Then everyone will get ready to climb together …

But the night is like a stranger and Zhuge Yunlan first touched the stone pillar, but their faces immediately changed and became a little weird and microsecond!
Zhuge Yue didn’t understand, but she didn’t find out why until she came into contact with the stone pillars …
This stone pillar gives people a strange feeling. It is either as painful as a flowing blow or as hot as hot sand, which makes people feel miserable!
On the other hand, if others really look weird and microsecond, they must be unable to bear the test of this pillar!
Although I feel a little impulsive to call names, this stone pillar still gives her a little surprise!
"Ah-"The Chinese flowering crabapple was as uncomfortable as burning ass when it came into contact with the stone pillar, and then it was suddenly bounced into the water more than ten meters off the sea …
And that sea water is hiding monsters that are afraid of overnight like strangers and Zhuge Yunlan!
Haitang is not stupid to paddle forward desperately. Although I haven’t seen the monster yet, I already feel that something seems to tear her flesh. It is a strong psychology!
But the monster seems to disdain to eat her meat, as if her body is too dirty, and the bottom of the water is stirring her and tearing her clothes with its teeth!
Haitang was so scared that three souls lost seven’ o that the whole person couldn’t finish well …
It’s hard to climb the shore. She’s already as foolish as a fool!
Zhuge Yue couldn’t help but remind her of the corners of her mouth. She didn’t stare at the stone pillars in front of her, so the strength wouldn’t deter Haitang. The answer is that the attack is different for everyone, especially when she saw this scene, she became more and more sure of her point of view!
"It’s easy to climb …" Xiaotian climbed as fast as a monkey, and soon he had climbed to tens of meters high overlooking the crowd …
The night is like a stranger and Zhuge Yunlan won’t lose, and they immediately fight back the pain and climb. They seem to wake up. The pain caused by this stone pillar stems from whether their hearts are clean or dirty, and it depends on how many lives there are in their hands!
Although painful, they are still very consistent, reaching out to Zhuge Yue in the hope of sheltering her!
But Zhuge Yue smiled and shook his head. "I can do it myself!"
They really don’t believe in themselves, Zhuge Yue. When their eyes flashed, there was a surge of strength in their hearts. Grasp the stone pillars and suddenly tighten their strength. Then the flexible body quickly chased Fang Xiaotian. Chapter 547. Bad blood (2)
All of a sudden, the heart of the power-saving heart andao "-"followed by the flexible body quickly went to Fang Xiaotian to recover!
Xiaotian’s side climbed slowly, but he never thought that he would be able to ride to the body one day because of his strong strength. With this idea, he actually found himself slow and didn’t go at all …
He hurriedly looked back at the person who was far behind him, only to find that Zhuge Yue had chased him in their ears …
When he was excited, he couldn’t help but blurt out "Ah … coming soon!"
Zhuge Yue directly passed by him and said, "Get rid of this fast word!"
Xiaotian pie pie heart some injustice took a look back at ZhuGeYunLan originally there are so many beautiful and feminine women want to climb the master bed, but he doesn’t like such a cold woman now. What would he like about him? I can’t understand the master’s taste!
The stone pillar Haitang looked at Zhuge Yue far away, and she was so angry that she was almost depressed. Although she wanted to win in front of the palace master, her mood was very strong, but look at the stone pillar and think about the situation that she almost had a narrow escape just now. She couldn’t move, and she could gnash her teeth and watch Zhuge Yue climb higher and higher!
Zhuge Yunlan and the night are all admiring. Looking at Zhuge Yue, the night is like a stranger. I took a look at Zhuge Yunlan. Although this man’s strength and courage are too much for him to appreciate, his eyes on Zhuge Yue are always such a private thing, which really makes him feel so unhappy!
He frowned Zhuge Yue. No, he decided to ask something!
"What do you want to be so good for the month? In your opinion, an open keeper is so special to every woman? " He said that his heart overflowed with a touch of acidity, and there was an involuntary acidity in his words!
Zhuge Yunlan smiled and raised his eyebrows, but his face suddenly cooled down. "In your opinion, I am not good to the moon. Should I be bad to her?"
He backtracked and made the night like a stranger a little choked. "You …"