Cathode smiled and took out a jade bottle from the bag, and then fingered the jade bottle, and a faint and invisible mist rose from the bottle. Cathode fingers moved this mist as if it were actually slowly floating to the bottom of Qingyun’s nose. Qingyun’s real person hesitated, and then he took a big breath and exclaimed, "rejuvenation water!"

Cathode satisfiedly smiled. "Yes, it is rejuvenation water. Four hundred years ago, we got an ancient secret recipe of rejuvenation water in Yingyue Palace. We paid ten million pieces of lingshi in one hundred years and lost hundreds of brothers. Finally, we collected all the materials and refined five bottles of rejuvenation water in another hundred years, just enough for five monks to make us have one bottle for each of the three monks in Yingyue Palace, and there are two left. According to the agreement of the three elders of Yingyue Palace, we are entitled to enjoy it.
You should know clearly the rejuvenation effect of Taoist friends in Qingyun. For monks or monsters, rejuvenation water is simply a treasure. Whether it is the air-entraining period or the Yuan-infant period, the Shou Yuan of Taoist friends can be increased by 50% after rejuvenation water. It is normal for Taoist friends to increase their body in Yuan-infant period for 1,000 years. There is no advanced qualification for Taoist friends. Now Taoist friends Shou Yuan will do their best. Maybe it will be different after rejuvenation water. In a thousand years, Taoist friends may not be able to meet opportunities. Taoist friends should know that rejuvenation water is not what you want. If you miss the opportunity this time, it is estimated that Taoist friends will never have the possibility of advancement.
If Taoist friends are willing to give us Yunmenjian, Taoist friends in Yingyuegong will become our elders in Yingyuegong, and they will be entitled to the rejuvenation water. Taoist friends should know that the status of the five sects is completely different from that of the five sects. Moreover, with Taoist friends joining Yunmenjian and many brothers joining us, the strength of Yingyuegong will be more stable than that of Cihang Temple and Baiyun Temple, thus becoming the third largest sect in the Xiuzhenjie of Wu. If we control the territory, more brothers and more Taoist friends will get more benefits, at least more than you can stay in Yunmenjian every day.
After that, the face of the cathode suddenly sank. "Of course, Taoist friends can’t promise. Of course, we don’t want what we said today to reach the ears of hundreds of thousands of monks in the realm of Wu Xiuzhen, so we can take necessary measures to make Taoist friends stop talking nonsense from now on."
This sentence is too threatening. Real Qingyun has dealt with the two of them several times, and naturally knows that these two ferocious guys are capable of anything. If they don’t promise, the cathode and Yin Ya will do it immediately. He has no life to get out of this cave, and he doesn’t expect anyone to help him. You know, since the cathode dares to swagger here as a lobbyist, he must be fully prepared. Now there are twice as many people in Yunmenjian reflecting the moon as there are in Yunmenjian. Around, and the monks of Yingyue Palace have always been better equipped with fighting capacity than the monks of Yunmenjian in the same order. It is really necessary to fight. In Yunmenjian, the disciples are unprepared. Maybe in a day or two, the whole Yunmenjian will be uprooted, especially now that the three monks have just taken root, it is impossible to return here. When they get the news, it is estimated that there will be a body left in Yunmenjian.
Besides, real Qingyun is quite interested in cathode discussion, and it is the most important thing for him to find a way to improve his longevity. What’s the point of building one or two Yunmen streams? What are the monks practicing hard? Isn’t it a longer life and stronger strength? Isn’t it the illusory road to immortality? Now it is impossible to have this opportunity to say that he is indifferent to the real person in Qingyun.
It’s obvious that the face of the real Qingyun is cloudy, sunny, cold and hot, and he’s considering his own decision. The cathode doesn’t urge them to know the Moon Palace very well. This time, the blood is so great that the real Qingyun can’t be indifferent. In fact, the strength of the Moon Palace is now unguarded, and it’s easy to get the Cloud Gate Stream by force. But the cathode doesn’t want to do this. He doesn’t want to let his disciples lose in vain or let the Moon Palace kill their allies. If there is a better solution, of course he will try it.
It took a long time for the real Qingyun to look up and his face was calm. He should have made a decision. He said simply, "I’m afraid the monks will not agree, two Taoist friends."
What are the cathode and Yin Ya? The real meaning is that people are sophisticated and listen to it. The real Qingyun has been willing to accept the post of the elder of Yingyue Palace in their hearts, but they are afraid of being blocked by their younger brothers. The cathode ha ha a smile. "The Taoist friend of Qingyun is really a Junjie and deserves to be admired by his disciples in Yunmenjian. Don’t worry. We just want Yunmenjian, a treasure trove, but we don’t care much about your younger brothers."
If your brother is willing to join the Yingyue Palace, it will be easy. We will give a reward to the monks in the air-entraining period. Each of them will give 100 pieces of lingshi, a bottle of Polygonatum pills and an instrument. It is estimated that they will not hesitate to stay in the gas-condensing period. If they are willing to leave 1,000 pieces of lingshi, a bottle of polymagic pills and a weapon.
If they don’t want to join the Moon Palace, that’s fine. We won’t stop the monks from talking. We can thank each of them for their contribution to Yunmenjian over the years. We have already decided on the air-entraining period, a younger brother with 20 pieces of lingshi and a younger brother with 100 pieces of lingshi. However, I think at least 90% of them will stay. After all, we are in the Moon Palace, but the status of five factions and 15% of them is very different from that of five factions.
There’s still a monk left in your Sect. Please ask Taoist friends to come forward and persuade him. If they are willing to join the Yingyue Palace, we can give him an elder position, give them a considerable amount of lingshi, some magic weapon smelting materials, and of course, give them some Dan medicine. We will try our best to satisfy them.
In particular, I would like to say here that Taoist friends are also requested to leave your school Xi Fangping as far as possible. If Xi Fangping is willing to stay, we can give him a post of the elder and give him the fifth bottle of rejuvenation water. "
The real Qingyun couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the cathode in an incredible way. "Why do two Taoist friends value a younger brother who has a bleeding period so much? At best, he is good at breeding spiritual beasts. Is it worthwhile for him to pay such a high price?"
Cathode shook his head. "No, you are wrong. Now I know that such a talent as Xi Fangping is just a small deacon in your place. And two years ago, you pushed Xi Fangping to the brink of death because of a small tactical need. What do you know about the real value of Xi Fangping?"
There is a kind of person who is born with a strong attraction to the monster beast and will make the monster beast be loyal to his words. This kind of person is rare for thousands of years. I have never seen such a person in the fix-up world of Wu since I became a monk in Yuan Baby.
These days, we specially sent people to supervise Xi Fangping. Now, Xi Fangping has been staying in Yunmenjian these days, either drinking with some of his good friends or taking care of his injured friends. When doing these things, Jin Jiao, the tiger, the lion and the seventeen red bees are all closely following him. When Xi Fangping goes there, they follow him and protect him at any time. Even if Xi Fangping sleeps or meditates, they will guard him vigilantly.
From this, we can judge that Xi Fangping is the kind of person who has a natural attraction to monster beasts, and it is rare for one of them to be a genius in ten thousand years. You know, there are occasionally one or two people who are born with the ability to control monster beasts, but those people can generally control monster beasts lower than themselves, but Xi Fangping is different. He is just a fifteen-story monk who can make nine-order monster beasts like Jin Jiao so loyal to him. You know that Jin Jiao has always been violent and refused to give people a pat. Claws can kill dozens of friars with fifteen layers of air, such as Xi Fangping, especially these two gold dumplings, both of which have the ninth-order peak repair and two joint efforts. Don’t mention the friars in the early stage of Yuan Baby, even a friar in the middle stage of Yuan Baby dare not say that he will win, and his spiritual wisdom has gradually awakened. The attraction of such a powerful monster from Xi Fangping to the monster beast can be imagined. In particular, Xi Fangping seems to have a special way to train the monster beast. Think about it, there are two third-order repairs, and the tiger, lion and beast have advanced to it in just 20 or 30 years The peak level of the sixth order is not far from the seventh order. The fix-up world is in Chiyang Bee, and you know that it is no more than the third order level of air bleeding, but you also saw the fighting situation five days ago. As soon as Xi Fangping released twenty red bees with the initial level of gas condensation, the master of Chicheng Mountain also suffered a big loss. From this, it can be judged that Xi Fangping’s value is much greater than that of an ordinary monk in the early stage of Yuanying. When Chicheng Mountain tried to win him over, he gave him an elder position, and Xi Fangping ignored me.
Chapter seventy The truth
Qingyun reality was dumbfounded. He also saw the situation that day, but he never regarded Xifangping as a real person subconsciously. Yunmenjian always paid attention to cultivating the roots of spiritual animals, so he didn’t put it in his heart to give him a deacon position. Qingyun reality consciously has been a great gift.
However, Yingyue Palace is different. Yingyue Palace has always attached importance to the breeding of spiritual beasts. Its palace spiritual beast breeding garden covers an area of tens of thousands of mu. There are many spiritual beasts with five orders and six orders, which is more than having several seven orders. Therefore, they have a deeper understanding of the value of Xi Fangping. Think about it. If they get Xi Fangping, they will get two ninth-order monster beasts with the peak level of Jiedan for no reason. Moreover, these two ninth-order monster beasts have strong fighting power and join hands to win a monk at the beginning of Yuanying. More importantly, these two ninth-order monster beasts have something to offer. I’m afraid that the potential lies in knowing this. Xi Fangping’s training will not be able to advance to the tenth order in a few hundred years, and then the strength of Yingyue Palace will rise more than that of Qingxu Palace.
Qingyun real face is a little hot, and Yingyue Palace attaches so much importance to Xi Fangping, but these Yunmenjian people are indifferent to Xi Fangping rather than designing a frame-up to reflect on the Moon Palace. They are better than themselves. Qingyun real person carefully asked, "What should I do if Xifangping is unwilling to accept it?"
He really didn’t expect that Xi Fangping wouldn’t accept the possibility that it was also a bottle of rejuvenation water, a position of the five sects’ elders and a huge amount of Lingshi and Dan medicine to support him. How could he not accept the truth? This possibility is too small for the cathode to consciously ignore it, so she said generously, "Of course, if he doesn’t want to accept it, we don’t want to force him to have two gold dumplings in his hand. It’s too strong. If we cooperate with two tigers, lions and more than a dozen red bees, even I’m not sure to keep him. What’s more important is that God knows if there are any other spirits in his hand. We have already checked. He didn’t grow up very much when he stayed in Yunmenjian, and most of them were trained outside. It’s quite normal to see some monster beasts. It’s also a matter of asking Daoyou to do it. Daoyou can tell Xi Fangping what he wants, what we can give him, the number of spiritual beasts, the mountain of pills, or the thousand-year-old Lingcao. I think it’s all right for us to have it at Yingyue Palace. Even if a person is quiet, he still has weaknesses. Please ask Daoyou to find out his weaknesses and take targeted measures. We can’t let Xi Fangping fall into the hands of other sects. "
Yin Ya Jiao laughed. "I hope Xi Fangping likes women. If he likes beautiful women, we can help him find any kind of beautiful women. We can help him find fat, thin, tall and short, and have everything repaired. Seriously, I have seen Xi Fangping’s beauty. It’s unforgettable. Even I can’t help but be tempted."
Cathode glared at her and said unhappily, "Ya, I don’t care how many handsome men you go to, but Xi Fangping, you can’t touch them. If you accidentally drain his yang, everything we do will be in vain."
Yin Ya gave a charming smile and said, "I’m just talking, brother. Do you have to be so nervous?"
It’s true that the real person of Qingyun doesn’t care about the nonsense of Yin Ya. He thought for a moment before saying, "Two years ago, we conducted a survey on Xi Fangping. We now have no other weaknesses and are not very interested in women. We have never heard of anything that happened to one of his female monks. However, according to our investigation, we know that this person attaches great importance to friendship, even if it is only a few months of contact, he will treat him physically and mentally. That’s why we said that he went to Cuibi Peak."
Cathode nodded. "Well, let’s do some work in this respect. Daoyou also ask you to do a good job in Yunmenjian first, and then you will personally come forward and leave all his good friends."
The news finally came out early the next morning. Elder Tai and an elder unanimously agreed to cancel the Yunmenjian Sect and join the Yingyue Palace. At the same time, they also announced that they would like to join the Yingyue Palace with them, and they would all get considerable rewards. If they don’t want to, they will get a severance package and find their own way out.
The news came out that the whole Yunmenjian was up. Most Yunmenjian monks chose to join Yingyue Palace without hesitation, and they also became five brothers. This temptation is too great, and they can also get considerable rewards. There is no reason to refuse for the monks who are bent on high school. At the same time, Yingyue Palace also announced that Yunmenjian was changed to Yingyuegong Yunmenjian Hospital, and the original Yunmenjian brother still stayed in the courtyard to practice. This means that the brothers have just changed their names, but they can get a lot of lingshi. At the same time, it is cloudy. I also promised that I would send a large number of female friars and novice brothers with double iu to reflect the moon. The female friars are famous in the realm of Wu Xiuzhen, and the news of dripping water is even less from Yunmen Jiandi. Of course, some friars disdain to reflect the moon and choose to leave, but the number is small, which adds up to only one or two hundred.
Xi Fangping was the last person to get the news. At that time, Xi Fangping was chatting with Wang Lei and other three people at the grave of Jian Chen and Chen Youbin. It was all day when he went back that he went into Zhang Yi and Lin Jian’s room. Xi Fangping immediately felt that something was wrong. There were two monks sitting in the room with a straight face saying something condescendingly to Zhang Yi and Lin Jian. Zhang Yi and Lin Jian both sat there with a serious face, and the two monks with a straight face said that their mouths were dry. They just ignored them.
At the sight of Xi Fangping’s coming in, the faces of two monks in condensate gas period immediately hung up their smiles, even ignoring the fact that Xiu was much higher than Xi Fangping. He respectfully made a ceremony and said, "Are you a friend of Xi Daoyou? I’m Elder Tai, and I’ve been ordered by Elder Tai to invite Xi Daoyou to the meeting. "
Xi Fangping looked at Zhang Yi and Lin Jian, two men who were desperately winking at him. They told him not to go to Xi Fangping and thought for a moment. He made a ceremony and asked, "Can the two predecessors tell the elder that I used to have something? I’m just a general brother. It seems that there is no need to discuss something with me as an elder. "
The two monks who were still laughing during the gas condensation period said crossly, "How dare we pretend to be predecessors?"? Elder Tai invited Xi Daoyou to go. Naturally, there is something important to discuss. Please also invite Xi Daoyou to come with us. "
Xi Fangping clearly felt that something was wrong. When he just walked into Yunmen River, the atmosphere was a little strange. Those Yunmen River brothers were so happy that they were half dead. Some people even celebrated while drinking wine, while others flirted with the monks of Yingyue Palace regardless of their identity. The scene was like a secular New Year’s Day. Obviously, something must have happened in Yunmen River today, and Qingyun real people asked them to go. Maybe what happened with this event? Xi Fangping didn’t know that he had to inquire first, and it wouldn’t be too hasty to see Qingyun then.
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping said, "I have just come back from the outside, and I am too tired and dirty to death. Please ask the two seniors to go back and wait for me to wash up before visiting the Elder Tai, so as to be more respectful."
Qingyun real two pro-followers thought about it and said, "It’s ok, but don’t delay too long. The elder has been waiting for Xi Daoyou for several hours."
After the two guys walked away, Xi Fangping hurriedly gathered in front of Zhang Yi and asked softly, "What happened to Zhang Dage? Yunmenjian doesn’t seem to be as big as before today? "
Zhang Yi sighed with a full face of loss "Cloud Gate Stream? Alas, Yunmenjian is no longer here today, that is, shortly after you left, we were informed that Elder Tai and Elder Da unanimously agreed that Yunmenjian should join Yingyuegong as a courtyard of Yingyuegong. "
Wang Lei and others’ faces changed for a while before they calmed down. They stayed in Yunmenjian for decades, and they felt a little affection for Yunmenjian. Now the top ten sects of Wu are gone, which makes them accept it for a while, but Xi Fangping has no expression. He doesn’t like Yunmenjian. He stays here mainly because he is a few brothers, and he doesn’t care whether Yunmenjian has become a family courtyard now.
Xi Fangping immediately associated with the two pro-followers of Qingyun reality. For this reason, they took a fancy not to Xi Fangping but to his ability to breed monster beasts. If it weren’t for Xi Fangping’s existence, it is estimated that the two pro-followers wouldn’t even look at him.
Zhang Yi went on to say, "The elders also announced that Yunmen Jiandi wanted to stay and get a big reward. If he wanted to leave, they wouldn’t stop them and they would give some severance."
Xi Fangping turned to look at his chest and still paid Wang Lei together. "Mr. Wang, what are you going to do?"
Wang Lei said without thinking, "What should I do to leave? I’m Wang Lei. I’m doing things honestly. I don’t want to take it with Ying Yuegong."
Xi Fangping turned his head to the other four brothers, Sima Jin, such as Meng Haoran, Zhang Yi and Lin Jian, and also resolutely nodded in support of Wang Lei’s statement. After thinking about it, Xi Fangping said, "Since you guys are all thinking about leaving, don’t worry about what is dismissed. Leave this place as soon as possible. I estimate that if you stay a little longer, Qingyun, the old guy, may find the door and can’t leave if you want."
After that, I took out ten pieces of intermediate and high-order wind escape symbols from the bag, and each brother took two pieces and said, "Five eldest brothers, you immediately walked slowly to the mountain gate with nothing, and then posted this wind escape symbol to fly to the west. Each wind escape symbol can make you fly for a quarter of an hour at the end of condensation, and two pieces are estimated to make you fly for four or five hundred kilometers. At that time, even the monks in the middle of Yuanying have no way to find you. After the wind escape symbol is exhausted, you will immediately rush to Tianchi City and wait for me at the top of Tianchi Mountain. I will get there as soon as I finish some
Wang Lei asked heartily, "Brother Xi, do you need our help for anything?"
Xi Fangping shook his head. "No, it’s not a fight, and I have Jin Jiao and Tiger, Lion and Beast to protect me. Besides, I’m just going to ask a question. Don’t worry, I have a way to leave Yunmenjian."
Wang Lei and others nodded and took the wind escape operator, even too lazy to tidy up, and walked directly to the gate. They knew it very well. Since the old guy sent someone to find Xi Fangping, if Xi Fangping didn’t talk well about Qingyun, Qingyun was likely to take it out on the five of them. You know, everyone in Yunmenjian’s general brother is white. Xi Fangping is very good with the five of them.
After you guys walked away, Xi Fangping took Jin Jiao, who had been staying outside, and swaggered to the chamber where Zhang Zhangzhang lived. After a while, he got permission. Xi Fangping left Jin Jiao outside and walked into the chamber without hesitation.
In the chamber, Zhang Zhangmen was sitting in a chair and drinking tea slowly. His head was white and wrinkles suddenly appeared. Obviously, the elders decided to hit him hard. When Xi Fangping came in, Zhang Zhangmen just nodded slightly and said "You are here".
Xi Fangping put his hand in the spirit beast bag in front of him, but he didn’t directly call out the tiger, lion and beast and said simply, "I’m coming."
Zhang Zhangmen spread his hand and said, "Well, I owe you and I should pay you back. Now you can do it."
Xi Fangping paused for a moment, but he didn’t expect Zhang Zhangzhang to be so generous. He thought for a moment and asked, "So what happened in those days was true, can you tell me specifically?"
Zhang Zhang gave a wry smile. "Anyway, Yunmenjian is gone, and this little secret is not hidden. In fact, when you were sent to Cuibi Peak, there was no kindness. At that time, we had already got the information that there were fourteen monks in Chicheng Mountain, and the two monks in Jiedan period were two more than us. And these two monks in Jiedan period are likely to have a considerable impact on the war situation. Our troops are estimated to be in the wind and we can’t send people to deal with the monks in Jiedan period. Therefore, if we transfer these two monks in Jiedan period, we will be the same. It’s very important for us to transfer some Chichengshan brothers as much as possible so as to maintain the balance of power. So the elders thought of you. You two tigers, lions and beasts have six-order monster beasts, which can deal with a Godsworn in Dan period, but there’s another one. Therefore, the dead elder Wang proposed to send you to attack Cuibi Peak, which can kill some Chichengshan brothers by the way. Secondly, it can distract Chichengshan. After you leave for a few days, we will quietly tell Chicheng Mountain that you have gone to Cuibi Peak. To be honest, I don’t agree with this plan, because I think your ability to breed spiritual beasts is very important to Yunmen River. In time, we may get two or seven orders of spiritual beasts, but I am the head of a small condensation period and am responsible for managing Yunmen River. When things happen, Yunmen River is born and dies, and I don’t even have a word.
According to our plan, Chicheng Mountain should send two Jiedan monks, because a single Jiedan monk didn’t kill two tigers and lions and beasts. It would be more perfect if the tigers and lions killed a Jiedan monk before being killed. We didn’t expect Chicheng Mountain to send a Jiedan monk there, not to fight, but to woo you. We didn’t expect that you, Xi Fangping, guessed something from Chicheng Mountain’s brother’s actions and flew back directly and just saved Elder Wang. I also got some information from Elder Wang, and then you disappeared for two years, and our plan failed. I think you should know about our plan, so you chose to disappear. I didn’t expect you to come back and become a great hero in our victory over Chicheng Mountain and Baiyun Temple. I haven’t been looking for you these days, but I really don’t want to find you. I guess you should find a door to see you again these days. That’s what it is. Blame me me. In that case, it’s quite normal to keep the balance and sacrifice a little brother. "
Xi Fangping nodded. "I was missing. Now when you are ready to sacrifice me, I chose to retreat. I hid for two years, but I didn’t expect to be able to come out and see a brother."
Chapter seventy-one Chu
Zhang Zhangmen spread his hand and said, "Well, I’ve made it clear to you. Now you can call the tiger, lion and beast out to kill me. Don’t worry, I won’t resist. Only in this way will my heart feel better."
Xi Fangping shook his head. "Zhang Zhangmen, why should I kill you? I’m already quite satisfied if you can tell me frankly. Besides, it’s not something you can do, and it’s been two years and I haven’t suffered any losses. I’m not going to pursue this matter this time. I just want to know this little truth. By the way, what are you going to do?"
"Planning?" Zhang Zhang Zhang smiled. "What can I do? I’ve come to be the head of one of the top ten sects, and I don’t want to degrade myself to be the head of the so-called Yingyue Palace. Anyway, I’m a big old man. Dan expects that from now on, I’ll become a casual practitioner, and I won’t have to worry about anything else. After Xi Fangping, you don’t have to call me the head of Zhang. There is no such position as the head of Yunmenjian in the fix-up world. "
Xi Fangping nodded. "What my predecessors said is that it is much better to travel freely from now on than to stay here and be popular."