"Not limited"

Hear this LiuChangHe completely stupid.
No age, no realm. Isn’t that unlimited?
In other words, everyone can challenge Lingtian!
What if the bodhi old zu of a certain family comes forward?
Ranging from LiuChangHe ask ling day directly said
"You just publish the news as I say, so don’t worry about others."
See ling day so vowed LiuChangHe didn’t ask.
After consulting with the other two householders, I finally decided to call the conference directly and three people will come forward together.
Big sleep three people move quickly.
That night, a press conference was called to tell the story of several big families who had misunderstood each other and wanted to discuss and clear up the misunderstanding in a friendly way.
Because they have three families, each family sends a fighter.
Everyone plays once.
Best of three games
At the same time, the three families jointly took out one million winners’ awards.
Of course, the opposite side needs to be the same.
However, seven families across the street share one family, but only a few hundred thousand.
Worried that the other party won’t take it, Liu Changhe also specially emphasized at the press conference that if the other party thinks it’s unfair, seven people will be sent from the opposite side, one for each family.
There were seven duels, and everyone on their side played twice.
The extra scene will be designated by the other party.
As soon as the press conference came out, Fu Guzhu almost didn’t explode.
On purpose! They must have done it on purpose!
They can’t do it in secret if they make a big deal out of it directly. What a calculation!
"Han Guzhu, what do you think?"
Pay the Lord asked a sullen.
Han Guzhu laughs very naively.
"Do we have any other choice?"
People are swaying to provoke. Can they not take it?
If you don’t take that, you’re afraid.
What will the whole Li Cheng fighters think of them then?
These big families control Li Cheng, yes, but more fighters without family background are the foundation of Li Cheng.
Once these people lose their support, they will be finished.
In LiuChangHe stressed alone … That nature also not line.
Come on, they will dominate, and seven families will choose three people, which is too easy to choose.
If you bully more and bully less, you will be looked down upon.
However, it is very strange that where did Liu Jialuo’s family and Zhou’s family get the confidence to win?
Is ling Tian going to participate?
Everyone knows that Ling Tian’s strength can’t be normal, just because he is old and in the scope of Liu Changhe’s competition.
But Liu Changhe also said at the press conference
Participants must be family brothers.
That is to say, Lingtian is not qualified for the competition.
That’s strange. Since Ling Tianfa participated, how dare they compete to solve the contradiction?
Everyone present can’t figure it out
However, since people have already made an open plan, they can’t keep silent.
So when I grasped it, I also called a press conference, promised the other party to make a war, and said that they would not take advantage.
Each of them will take out a 350,000-dollar spar bet.
Just a little more than Liuluo’s Wednesday home.
Chapter 129 official website handicap
Li Cheng holds competitions every year, ostensibly to give a way out for those who practice martial arts.
The fact is just to screen talents for families.
Naturally, all the families will not participate in this kind of competition. It has been a long time since we have seen all the families participate in the competition.
Now, as soon as it was announced, the hot search exploded that night.
"Ten families turned against each other. Is Licheng going to change?"
"I heard through the grapevine that this incident has something to do with the border town and I don’t know if it is true."
"It’s ridiculous that the top ten families can casually come up with hundreds of thousands of Chinese spar to remember the bird-less place in the border town?"
"I don’t know who will win this time …"
"It must be the seven families who win!"
"That’s not necessarily which family doesn’t have a card. What if the cards of the Liu family and Zhou Jialuo family are stronger?"
Although the Fu family is more and more dominant over there.
But it’s hard to say who can win.