The last two people quit the door.
Suddenly, a muffled thunder exploded, flashed through and destroyed, and the shadowy hall was reflected in white.
"Well …" A groan of pain once again seems to be a backlog that can’t be dispersed for a long time and can’t be explained. Rain clouds are low and familiar with a trembling voice, but they are trying to suppress it.
Hoarse gently … Ye Fenghua swish twist a head to see the situation after the eyes stare.
Flash out of the light, shadow, frost, white flowers and trees. The man leaned against the soft bed with his hands, and his thin bedclothes were stained with dust. Half of his tall body fell to the cold ground and he was trembling.
Another flash through
The dark light is another man’s white hair shining and Ye Fenghua’s eyes sting, which almost makes her doubt that it is her illusion!
"Shaojin-"Ye Fenghua rushed to the man’s side as quickly as possible, hugging him with his hands, narrowing his shoulders and never calming his voice. "What’s wrong with you? How did this happen!"
The shoulders are dripping with flowing water, and their roots are almost as white as ice floes. Ye Fenghua reached out and shivered, caressing to make sure that everything in front of her was not her illusion!
"Well …"
Shao Jin’s face was buried in white hair, and the whole person was so miserable that even he couldn’t help moaning.
"Less brocade and less brocade!" Ye Fenghua’s eyes were covered with mist, and he knelt beside the man in a hurry, reaching out and moving his face hard. "What’s wrong with you? Tell me what’s wrong with you!"
As a Dan Shi pharmacist, she has never seen such a situation before.
Suddenly little brocade suddenly turned my head, and a pair of dark red deep eyes glowed with mysterious and rare colors. Ye Fenghua was strange, but her roots didn’t react, and her neck suddenly tightened, and the whole person was slammed on the ground by a strong force!
The severe pain in the back of the head and difficulty breathing made Ye Fenghua’s eyes white for several seconds.
Less kam like crazy device in Ye Fenghua neck hand pinched creaking.
He doesn’t recognize his beloved daughter as if he were a different person.
"Little brocade …" Ye Fenghua stretched out his hand and grabbed the back of his hand. The whole person was pressed on the ground by a man’s lean and strong body. Snow-white hair seemed to fly and ice floes poured all over the place, and his eyes were bloodthirsty and yoshimitsu.
And Ye Fenghua also saw his appearance at this time.
The man’s face is half caged in the shadow formed by white divergence, and his thin lips are rouge stained with blood, and his eyes are dark red. A blood-red demon streak has been flying into the sideburns, and the whole face is enchanting to the extreme!
Beautiful suffocating charm almost scary … But the fierce color is even more frightening!
"It’s me, Shao Jin …" Ye Fenghua beat him hard and pinched his neck. It’s me! "
Ye Fenghua is not unable to resist, but now she knows little brocade and dare not make a move. If she fights back, she must be serious. She is afraid of … hurting him.
Listen to the girl’s light shout less brocade device in her neck and hands can not be checked, and her whole body suddenly froze, dark red and bloodthirsty eyes quickly flashed a trance and some confusion.
However, in a moment, the clear color in the eyes was once again infected by deeper blood red rage!
Ye Fenghua couldn’t grasp and beat, feeling that his neck was about to break, his eyes sank severely, his hands raised and he hooked the man’s neck and pulled his head down to kiss his red and cold lips.
The four lips are connected and soft.
"Wow-"The silvery white light outside the window is reflected on the ground, and the men and women are covered with white hair and dark hair, and the room is full of violent and cold breath, which is getting warmer slowly.
"Little brocade is me …" Ye Fenghua tightly hooked the man’s neck with one hand and covered him with white hair and a warm murmur. It became more and more clear that "it’s me" was pinched on her neck and the strength of her hand was slowly decreasing …
Chapter 32 Stay away!
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"Elegance …" Little brocade’s bloodthirsty eyes gradually became soft, and the girl’s tall body trembled and hoarse. The word "Elegance" overflowed from her thin lips like rouge.
After being in a trance for a second or two, Ye Fenghua’s shoulder clothes were torn to pieces by him, and the jade shoulders were bare!
"Fenghua!" Shao Jin’s voice suddenly sank.
"Little brocade-"Ye Fenghua’s light shout was held up by a man in one hand, and then Ye Fenghua’s light shout lived on his fierce demon-beautiful eyes, but after a slight meal, he hooked his slender neck hand with increasing strength.
This is why she loves men.
The man’s groan with snow-white hair turned into an impatient, heavy and hot wave, and his skin was hot from his body to Ye Fenghua.
Two people knead into a ball, the temperature in the bedroom is getting higher and higher, and the panting is getting heavier and heavier. Outside the window, there is a silvery white flash and the rain is pouring down suddenly.
The cool wind blew in from the carved window, making the gauze curtain dance.
At the same time, it also made the almost crazy man awake for many times, and he also saw that the girl was pinched with blood, and the white neck was bloodshot and the five-finger print stung his eyes like needles.
Shao Jin gave Ye Fenghua a push!
Ye Fenghua blinked in a daze and leaned over to the man. "Shaojin …" Before she finished a word, Shaojin suddenly retreated again. "Don’t come here!"
The dumb voice is full of danger, suppressing the messy white hair from his shoulders, and the red magic lines around his eyes are like flowers on the other side, climbing into the sideburns.
The whole shemale is different to the extreme!
"Shao Jin, what’s the matter with you? Tell me what I can do for you." Ye Fenghua’s clothes are messy and hung on her body. She can’t hide her beauty by a man’s torn cloth towel, but how can she care about those at this time?
She could feel that he was in a bad condition.
"Get out of here" Little Jin bit out the dark red eyes and the blood flowed hard. He turned away and was afraid that he was scared of his beloved daughter now, even more afraid that he would be unable to control himself and hurt her.
Little brocade got up and stumbled, and if the white hair fluttered like ice floes.