low. Miller does have a clue, but Miller is a busy man. How can he watch Li Cheng train every day?
Li Cheng’s mental illness has never been discovered in the nba, but after returning to the China team, Li Nan carefully found Li Cheng’s "cause", which has to be said to be a kind of fate.
After Li Cheng gave up the three-point shot, the pressure on Serbia’s outside line suddenly increased. The player who was knocked down by Li Chenghuang was named Tepich. At this moment, he was looking at Li Cheng bitterly.
It turned out that his own game made Li Chengfang afraid to shoot at the three-point line. At halftime, he also boasted that who knew that Li Cheng suddenly made a breakthrough and taught him to be a man?
Tepichi B has put it on. Can he put himself on and take it back? Isn’t that to be laughed at to death by your teammates?
Tepich decided to teach the China man who was a little thin a lesson when he took it.
Tepich is famous for his defense in Serbian local league, but this guy’s defense is dirtier than uncle Bao’s dirty nba style.
Li Cheng saw that Tepidge looked at him with a bitter look, and he directly responded to his opponent with a contemptuous look.
After Tepich looked at Li Cheng, his anger was even worse.
"I must get back!" Pitch secretly made a decision in his mind.
Li Cheng didn’t think too much. It was just a simple provocation for him. It was normal to provoke opponents on the court and make them psychologically unbalanced.
Now China is five points behind their opponents. Serbia is a strong team in international basketball after all. They came to the Olympic Games with very ambitious goals. They just disintegrated in 26 years, and now it is time to make achievements.
In the face of such a strong team as Li Cheng, it is strange that the score of China team is not behind!
But now Li Cheng has decided to give his opponent some color to see see. Naturally, he will not go outside the three-point line to wave again.
Just after Serbia attacked, they hit another CIC, and the difference between the two teams reached 7 points again.
Generally speaking, people’s morale will definitely be affected by the opponent’s response ball, but Li Cheng is one of the wonderful things. He is not affected by the opponent’s response ball at all. What Li Cheng likes most is that the opponent can keep the pressure on the score continuously, so the more he can be motivated by the result.
This ball Li Cheng directly controlled the ball and passed the half-court.
Li Nan called him a Li Cheng and responded to Li Nan with a reassuring look in his heart, but he said to himself, "What are the three points to hone when the score is behind? Let’s blow up our opponents first. "
At half-time, the Serbian number harassed Li Cheng Sung Jae Lee Stadium a lot, but he was a grumpy guy. If the small play was smooth, he might not hold grudges, but his three-pointer made him feel wronged to death. He was in a bad mood! Just need to vent, then this guy named Tepichi is the best punching bag.
Li Cheng’s dazzling dribbling of the ball made the scene look a little humbled, and the fans broke into fierce cheers for the first time.
Isn’t the purpose of the on-site fans to watch the ball on the spot to see Li Cheng? They just want to witness Li Cheng’s beautiful shooting and dribbling at the scene, but this guy hasn’t shot anywhere except for three points today. How can this satisfy the fans at the scene?
But now Li Cheng’s beautiful dribble finally appeared on the scene, and the fans wanted to see something, which was delayed for an hour and finally arrived.
"He! Pass him! Pass him! "
The fans shouted neatly at the scene.