Immediately before a feet chuai opened the door and rushed in, regardless of the kang half thing, two people were hugging each other naked, and they were rushing to grab people at a critical place and fighting and pointed out, "shameless dead girl! Who gives you the guts to steal the master man? Come here, aunt, and I won’t cut you to pieces! "

Meng Tingting and the world are stunned. Meng Tingting Rao is already mentally prepared. Xu Yizhen is also ashamed of this and hates it to the extreme.
Screaming and crying again and again, dodging behind the world and crying, "Help!"
The thing went soft as soon as it went to drink, and it woke up and broke out in a cold sweat.
No man likes to be disturbed when doing such a thing, especially when he is scared by life.
When the world turns from embarrassment to anger, how can I see Xu Yizhen’s staring and hysterical appearance?
Listen to her mouth full of words again. She is a bitch!
Let’s take a look at the mourning and crying to avoid the little girl’s life. It’s even more discontented that Xu Yizhen pulled the sheet over his body in a hurry and grabbed Xu Yizhen’s hand and frowned. "Have something to say, what are you doing hitting people!"
"I will play! I killed this shameless fox! Brother, are you worthy of me? You did such a thing in my brother’s wing! What do you think our Xu family is! What do you think I am! You have to protect this shameless fox! I won’t be surnamed Xu if I don’t kill her today! "
Xu Yizhen screamed and resented, thinking of her grievances and crying.
Scared to death, Hanzhu and Hanqiao rushed to exclaim, "Miss Er!" Hurriedly grabbed her.
Ting-ting meng at this time has been shaking SuoSuo wearing clothes and timidly sticking his head out from behind the world with tears on his face. "Cousin Zhen, I, I and Shiye can’t help it … You don’t blame Shiye …"
In this life, "cousin Zhen" is like a thunder that severely blows Xu Yizhen and the world.
Both of them used to be little girls who are greedy for wealth, but it doesn’t matter if they make a scene and it’s over, little girls, or send them to the villa or sell them.
Who knew it was Meng Tingting!
Xu Yizhen glared at Meng Tingting, her hands and feet were cold and she was shaking all the time. Only her eyes were red with shock, anger and disbelief. It was like being stabbed in the heart!
She treats her like a sister! I told her everything, and I wanted to leave her something good, but she was with her future husband-
She hasn’t even touched this future husband, but she-
"Meng Tingting! You bitch! " Xu Yizhen doesn’t know where she was born, screaming with strength and breaking with Qiao and Zhu.
Meng Tingting screamed with fear!
The room is a mess …
Montessori’s face in the Xu slant hall is not very good-looking. Xu Yizhen threw herself in her arms, sobbing and crying, and her bun was messy, and her clothes were messy, but she cried.
Ting-ting meng sitting in the first chair in the distance, her hair tied loosely around her dress, and some of her tears were loose. From time to time, she made one or two small efforts to suppress her sobs, and her slender shoulders trembled slightly, which made her look more delicate and delicate and weak.
The sad eyes occasionally glance at the world and become more and more pitiful.
In a short time, Xue was sent by Meng’s family and invited in. When he saw Meng Tingting’s appearance, he exclaimed, "God!" Busy way "sister, what’s going on! How did Tinger get like this! "
Montessori couldn’t wait to slap Xue’s face again, but she knew she couldn’t!
She has to be dignified in front of her future son-in-law
Montessori black face "hum" a cold way "yisow come at the right moment! You-"
"You return not bashful to ask! Ask your shameless daughter what she has done! The shameless fox doesn’t know where to learn the means! " Xu Yizhen is fierce from Montessori arms looked up and stared at Xue Shi eyes red resentment shout loudly 167 Chapter 167 Cousins turned against each other.
"Cousin Jane …" Meng Tingting’s tears rolled down like pearls and sobbed again.
"Shut up! I don’t have such a shameless cousin! I am at odds with you from today! " Xu Yizhen screamed.
"Jane!" Montessori’s anger and cold face drank a whole heart. Tao Chin’s son really spoiled Meng Tingting’s little bitch with pain. This is intentional! Deliberately made the world hate her, and she was so easily taken in!
Have a glimpse of the world eyebrows indeed as expected Cu Cu disgust look a flash Montessori heart slightly heavy busy bowed their heads and warned Xu Yizhen a few words of Xu Yizhen teeth hate hate although unwilling but also white mother’s meaning.
There’s no hurry to get revenge. Wait for my brother to leave at this moment and see what she can do with the mother and daughter!
Seeing this situation, Xue Shi’s white daughter has already succeeded, and her heart is also light for a few minutes. Hearing those words from Xu Yizhen is even more fun for this idiot! It can be seen that children can’t be too spoiled!
Xue Shi sighed sincerely, "Third sister Jane, what’s wrong with her? How can you talk so viciously and have such a short temper? Okay, I’m her second aunt. Do you have something to say? Why are you so vicious when you open your mouth? I don’t know where to be a village bitch! "
After all this, the two families will never be the same again. What does she have to worry about?
Then let the world have a good look at what kind of virtue this Hou Fu will be the hostess in the future!
So you can be a housewife? Ha ha!
Xu Yizhen was not easy to be appeased by Montessori. A magma burst out and stared at Xue Shirley and screamed, "What did you say? Who is the village bitch? You taught yourself a shameless little bitch and you dare to say I’m not! Do you deserve it! "
"Jane!" If Meng Shi didn’t know Xue Shi’s sinister heart, he was angry and shouted, "Don’t shut up!"
Where did Xue get Meng’s general Xu Yizhen to soothe the past? And sighed, "okay, okay, it’s all me, not me! Third sister, you don’t care! One of my elders called the younger generation so face to face is really-"
"Mom!" Tingting Meng is also a clever girl. She immediately called out a tearful pearl and shook her head in tears. "Stop it, mother! Don’t blame your cousin again! It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault … I shouldn’t … I can’t help it … "
"You bitch, you still have a face! You are not good? Why don’t you run over your head! How dare you live by doing such a shameless thing! I’m ashamed of you! " Xu Yizhen was so angry that her face turned white that she couldn’t wait to spray fire to catch Meng Tingting’s face.
Meng Tingting quivered with tears in her eyes. Finally, the heavy burden rolled down and she sobbed and hid her face and began to cry again.
Xu Yizhen felt that she had hit a sore spot, and the more she cursed, the better her heart was.
This idiot! Montessori anger and nasty whisking slap in Xu Yizhen face Yin face way "shut up! No matter how angry or wronged you are, you will have a mother to make decisions with you, and no matter how angry or annoyed you are, you can’t be outspoken! Is this what you should talk about? "
Montessori’s words are to wake up and warn Xu Yizhen not to make trouble again, and to tell the world that Xu Yizhen was so rude because he was too angry and sad and lost his mind. In the final analysis, he cared too much about him and loved him too much.
It’s a pity that where can Xu Yizhen, the angry head, understand Montessori’s intention to maintain the circus?