Seeing himself in a carriage with Shen Menglu, Yan Qingluo, the whole person is not good. He stammered, "Dream … Dream sister, you … you have also been arrested?"

Does she look like she was arrested? Shen Menglu picked his eyebrows, put his hands around his chest and didn’t speak. She has been sitting in a carriage and watching Yan Qingluo struggling to save herself. Shen Menglu has been struggling with how to settle this little girl all the way.
Yan Qingluo noticed that Shen Menglu looked at a gorgeous carriage with his free hands. First, he showed an epiphany expression, and then he was annoyed. "Sister Dream, why didn’t you pick me up now? Why not untie me? " She’s going to be killed herself!
Shen Menglu frowns. Does this girl look like she hasn’t been taught a lesson after this robbery? Shen Menglu put a straight face. "Girl, you should thank me for saving you!"
Save? Yan gently winding Yang head uncomfortable to hum a "which have people like you to save lives? Who is bound to save people? Do you know my bones are falling apart! Look at my hand again. My wrist is almost broken. "
Since you’re here to save her, isn’t it good for Shen Menglu to pick her up in person? Or just sign up for the number! Why are you so thief and tied her up and blindfolded and gagged? This carriage is so soft that it won’t sit down, but it has to be thrown to the floor. It’s full of grievances and anger when I think about it.
Shen Menglu glanced lightly at Yan Qingluo’s wrist, knowing that both wrists were swollen and a little bloodshot. Shen Menglu was a little distressed but still very serious.
"No bound and then let you run in the palace and let everyone know that you are an assassin who sneaked into the palace? Or do you want heaven and man to know that you are the assassin sent to the palace by Shen Menglu? " Shen Menglu didn’t go directly to the dungeon to take Yan Qingluo out. First, he wanted to teach Yan Qingluo a little lesson, so that she could learn how to write the word fear. Second, he didn’t want to attract others’ attention and expose Yan Qingluo’s identity.
Fortunately, the bodyguard who caught Yan Qingluo was the confidant of Queen Ji. Otherwise, the fear of Yan Qingluo would have made everyone know, and this daredevil girl would have been hacked to death by a knife!
After listening to Queen Ji, she said that this girl has been clamoring for Shen Menglu to be my sister. How naive is this girl? Doesn’t she know that calling out her name at that time has something to do with her?
If someone else had caught Yan Qingluo, such as Zhu Yin’s pleat, Shen Menglu believed that at this moment she would have been in jail with Yan Qingluo, not to mention saving Yan Qingluo, fearing that she would be trapped by herself. Then Muwangfu and Yanmen would be implicated.
Think of these Shen Menglu face more ugly looking at yan light winding eyes also with a blame.
Yan Qingluo was stared at by Shen Menglu but refused to admit his mistake "what … what assassin? This is framed! I … I am not an assassin at all! "
"You are not an assassin, then what are you?" Shen Menglu coldly questioned Yan Qingluo, who knew that he was not an assassin, but others didn’t think so. Anyone who broke into this palace would be killed as an assassin.
"I … I … I just went to visit shopping" Yan Qingluo glanced guiltily.
Go shopping in the palace? Shen Menglu snorted coldly. "Since you are so cheerful, why don’t I order someone to send you back to the palace? You continue to stroll slowly!" My little girl is really bold. How dare she dare to visit the palace with her head!
"But I advise you not to say you know me when you are invited to tea, and don’t say you are Miss Yan San! We are not interested in eating in prison like you! " Shen Menglu grumpily stared at Yan Qingluo.
This little girl really needs to make up her common sense! I don’t even know the laws of Keda University. There is a saying that no one can enter the palace without permission. Those who break into the palace are guilty of crimes and those who commit felonies can implicate nine families! All assassins who sneak into the palace bite their teeth and refuse to recruit. No one is so stupid as to sign up!
"I didn’t say I was Miss Yan San". Yan Qingluo was stared at by Shen Menglu and she glanced guiltily.
It’s not true that Yan Qingluo was caught by the guards. She was flustered and thought so much at the moment, so she shouted out Shen Menglu’s name and escaped. Who knows … But she wasn’t stupid enough to stab Yan’s door out when Queen Ji interrogated her. Yan Qingluo didn’t say a word.
Finally, you still have some brains! Shen Menglu tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Come on, what are you doing in the palace?" Although there is an answer in my heart, Shen Menglu still wants to listen to Yan Qingluo’s rhetoric personally.
When it comes to her eyes entering the palace, a strange look appears on her face. "Sister Dream, I’d like to ask you what you did with my second brother entering the palace?"
Yan Qingluo actually followed Yan Yiyi into the palace. Shen Menglu asked Yan Yiyi to go out of the mountain. Zhu Yinqi quit the mysterious grass. Yan Qingluo knew and expressed his support, but because the elders opposed Yan Qingyi, he decided to give up. Later, Yan Qingluo found that Yan Qingyi secretly gave Yan Qingtang medicine and ran out of Yan’s door.
Yan Qingluo’s heart was strange, so he pretended to think about it and secretly went out of Yan’s door to see Yan Yiyi. He stayed at Muwangfu, and Yan Qingluo was afraid of being entangled by Jingxuan. He never showed up until Yan Qingluo disguised himself as Zhanyang and entered the palace that day. Yan Qingluo’s heart was curious and he also disguised himself as a bodyguard to sneak into the palace team and secretly followed up with Emperor 388.
Yan Qingluo really intends to take the opportunity to visit the grand palace that she dreamed of, because her original palace was Zhu Yinqi, but later she found that Yan Yiyi was very suspicious and quietly followed him.
When Yan Yiyi wandered around the palace, Yan Qingluo followed him closely until he was escorted to Yan Qingyu’s dark prison, but he could watch Yan Qingyi dive into the dark prison nervously, and before Yan Qingluo dared to rush, he hid in the dark and waited for Yan Qingyi to come out.
But Yan Yi stayed in the dark prison for most of the day, waiting until the lights were cold and hungry at the beginning, and then waiting until Yan Yi came out and asked Yan Yi before she thought about it. However, she found that Yan Yi looked very strange, like excitement and sadness, which greatly aroused Yan Light’s curiosity about this dark prison.
So Yan Qingluo lurked in the palace, waiting for the opportunity to sneak into the dark prison to find out … The secret didn’t reach her, but she became a prisoner.
Listening to Yan Qingluo tell her story of being arrested and abused with indignation, Shen Menglu is really a dumbfounder. This is to verify the sentence that curiosity killed the cat!
"You didn’t lose your life, you should smile! This is a little lesson for you! Now you should know that this grand palace is not a good place to wander around? " Looking at Yan Qingluo’s arm bruised and bruised, and some obvious marks left by needles, Shen Menglu was distressed and blamed. This girl can always learn a little after this!
There are countless tricks in this deep palace. Yan Qingluo is lucky to have suffered from these pains. Fortunately, she is in the hands of Queen Luo Ji. If she were a concubine, I’m afraid Yan Qingluo’s pretty little face would be lost if she didn’t say her life.
Yan Qingluo snorted discontentedly. "The old women in this palace are unreasonable one by one! I won’t go back to the place where I eat people and don’t spit bones! "