? Wan? ? Right? nsb; She felt as if she was sinking into the sea at this time. There was nothing around her, and there was no bearer to support her to feel emotional. All kinds of burdens bound herself like seaweed, but she couldn’t get rid of all kinds of struggles. Her heart was very tired. She wanted to give up thinking, so she let herself sink bit by bit, but her heart couldn’t shake away. She was inexplicably afraid and made her eager to escape from here. Who … Who … Can you save her?

Her heart really hurts at this time. That kind of pain
Does this sea and the world belong to her sadness?
It’s good for her to stay here. She’s healthy, but … Zuo Tangtang slowly reached out and touched her heart. Why does it hurt so much?
Will you die?
Zuo Tangtang gawked with tears.
Kelp is like knowing that it is impossible to save her from here by the straw that appears on the sea surface. I know that it is the law that makes her almost sink to the bottom of the sea, but Zuo Tangtang still consciously pulls him and pulls this straw …
Zuo Tangtang doesn’t want to let go even if his fingers are white.
She cries and worries, and he listens to it, but it’s not him who cries, and he can’t solve things at all.
But listening to her calls one by one, I know that she has a name hanging on her mouth at this time, and she only shouts like this because he appears here. If she meets someone else, she will also shout other people’s names.
She caught him at this time, not because of him, but because he happened to be here, that’s all. She wanted to be cruel, so she didn’t say a word, but that sentence made him cry, but he couldn’t do anything.
I still can’t stop sobbing in my ear, listening to his name calling out from her mouth, kelp took a deep breath, and let go and unconsciously became a fist, trying to tighten my brow and stretch it.
Lower your voice and say "yes, I am" very gently.
I am here all the time
"I’m here?" When Zuo Tangtang was crying in the dark, a sentence suddenly appeared in his ear, as if he had pressed the stop button to cry and didn’t cry again, except that Zuo Tangtang still sobbed from time to time. wait for a while repeated the word "I am".
Are you sure you’re here?
Repeat to read Zuo Tangtang silly giggle.
"in? Hehe, what’s there now? " Think of the picturesque picture, think of her blushing cheeks, and Zuo Tangtang feels that all this is a joke. "Didn’t he also say that he would let me know that he was always by my side?" And the result? Probably accompanied to other girls and said to other girls that I am here …
"He?" Kelp sensitive caught the word.
"Oh him? You don’t know him yet, do you? " Zuo Tangtang, who was puzzled by the end sound of kelp, instantly understood and smiled and said, "He? He is my bath, saying that he likes my bath! "
Kelp grasped his hair with one hand and his hair was soft and fluffy, and his hair was messed up by himself, but he didn’t pay attention to so many surly faces.
Because he knows that he is sad every time, but she pretends to be optimistic and smiling, and her heart is even more painful than crying.
He feels that he is really calm at this time. If she is crazy, he also feels that he is going crazy.
Every time Zuo Tangtang suffers from worries and worries, she always cries alone, but this time Zuo Tangtang feels like she has found someone, even if she doesn’t know him very well, she doesn’t care what this person thinks of crying like this, and she doesn’t want to think about whether it is appropriate to do so.
Zuo Tangtang wants to suppress himself in his heart and vent it once and for all.
With a so-called smile on his face, Zuo Tangtang still wants to laugh by himself even if the other person can’t see it. Maybe this is the real thing.
He cut her slowly. He was different from ordinary people. He cared about her. He liked her … As soon as she was moved, wronged, and moved little by little, she liked Zuo Tangtang with a smile and tears in her eyes. So she repeated everything like a fool, saying what she thought intermittently, and saying something over and over again.
Kelp has been listening very carefully. Even listening to this, she cried softly and said that it should have been a sweet story. Even if he was really not in a good mood at the moment, he took it seriously and gently echoed her from time to time to let her know that there was him …
"Kelp …" Zuo Tangtang wiped the corner of his eye with a paper towel and couldn’t help but sniffle out a lot.
"Well, what’s the matter?"
"You said …" Like remembering and thinking, Zuo Tangtang’s voice suddenly became very light. "What has such a good memory? But in the end, he will gradually ignore himself and turn a blind eye … How did his feelings become like this when I was not ready?"
Zuo Tangtang went on to say, "Before, every time I was happy because of him, even though my mouth didn’t reveal it, my feelings in my heart were deceiving, but then I slowly became * * crying, and I often cried alone like that, and I was sad from time to time because of him, but he didn’t know at all, maybe he knew and didn’t care …"
"What else can this be?" Kelp acerbity acerbity said "feelings this kind of thing is not said clearly? Suddenly have a crush, suddenly like, just like when you come, suddenly gone … "
Zuo Tangtang was silent.
Because at this time, she actually said with a positive attitude, no, it’s not like this. Mu Mu likes him.
What if he didn’t come to play with his friends when she was robbed? If you like her, what if she was a close friend when she was killed five times by a little mushroom and others? What if he didn’t say no to her little mushroom? What if you like her to lead people to do and kill weirdos instead of her but a little mushroom? If you like her …
Let the little mushroom join the gang and take her to the gang activities?
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang had already sobbed.
"I …" Zuo Tangtang said hoarsely. "I want to give up …"
What? !
Kelp raised his head and looked at the screen to ask clearly.
"I said, uh," Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help sobbing again. "I’m tired and I want to give up …"
"Having him can really make me happy, but now he has given me too much pain and discomfort. I have persisted again and again, but this time I really feel so tired and tired … I want to give up …"
Kelp will be very happy when he hears this, but he feels that he is not happy at all. He wants to echo her and say to her, "Then give up. Everything will be fine."
But he couldn’t say it.
In the end, even though he was full of awkwardness and reluctance, Kelp said, "Anyway, although he has brought you so much pain and so much sadness, it is still him who brings you happiness. Please make it clear to him before you give up …"
Otherwise, what if it’s not a fault and another mistake?
Kelp sighing
Zuo Tangtang has such an advantage, which is not an advantage, that is, she will always remember how sad she is when others talk to her. Maybe she is at the bottom of the sea now and kelp is her only straw. She kept it in her heart inexplicably, and she decided to make it clear with Muyun even if she chose to give up.
But …
"Kelp" Zuo Tangtang shouted in a very cheerful tone.
"What’s the matter?" Strong spirit kelp is also very gentle response.
"Can you … adopt me here?" Zuo Tangtang said with an uncomfortable smile, "I broke up with soy sauce completely and I don’t want to go back."
"Uh …" Kelp first one leng and then very readily promised "why not? Of course, if you don’t abandon it, it’s just a belligerent division of territory … "
"Poop soy sauce is a pit cargo alliance!" Zuo Tangtang suddenly smiled before recalling, but slowly the corners of his mouth smiled and the sound stopped. "But sometimes you are not as heavy in others’ hearts as others are in yours, but you still take it seriously …"
Kelp let go and squeezed into a fist again.
Everything that happened here today, he knows that she doesn’t have much dependence on herself.
It’s just…
Arguing with * * people and telling the truth to strangers
He is a passer-by in her heart.
[217] Chapter two hundred and nineteen The cause of the incident]
buy some sauce
After Hoohoo quit the game, the gang liked to play noisily until late to play soy sauce. At this time, all the gang members left the game one by one.