"Well" South escape minister nodded.

"Come on, let’s not talk about it. Today is the last day of the first year of Taiping, and we are very happy to get together. I hope we can continue to get together at this time of the year. Let’s eat and drink together …" In early summer, we waved our hands and raised our glasses.
They quickly got up, although they didn’t kneel, but they still had to be respectful.
Although I feel a little awkward in the early summer, I also know that it is inevitable and I quickly gulp it down. "Well, everyone eats food."
They also hurried to do it, and then they ate and drank.
On this day, everyone enjoyed themselves until the evening, and then everyone went back to eat New Year’s Eve and set off firecrackers.
Nan Yichen quickly sent the rest of the people and went to Bann Kwan Khiang Dao with early summer.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-four About pregnancy
Bann Kwan Khiang Dao is not in the palace, but on a hill outside the palace, with five floors and stupas in a Buddhist temple, but it was built for the observation of the stars by Qin Tianjian.
It overlooks most of the capital from here.
"What did you bring me here for?" I glanced at the outside in early summer.
"Xia Xia today is the first year after we got married, and it is also the first year when I became an emperor." Nan Yichen took the early summer hand. "Qin Tianjian said that this is the nearest place to the sky, so I want to pray here. I hope I will be with you every year."
"Good" nodded in early summer, "I will help you realize this wish. After that, I will create a peaceful and prosperous world with you every year and watch this great river and mountain together."
South escape minister could not help but hold people in her arms.
I hugged him back in the early summer, but I was a little worried where Nan Yichen couldn’t see it, because they all had five disadvantages and three shortcomings. She also crossed into this era and had happiness, but she found that this happiness didn’t seem perfect because she didn’t know if she would be pregnant.
If you don’t have children in modern society, it’s okay. After all, there are many dinks, but in this era, it’s really not good to have children, and you have to have children because you really have a throne to inherit.
It’s a pity that she can calculate for herself and see if she has a woman in her face, but she can see that Nan Yichen will be a child in the future. Will this child be born by herself?
This is the first time that I have a little doubt about myself in early summer.
The next day is the New Year’s Day, when people pay New Year’s greetings to each other. Naturally, they also want to pay New Year’s greetings in the palace, but the procedures are different.
The former Empress Dowager will sit in the Golden Hall early in the morning, and then all the officials will bring their families to the palace to pay New Year’s greetings, and the Empress Dowager has also prepared a red envelope. There is a copper coin in each red envelope, which is just to express good luck.
However, in the early summer, Nan Yichen did not go to the Golden Temple, but boarded the hot air balloon directly and tied it to the entrance of Zhengyangmen, the main entrance of the palace, so that more than half of the capital can be seen in the future, and the whole palace can be seen in the future.
The key is that before the early summer, the painter was in a hurry to catch up with the work. He put the picture of Wan Li Jiangshan in the balloon and there was an emperor wearing a dragon robe there, just like staring at you.
As soon as the hot air balloon rose to the street, the people froze and knelt down and shouted "Long live"
In early summer, I handed Nanyichen a trumpet made by herself, which is not as good as that of later generations, but it is better than shouting at the top of my voice.
Nan Yichen spoke to the speaker again, and it was easy to travel all over the capital. "On the first day of this new year, I promise you that I will lead everyone to live a stable and prosperous life, and you should also be old, old, young, young and young …"
It’s the first time I’ve heard the emperor speak to the people in early summer. I was worried that Nan Yichen’s mouth was written in classical Chinese, so what should I do? I didn’t expect it. It’s all in vernacular. That’s good
Anyway, the general meaning of the speech is that the late monarch, ministers and people are bent on making the southern Tang Dynasty rich and let everyone live a good life, and they also announced the establishment of a report box system in early summer. Of course, this is conditional, and if you really can’t report it indiscriminately, you must bear the responsibility.
The people are very excited when they hear it. It’s much better to have a report box than to smell the drum. At least you don’t need a rake.
Of course, from this day on, Jing Zhaoyin’s workload is great, but Jing Zhaoyin and Wen Li praised this old man for being very interesting. He used to belong to a master of muddle, and he was very smooth. But since King Jing ascended the throne, he has become a different person, and his ability to judge cases has improved a lot, and everything is done according to the rules and the law. Go find the Empress.
Now, after more cases of the people, he is particularly excited. Some colleagues can’t understand it, so they invite him to drink and ask him what he feels. Why is Lord Wen so enthusiastic now?
The old man smiled. "Because … the emperor has enthusiasm, he should also have enthusiasm."
"Are those cases that he stole a chicken from him today and she stole a handful of vegetables from her house worth taking so seriously?"
"Bro, my brother will tell you one thing. What does the Empress do to the people?"
"Good, especially when the queen tries to make the people live a good life."
"It’s not have to? The Empress Dowager is serious about the people. Can we not be serious? The emperor told me that the small things of the people can make the people feel comfortable living in this country. Once there is something, the people will give their full support … "
That adult has been sobering, and since then he has taken things that he couldn’t see before a lot more seriously.
And this thing naturally reached the ears of the Empress Dowager, and Nan Yichen praised Wen Lizhan by name at the Golden Temple and gave him a token. From then on, if you think something is particularly important, you can enter the palace directly without going through the punishments, and of course it is the same to find the queen.
Everything is influential, and one wrong step may lead to a vicious circle, but once a good atmosphere is formed, it will also form a good virtuous circle.
In Nanyichen, it is a good end for the convenience of official management with an iron fist, which also makes him admire his wife more. Because at the beginning, he was going to deal with Wen Li Zan, after all, the first emperor immortal was still in a muddle with him. In early summer, he said that at first glance, this man had a square eyebrow and an upright heart, and even when he was not there, his family didn’t have a rape department, so it was very good to have a tutor, but continue to try. Now, look at the right person.