Somebody call me. When he’s finished, he takes my business card and sends him to the county. "Hua Yunlong pulls out the knife as soon as he reaches for it." Qin Lu said, "Do you dare to kill people?

How to cut it for you with a knife? "I lean on snobbery and pass my head forward. Hua Yunlong said," It’s better to crush bugs than kill you.
"Hands on the knife and Qin Lu’s head broke up, scaring the man to shout," My mother! "Go, run, get soft," Gollum, "and roll the stairs.
Immediately someone went to the ground Guanting to report that "two people came to our restaurant and killed our owner!
"The officials said," Take it quickly! "When they came to the building, they saw that there was no one there. Hua Yunlong and Wang Tongzao jumped out from the window of the building and watched the crowd. Seeing that Taishan Building was surrounded by people, they said," The thief has escaped!
It doesn’t matter if the thief can’t run away. There are four squad leaders named Chai Yuanlu, Du Zhenying, Lei Siyuan and Ma Anjie, who have been used to doing famous Jiang Yang thieves for a long time, and they will do it in three days.
"Hua Yunlong listened to Bai Ji in the crowd and found a back with Wang Tong. He went into the wine shop and sat in the private room to drink.
Wang Tong said, "Dear brother, you are too noisy, unlike yesterday, when you arrived here late and killed one, you killed another today.
"Hua Yunlong said," I told my eldest brother that since I came here, I had to do some earth-shattering things, and he wanted to die himself.
Just now, I heard that there are four fast horses here who can handle cases. I’m going to fight them. I’ll go to Qin Xiangfu these nights. Take the head of Qin Xixiang, the prime minister of the dynasty.
I want to live in Lin ‘an city for half a year, but it depends on what kind of people come to take me, "Wang Tong said." Dear brother, do you really have the courage?
"Hua Yunlong said," How can I say it doesn’t count? "Wang Tong said," My good brother really dares to do it, and my foolish brother will follow me. They are also greedy for a few more drinks.
"Wang Tong took the words to excite him, and Hua Yunlong rushed to finish the wine. Two of them were enough to rush to Qin Hefang to explore the way.
After exploring the road, the two men found a secluded bar to talk and talk. When it was getting late, they came to the people’s place to change their night clothes into daytime clothes and put them on the package.
When I came to Qin Xiangfu, I twisted my body against the wall and jumped up to the floor. I came to Qin Xiangfu’s house and looked for it. I saw the lights shining in the north house of Houzhai.
Two people thought, "This is the residence of Qin Xiang." They saw two maids sitting there, both aged 14 or 15, with wax lamps on their tables.
They jumped into the room, stretched out their hands and pulled out a incense, lit it and sent it to the room. When they were young, they put both maids through.
Hua Yunlong just entered the middle school and saw that Qin Xiang was going to live in the house, and it was Mrs. Qin’s bedroom.
Hua Yunlong saw that there was a pair of white jade bracelets on the side of the bracelet bag. It was a foreign tribute that was left by Qin Xiang.
Hua Yunlong said, "Brother Wang, you want this!" Wang Tong said; "I don’t want you to!" See you later, there is a rockhopper box with thirteen hanging treasures, and one rockhopper is also picked up and put in the bag, and then comes out to see the table with a pen and inkstone, picks up a pen, writes two poems on the wall, puts a pen on the table, turns around and goes outside to join Wang Tong, and the two of them go by themselves.
When Qin Xiang got up early in the morning, it was necessary to come inside to see the maid in a coma. When she came to the house to see that she had lost her bracelet, jade bracelet and rockhopper, she urgently sent someone to save her wife and maid and look at the wall. Qin Xiang knew that the thief had gone.
I don’t know if the wall is a poem and look back at the decomposition.
Fortieth time
It is said that when Prime Minister Qin got up to look at the wall and wrote two poems, it was the thief who left his handwriting and wrote it, and it was the Yuan universe who made a hero and punched the knife.
Stealing the great, evil and evil, and taking the mountains and rivers to be happy.
Turning the sun into the sun, traveling in the middle of the world belongs to me.
The treacherous court official who protects God and steals is angry.
There is another song in Qin dynasty that is written in four sentences. It is a single knife behind the back. It is Yunlong walking around the world.
If the Prime Minister sees the chivalrous guest, he will send Lin ‘an to be the satrap.
Qin immediately sent someone to the imperial court to hand over the leave discount, and then sent someone to the prefect yamen in Lin ‘an to invite the prefect in Lin ‘an. Soon the prefect came to Yizhen to see the room and Zhao Fengshan said, "Does the Prime Minister have an order to call for a humble post?" Qin Xiang said, "I asked the satrap to come to my house for inspection. Last night, a thief from Jiang Yang stole a pair of thirteen-hanging jade bracelets with a pendant and a rockhopper. There were still two poems left before he left." When the satrap heard this, he was frightened to death. "Beizhi immediately sent people to patrol the densely populated imperial city day and night. It is the easiest to hide and rape the Prime Minister En Hou Beizhi. When he went back, he quickly sent a thief." The Prime Minister said, "I gave the prefect three days to hold the thief and return my treasure." The prefect Nai said, "Follow the Jun Yu" and copied the poems left by the thief and took them back to the yamen. He sent people to invite officials from Qiantang, Renhe County and Zhenhu Hall to come together and wait for everyone to come to the prefect yamen. "Now the Prime Minister’s office has lost its jade bracelet." Master Feng Guan gave me three days to arrest and call people to go back. Send people to visit and get it quickly. If someone gets the thief, one government and two counties will reward him with a total of 1,220 silver. If the thief escapes and lands, you and I will have the ground sulfur defense office to fear the Prime Minister’s participation. "The public will go back to my office immediately and send various parties to arrest the thief for three days. What can we do?Liu Tongying, the magistrate of a county in Qiantang County, was originally born in two lists. He immediately sent Zhao Da and Wang Er and other officials to visit the case. Renhe County sent a field to report, and Wan Heng Shan Bi went to mark the trail of rewarding each other for three days. Fortunately, Prime Minister Toro was glad to see Prime Minister Qin, and after three days, there was no sign of the thief. Renhe County asked the commander of the Beijing camp to turn to Qin Xiang, and then granted three days to Tianfu County, asking for six departments, nine ministers and thirteen subjects. See Thai Xiang for three days, and see Qin Xiang for three days. "I gave you three days to arrest because it’s been more than two months since all the adults came to look at each other. It’s really a waste of time to arrest the thief," said the satrap. "Master Xiang is especially humble in Shi Si, and now he sends someone to welcome the elder Jigong of Lingyin Temple, asking him to take these thieves as easy as blowing off dust when his old man comes." Qin Xiang said, "You are the pavilion to help the monks, and I really miss him. Where is he now?" Zhao Fengshan said, "Jigong is now treating my aunt’s eyes at my brother’s house, and I have sent someone to invite him." Qin Xiang said, "I think I’ll give you a few more days in front of Jigong. Please invite Jigong to me quickly." Zhao Taishou only ordered widex to return to my official office to add Chai Yuanlu and Du Zhenying brought enough plates to go to Kunshan to invite Jigong. On this day, they went to Kunshan Zhao Fengming’s door and asked their families to go in. Jigong was talking with Zhao Fengming in his room, and his family came in to report. "The family led two squad leaders to Fangchai Yuanlu and Du Zhenying to salute Jigong first, and then to the second member. After the ceremony, they told Jigong about Lin ‘an from the beginning to the end and said, "I have to take care of this matter." At that time, Zhao Fengming said goodbye in front of the second member. "Can Master be so busy again?" The monk said, "I have something to do, so I can’t stay long." Zhao Fengming immediately ordered the wine to be put out to see Jigong off and rewarded the two Bantou Lu Jigong. Only then did he leave Kunshan along Yangda Road, hungry for food and thirsty for drinks, and spent the night on the road. There are three miles in Xianggao Lin ‘an, and Jigong said, "Chai Tou and Du Tou, are you two willing to catch the thief who stole the jade bracelet or not?" Chai Tou said, "Then why not?" Jigong said; "You two want to take the thief who stole the jade bracelet with the rockhopper, and hurry to the outside of the Qiantang Gate. There is a person wearing Tsing Yi outside the door. You two will seize him in the past. It is the thief who went to the yamen to lead the county to reward the county with 1,220 silver." The two said, "I am going there." I was very happy in my heart. I went straight ahead to the Qiantang Gate and saw that there was a person wearing Tsing Yi. Looking straight east, Du Zhenying was overjoyed and said, "Brother Chai, you deserve it." Get the job to the yamen and get the reward. The three of us will share it equally. When we talk, we will cut to the chase, take out the chain and lock the man. Du Zhenying said, "Friend, you fought this lawsuit!" Don’t you know what you’re doing? " The man was shocked and turned back and said, "Why did you lock me? Who sued me? " "When Du Zhenying and Chai Yuanlu saw that this man was Chai Tou, the shopkeeper of Qiantangmenli Charcoal Factory, Du Tou was stunned and said,Two business trips. What locks me up? "Chai Du’s work hasn’t come out yet when the monk rushed to the monk and said," Have you got it? "Chai Tou said," You said that this is the man who told us to wear educational clothes. "The man said," Why did the monk take me? "Jigong said," I buy you charcoal, but you don’t give cigarettes charcoal. "When Chai Tou heard this, he said," Master is not a thief stealing jade bracelets. "The monk said," I’m not kidding with him. "Chai Tou quickly removed the chain and said," Master, this is not a joke, so it’s a good thing he’s an honest man, or people won’t agree. "The monk said," I’m not lying. You two are too fast to leave. The thief hasn’t come yet. Come with me Du Bantou entered the city and walked not far home. The monk said, "Chai Tou, you see the errand is coming." The hand refers to Chai Tou, who has been used to it for a long time. When the case handler looked up, he saw a man coming from the opposite side. Chai Tou was holding a parcel in his hand. Two people greeted him and said, "My friend, don’t leave. You have committed a crime." As soon as the man listened to it, he ran for firewood in the South Hutong, and Du Er followed the man quickly. They chased into this Hutong and followed the South monk. After entering the headline alley again, I didn’t expect the monk to wait there and point to say, "Where is the traitor?" "Stop the thief, and the monk will shout," Hold it! Catch the thief! "The officer on the ground came over and said," Monk, he is calling to give him to us! "The monk said," Don’t worry if I give it to you. "Just then Chai Yuanlu and Du Zhenying arrived and said"Master, your old man asked me to lock him up. "When the ground officer saw him, he said," Give him to me, Chai Tou. "When Chai Tou saw that it was the ground officer, he didn’t know his surname. Chai Tou said," What’s your surname? "The man said," My surname is Huai, and our buddy’s surname is Ai. My name is Huai Tiao and his name is Ai Ye. "Chai Tou said. The two of you helped to send it to Qin Xiangfu, and then handed over the thief to Xiang Ye at his disposal. "They promised to come to Xiang Fu door with Ji Gong and the thief, and other people all knew that Ji Gong had rushed to salute and went inside to return to the truth. Xiang Ye was in the living room to handle business with Qiantang, Renhe and the county magistrate Zhao Fengshan, and his family came in and said," Report back, Xiang Ye now has Lingyin Temple, Ji Gong, and two squad leaders of the Taishou yamen, holding a thief. See you outside the government door now. "Xiang Ye ordered me to welcome Ji Ye. "Lord Lohan went deep enough to greet the prefect Zhao by lowering his rank. He thanked Jigong and cured his mother’s eyes. He came inside and sat down. The two of them didn’t know who Jigong was. He was a poor monk at first sight." Why did the prefect respect him so much? "Heart says" What can this poor monk do? "When I saw Mr. Jigong and Mr. Xiang, the two sides took their seats, I talked a few words of gossip and said goodbye to Qin Xiang." Master, I heard that your old man was walking on the road and brought the thief? "Jigong said," It’s not that I heard that Xiang Fu’s theft was urgent. I brought the thief with me. "Qin Xiangyi was very happy when he heard that he ordered his family to bring the thief to me and promised to go outside and say," Xiang Ye ordered the thief to be brought in for interrogation. "Chai Yuanlu and Du Zhenying first searched out the thief’s baggage and left the thief outside with a single pole, kneeling outside the hall, and Qin Xiang immediately said; "Kneeling is a person? Tongming! Where did you steal my jade bracelet and rockhopper and sell it? Tell the truth! " I don’t know if the thief is recruited and looks back.
Back to the 49th
Saying Qin Xiang asked the man where the stolen items were put, and the man said, "My surname is Liu Ming Er, who is a small business owner in Xichuan.
Because I’m going home and walking down the street today, I don’t know if the official brought me to the jade bracelet or the rockhopper.
"Qin Xiangyi said to Jigong," Holy monk, he is a small operator. "The monk smiled and said," Adults are not inquirers. You can send Zhao Taishou to ask about this matter.
"Qin Xiang said," In that case, you can ask about this case when you come to the satrap. "Zhao Fengshan immediately set up a table on the corridor outside to bring the thief and asked," You are a small business to bring the things he brought to see.
"I promised to present all the baggage knives to the prefect immediately and said," What are you doing with this knife?
"Liu Er said," That’s my self-defense. "The satrap asked," What small business do you run?
"Liu Er said," I sell fresh fruits. "He came to see the monk and said," I asked you what this parcel is?
"Liu Er said," It’s personal belongings. "The monk took a look at the baggage. There were two clothes and a pair of new socks.
The monk said, "Do you run a small business and wear new socks?" When the satrap hears this, it’s unreasonable and difficult to answer.
Liu Er said, "It’s not illegal for me to buy a new pair of socks for my small business.
"The monk took a bag out of his sock to see if it was a big pearl." The monk said, "It’s not illegal for you to wear socks. Where did you get this pearl?
"Liu Er was scared that the color changed." Report back to Master that the pearl was inspected by me. "Qin Xiang looked at it over there and asked his family to bring it here for a closer look. It was really good to say," I hate this pearl because I lost the rockhopper. "
"Zhao satrap flew into a rage and said," You fellow, I probably won’t hit you and you won’t tell the truth!
"Qin Xiangfu, here is a bamboo stick, telling people to play and just pull it to scare Liu Er." Don’t be angry, I’ll tell the truth.
The villain’s surname is Liu Mingchang, nicknamed Pheasant Liuyuan, and he worked as a runner in the green forest of Xichuan Road.
This pearl was not stolen by a villain. This morning, there was a robber named Hua Yunlong from Xichuan Road, nicknamed Gankun Stealing Rat, and an iron-legged ape Wang Tong. They first came to spend flowers in the nunnery, then killed people in the restaurant, and then went to Qin Xiangfu to steal jade bracelets and rockhopper. I served them in the past. Today, they told me to go back to Xichuan and said that this pearl could be worth four or five hundred taels of silver, so that I could sell it and do small business, which was enough for me to eat.
Today, we are going out of Qiantang Gate, and we don’t want to be brought here by two business people. This is the past, the truth and the truth.
"The satrap said," Where do Hua Yunlong and Wang Tong live? You must know that "Liu Chang said" the two of them used to live in Xinglong Store, but now he has moved to a villain. I don’t know.
"Monk said," The satrap handed him over to Qiantang County for imprisonment. This case was finally solved, and Master Xiang rewarded them for doing it.