Qin Shaojie wondered it depends. Ouyang Yao is no problem at all.

Is it the vice gas pill? Shit, if there’s something wrong with this thing, you’ll have to go to Bei Ming Zhan, the guy who sells drugs, and have a good theory
"It’s not a big problem," said Ouyang Yao, blushing suddenly.
"What the hell is that?" See Ouyang this expression Qin Shaojie nasty roar asked "you’d say!"
"In fact, it’s nothing," said Ouyang Yao, blinking his big watery eyes. "It’s since that night that I found out that my relatives are not coming. I wonder if I have a baby in my stomach."
"Holy shit, just because your relatives didn’t come?" Qin Shaojie that dizzy leng along while just said
"Judging from the pulse condition, you haven’t got any goods in your stomach for the time being. It’s because you’re already a yogi. Since then, you’ve been insulated, and you’re not worried about bleeding for a week every month. Do you think Fang Er, when did you see her get on a small plane?"
"Hey? It’s true. Sister Ling Fangjie seems to have never been in a small plane. "Ouyang Yao looked at the ceiling and thought carefully and asked," You mean I didn’t come because I became a relative of a yogi, not because I had a baby in my stomach? "
"No, don’t be ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with you."
"That’s not good," Ouyang Yao said with a frown.
"ah? What’s wrong? " What is the meaning of Ouyang Yao?
"I mean, it’s not good to have no baby in your stomach." Ouyang Yao smiled shyly and then looked at Qin Shaojie with a shy look and said, "Let’s try again a few times to get something in my stomach."
"…" Qin Shaojie language limbs Zhang Chengtai word on the bed.
Chapter 46 Wang Biao
Early morning is the cleanest time of the day except at night, but in a place no less than Ouyang Pu’s luxurious villa, there is a "snapping" sound.
"pa" "do you know it’s wrong?"
Is glorious a face of hate iron not to produce looking at blush with shame a white Dawson asked sternly.
"I’m right"
"I am right."
"You …" Zhengrong pointed to the heavily guarded gas and trembled.
This is not a trivial matter. Yesterday, after being guarded, he called his old friend Ouyang Pu for many years. After grinding for a long time, Ouyang Pu revealed a little Qin Shaojie’s identity to him, and then told him what Ouyang Jin had challenged him.
When Zheng Rong asked why Qin Shaojie was provoked, Ouyang Pu could also tell a story about women.
Who’s that woman? Is the daughter of the commander of the Beijing Military Region.
When Zhengrong knew the news, he suddenly flew into a rage. His bastard thing was really caused by a woman. Zhengrong personally killed him in a guarded villa overnight, pulled him out of the warm bed and stuffed him into the car and brought him home naked.
"You don’t know his identity, so you provoke him?" Is glory looking at son face handprint also cannot bear to play is heavy asked.
"I don’t care who he is." I’m your son. If you don’t help me, forget it. Do you still hit me now? Hum, if you don’t help me, I have told my master that my master will help me. "
"You … you what teacher? Why don’t I know? " Zhengrong asked
"Master" at this time, a housekeeper-like man came over and interrupted Zhengrong’s words and said, "Master, someone is looking for Master outside."
"ah? Someone is looking for me? " Strict one leng followed by surprise shouted "let my master come in quickly"
"Shut up," Zheng Rong asked, looking at the housekeeper after a drink. "Who came to see Yan? You go out and tell him that he is not at home. "
"Yes, sir," the housekeeper bowed slightly and turned to walk away.
"Hey, how did you come in?" At this time, the housekeeper came in from the outside again, and then the villa door came in again. It was Qin Shaojie and Xu Sunset and Ouyang Yao.
"I told you to lie with your eyes open in broad daylight. Is this little pig next to you?" Qin Shaojie teased and asked
"You go," Zheng Rong waved to the housekeeper and looked at Qin Shaojie quickly changing a smiling face and said, "Mr. Qin? I have heard a lot. "
Qin Shaojie is not to face.
"I’ve heard so much about it. I’ve never seen it before."
Zheng Rong looked stiff, but he forced the anger to endure and looked at Ouyang Yao.