"I’m here to take you to meet him, and then we’ll talk together. It’s good for you two to use your own means."

See Xiao asked very cooperate with Tong Xiao and couldn’t help laughing. "I know you will be reluctant to have a big holiday with the God Union."
"Predecessors talking and laughing, which of us has no holidays with God Union? Since everyone can compromise, why not I? "
"Well, it’s good that you can bend and stretch for nothing!" Tongxiao uplifts J and jīng Shinto.
"Then go now."
Then, Tong Xiao took Xiao Wen with him and teleported to the place in a short time, where he not only met Xiahou Rentu’s predecessors but also Lin Xiang.
After the joint, we discussed the sentence slightly, and they teleported away together toward the destination.
This day, the haze demon world is still too big, even teleport, and they didn’t get to the place until more than an hour later.
"The horse is coming, and we want to meet this time. The people of the first United Front Division in this world are in that valley."
"Not in their territory?" Xiao asked doubtfully
"The world god alliance is not an iron drum, and I am afraid that someone will leak the news." Lin Xiang said that he could hear his affection for the world god alliance from his tone.
In fact, any positive fairy will have a good impression on the world god alliance, and it is also forced by reality that she wants to unite with the world god alliance.
In fact, this is their big plan. Only when the demon world is bounded can the demon race compete. Although it is in a weak position, if they are added to the fairy society, the main thing is that there is a potential limit. The future of Xiahou Ren is really limited!
They didn’t teleport at this time, but flew to the valley.
From a distance, I saw the situation in the valley, but there was no one there. Obviously, the other party was hiding somewhere or in the magic array.
"I find them" Xiao asked sink a way.
When the voice falls, Xiao Wen has already tried his best to extract the ghost spirit from the deep and remote world, and the practice of seclusion will lead to the outside world!
It’s just a matter of a moment. There is a faint purple gas in the 40-mile walk of Xiao Wen Center!
All the scenery in forty miles is presented in Xiao Wen’s mind, even those rocks!
A magic array on the left side of the long and narrow valley also appeared in Xiao Wen’s imaginary field of vision, and there were five people in the magic array.
"Over there" with that, Xiao Wen took the lead and flew over there.
There is an array of monks in the world god alliance, otherwise it is impossible to build so many United front divisions in Tianlan demon world. Every one of them is well protected by law. In that magic array, there is an array of fairy kings whose array level is finished. It can be said that the world god alliance is the first among all the people in Tianlan demon world, and that magic array is exactly what he wants to give a Mawei to Zhengxian with confidence …
But now five people in the magic array see the wave of people flying straight to their side in wait for a while, and the one at the front even has eye contact with them …
At that time, the monk’s face was as usual, but his heart was quite embarrassed. That’s a great fairy. He actually saw through his illusion at once.
At this moment, someone next to him said, "Brother Tong doesn’t care. If they don’t have the strength, we are qualified again?"
Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Nine saints
Seeing that all the people in zhengxianhui are outside the magic array, the fairy king named Tong is finally embarrassed to stick to the big sleeve and put away all the array tools.
The two sides greeted each other quickly and then got straight to the point.
This is Xiao Wen’s first hand, so it is also Xiao Wen’s first question. In fact, he has already informed him before, that is, he has observed and predicted teleportation in a wide range to prevent teleportation.
There’s no problem about it. The fairy kings of the world alliance didn’t say anything in their mouths, but they were secretly tutting their tongues. They can see clearly that Xiao Wen is a high-order fairy, but there is such a fairy king who can’t grasp what it is to be a secret.
But after all, the two sides are close to Xiao Wen, and it’s not their hands. I’m embarrassed to ask the wise men. The main thing is that even if I ask Xiao Wen, I won’t tell them …
Then they turned their focus to Xiahou Renshen, and Xiao Wen thought of another thing in this moment.
He thought it was because he and Nan Yunqing openly made a mistake in the celestial world. They should have been appointed by the celestial world as a super villain. Why has the celestial world been so hostile to him?
It’s very likely that Xing is the God League root of Tianlan demon world, and he doesn’t know that he worked in the celestial world. Think about it, there are also 12 celestial worlds. Tianlan demon world God League people don’t know which celestial world they sent from. It’s still very difficult to exchange news with each other. Nan Yunqing Cheng has been wanted everywhere, but his Xiao Wen is not qualified. Maybe the head of the world God League has never been to him.
At the same time, Xiahou Ren is also showing his means to the God League, but this man is much more difficult to serve than Xiao Wen. He doesn’t even belong to the Zhengxian Society, and it is even more impossible for Xiahou Ren to prove himself. He didn’t specify the goal for the five people in the God League to do the experiment, but directly angered one person and let that person try it for himself.
Xianhao has a big gap with Xianwang, but when Xiahou Ren offered a mass of black gas from his hand and went straight to the king’s mind, the Xianwang still couldn’t help but feel afraid. The most disgusting thing is that Xianwang agreed to come and couldn’t fight back, and Xiahou Ren must never make any substantive attacks.