He walked through the snow and there were traces.

The fallen leaves on the snow also ring.
His eyes sparkled like the front of a gun.
This man is the broken soul gun Qin Guangmin!
Qin Guangmin has also changed in the past three years.
The most obvious thing is to have a short beard.
The iron man stared at Qin Guangmin, and his hands clenched each other slowly until he reached his feet.
It can be seen that martial arts are different.
Qin Duoduo also turned around.
See Qin Guangmin Qin Duoduo secretly pleased.
Qin Duoduo went to the temple to burn incense yesterday and has not returned yet. Qin Guangmin was very anxious. Yesterday, he went to Qin Duoduo to burn incense in the temple and found that Zhonghe Shang in the temple was killed. The maids and servants who followed Qin Duoduo were also killed, but Qin Duoduo was not seen.
Qin Guangmin took people around to find out.
Qin Guangmin looked for Qin Duoduo all night.
Earlier, it was reported that there was news from Mrs. Qin Guangmin flew back to the house.
The sheep farmer gave Qin Duoduo a handkerchief to Qin Guangmin and gave Qin Duoduo an account to Qin Guangmin truthfully. Qin Guangmin knew that he was safe and secure.
But Qin Duoduo let those words Qin Guangmin also don’t know.
But it doesn’t matter what it means. He knows a lot about Qin and the "monster" in this red willow forest.
Qin Guangmin also played a handkerchief and looked carefully and found that there was a line of fine print written in Qin Duoduo’s handkerchief for him to pretend not to know her then.
Qin Guangmin pretended not to know Qin Duoduo at the moment.
So Qin Duoduo will be more secure.
Qin Guangmin stopped at Erzhangxu.
Qin Guangmin glanced at Qin Duoduo and Qin Duoduo was not injured.
Qin Guangmin was completely at ease.
Qin Guangmin and will look to the tough god Qin Guangmin mouth way "who are you …? !”
Qin Duoduo let Qin Guangmin know who this "monster" is before the iron-faced god spoke. "This is my master’s name that scared you to death. The three demons have heard of it. My master is the famous iron-faced god!"
Who knows Qin Guangmin and Qin Duoduo?
The iron-faced God also stared at Qin Guangmin. "Who are you?"
Qin Guangmin knew that the "monster" in front of him was the iron-faced god of the three doomsday demons. His temples swelled and his eyes also rose with murder.
Qin Guangmin said, "I killed … the magic man."
Said Qin Guangmin gown pulled out a gun.
A silver gun.
The tip of a gun is generally thin.
Guangling gun
The fist festival of the iron-faced god also rang with a "ga ga"
A pair of red hands seems to be redder.
Red makes people feel palpitation.
After the veil, the red light reveals a thick murderous look.
The chains on his chest and back also swung.
However, when the two chains on the chest were cut off in fierce fighting, it became much shorter.