Everything we have to do is to burn money, and there are many more intelligence workers, not directly to a secret service agent, but to attend occasions, hire peripheral personnel, analyze public information, etc. Intelligence workers say that complexity is not complicated, but it is not complicated but it is also very complicated.

In fact, most of them come and go in a similar way. At most, seven categories appear in the shadows. Most of the secret services are actually unattractive and attract attention unless they are released. Most snakes really do things and refuse to attract attention.
However, many intelligence personnel actually don’t spend too much money to buy it, and some just give you something that is easily available to him and extremely important to you. It is more important to analyze and infer than to collect information, and then finally draw a conclusion through other intelligence evidence.
This process will take ten days and a half months if it is fast, or several months and a half years if it is slow. For example, once Japanese discovered the location of anniversary Oilfield and estimated the approximate production and quantity.
In 1959, Daqing produced the first oil well in May, 1996. But how did they finally find and determine the location, quantity and output of the oil field several years later?
This is going to be collected and analyzed by the situation. In this matter, it takes not a day or two, but several years.
Chapter five hundred and seven The situation is complicated
At that time, it was impossible for China to get close information because it was almost isolated from the outside world, so their only source of information was Chinese publications and broadcast public news
At that time, it was also because of the closure of China that the Chinese side failed to cope with the external intelligence collection and analysis ability, which finally allowed Japan to successfully analyze the location, quantity and refining capacity of the oilfield.
Back in April 1964, the radio station broadcast the Daqing report, and the next day it wrote a special article about it, so the Japanese side immediately organized experts to judge that Daqing in China should be true, but they still didn’t know the specific location, quantity, mining situation and so on.
It was not until two years later, in July 1966, that the public information collector saw a photo of Wang Jinxi, the "Iron Man" in Daqing Oilfield, wearing a big dog fur hat and a thick cotton-padded jacket with goose feather and heavy snow, holding the brake handle of the drilling rig and looking out into the distance. In the distance in his background, tall derricks stood dotted.
There is no doubt that Wang Jinxi’s identity is typical. He must be an oil worker, but only oil workers in the cold area of northeast China need to wear this kind of big dog fur hat and thick cotton-padded jacket. At the same time, according to the analysis of clothes and clothing habits needed by the geographical cold zone of China, Japanese experts quickly concluded that "Daqing Oilfield is full in the north at 3 degrees in winter and roughly in the ice city of he cheng", but the specific location is still determined by law.
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Also in July 1966, another Japanese intelligence collection team found a photo of the reaction tower in an oil refinery in Pictorial. According to the thickness of the handrail of the reaction tower and the diameter of the reaction tower, it was learned that the diameter of the reaction tower was 5 meters long. After the information was submitted, the Japanese intelligence analysis team quickly obtained the output of Huaxia refinery.
According to a series of data reported in the report of Huaxia Daily, they quickly analyzed and inferred the refining capacity, scale and annual oil output of Daqing, and this event is a typical case in which it took several years to infer information almost accurately by collecting official public information and then organizing experts from all walks of life to make specific analysis.
Immediately, these analyses and specific information were transferred to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese enterprise. According to Japanese intelligence analysis, it was judged that China had a great demand for oil at that time, but the technical and equipment conditions were not good. Increasing production and refining capacity would inevitably lead to a large number of petrochemical equipment purchases.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries attached great importance to these obtained analytical information at that time, and immediately organized specialized engineers to carry out targeted design according to the information obtained from these analysis. Indeed, it was not long before Huaxia Company invited international tenders for oil refining equipment.
Due to sufficient information analysis in advance, and at the same time, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries issued corresponding mining and refining equipment in a targeted manner, which won the order of China almost completely. The rest of the manufacturers were not surprised that the Japanese side came up with the plan so quickly and was so close to the demand of China.
Even the Chinese side felt extremely surprised that it was not until many years later that some details were slightly disclosed.
Now, many things in Russia are short of money, and even with the Soviet Union and a large number of talents, many intelligence workers are not ready. This leads to an open country, and their intelligence ability is not as accurate as that of the jackal mercenary group. Of course, this is the calculation of foreign intelligence receiving ability
"I have more specific and detailed information," Hou Dasheng said softly to Victor. "I believe it is good for you, of course, and it is also good for us to share this matter this time. They are almost imperative and beneficial. We can do a lot of articles on this matter, such as letting them swallow it in our affairs."
Victor didn’t speak, but smiled. Hou Dasheng looked at him and continued, "Of course, we have more chips than that. I can tell you that we still have a more important information, which is related to your core interests, but it is impossible to give it to you now."
As soon as Hou Dasheng said this, Victor’s face changed, but Hou Dasheng seemed to have a general feeling. "I give you this information now to prove that our intelligence source and receiving ability are indeed stronger than yours, and it is also a relative evidence that we do have some information that is detrimental to your core interests. I believe these are sufficient to prove our sincerity."
With these words, Hou Dacheng kept silent and waited for Victor’s reply. Victor was silent for a long time, really for a long time. Victor didn’t say a word for half an hour.
"Gruu Major Meddoyev" Suddenly Victor solemnly held out his hand to Hou Dasheng. Hou Dasheng sat up straight without accident and solemnly held out his hand and shook a "jackal head Hou Dasheng" with Victor or Major Meddoyev.
After that, the two men smiled at each other, which was another kind of honesty between the two sides. Medvedev sat down in the chair again after shaking hands with Hou Dasheng. "I can tell you the truth about this matter. We didn’t expect things to develop like this."
Hou Dacheng nodded with a smile. In fact, he also understands that it is Gruwu who can be dispatched. This has already given the jackal a face. Whether they are high-level or Gruwu is conscious that jackals do not have equal dialogue with themselves.
A major, this is probably not perfunctory.
"There are too many things involved in this matter, and even if we want to get together, we need to go through many sections." Victor Medvedev looked at Hou Dasheng and said sincerely, "I need to take these materials back and we will make a face-to-face evaluation."
Hou Dasheng smiled and pushed the envelope in front of Medvedev. "These are for you, but I don’t want to say that I am very much."
"I will go back as soon as possible and give you an answer in two days at the latest," Medvedev said with a deep breath. "We can temporarily stall the other side. If what you say is true, we will soon show up before we are ready, and no one will bother you."
Hou Dacheng nodded with a smile, then got up, and Medvedev looked at him and shook hands with them. Hou Dacheng said softly, "I’m waiting for your reply, but I hope as soon as possible. I don’t have much time to wait. If you don’t reply in three days, I’ll let you give up this meeting. Leave the pre-alliance mode immediately and leave me a message if necessary."
Medvedev nodded, then got up and looked at his back directly. Hou Dasheng didn’t speak until Medvedev’s back disappeared in the bar. Hou Dasheng got up and said to Dany, "Prepare for us to change places and be ready to evacuate."
"Copy that." Dany nodded. Hou Dacheng did this. It’s understandable that she didn’t do it. Instead, there was a problem. Now things haven’t changed. If we don’t change places, it’s really dead. Their position may have been touched by the other party.
This is a very restricted area of Russian unification. At present, the presidents here are inextricably linked with Russia. Outside this circle, Moscow’s dominance will weaken, but in this former Soviet territory, Moscow’s control is beyond doubt.
Underestimating or belittling the armed forces of non-friendly parties around him is a pure death wish. Hou Dasheng didn’t intend to die. He would rather overestimate Moscow’s control and didn’t go directly back to the house. Just out of the bar and into the car, Dany reported an address to the hound.
It was a commercial street, and the car quickly found a parking space. There were not many Chinese who came here to do business and study abroad, but there were also many Hou Dasheng. A Chinese face was not particularly abrupt. After all, it was also close to China.
Crossing the street and crossing the lane, Dany walked ahead. Soon they walked into an ordinary-looking hotel. Hou Dacheng followed Dany without saying a word and went in, ignoring the waiter, Dany led Hou Dacheng and others directly to the front desk. A man with a nameplate of "manager" made a gesture at the front desk.
When the man saw Dany’s gesture, he made a gesture of please to her. Three people left the lobby with the manager and turned around the hotel accommodation area. In the corner of an obscure and remote person with little camera, the manager took out his key and hit what looked like a property room.
After leading Hou Dasheng and other three people in, they soon found that this place was indeed a cleaner, because there were all kinds of cleaning tools and washing neatly, and there was no dust, which seemed to be often made here.
Else, the manager led the three people to this closed place. It took a lamp to see clearly what was inside. The innermost wall was forced to move and several buckets of detergent were stacked. I didn’t know what the manager was groping for on the wall, so he heard a "drip" sound.
The wall "clicked" and then the manager bowed slightly to Hou Dasheng and others. "Dear Sir, the passage is a little crude. Please forgive me. I hope you have a good time in Kiev and you can find me in the hotel lobby if you need it."
Hou Dacheng nodded, then got into this small mouth. There was a passage. The lights were dim, but I didn’t know where it went. Dany crossed Hou Dacheng and walked in front of the three people. After about ten minutes, they saw a door.
Pushing the door and walking along the short staircase, it suddenly dawned in front. It turned out to be a kitchen warehouse. Dany calmly led Hou Dasheng through the warehouse and entered the kitchen. At this time, one person was wiped and the tableware was bright, saying that people often made it here.
Out of the kitchen is the restaurant outside. At the bar, it looks like the bartender is 30 years old. It seems that he didn’t see anything. He just wiped his glass carefully. Dany took Hou Dacheng and others through the restaurant door and a car was parked.
The hound stopped Hou Dacheng at this time. He first hit the door and searched the car for a while to confirm that there was no problem. Then he turned to Hou Dacheng and nodded. Three people waited for the car Danni to quote an address again, and the car slowly left the city through several lanes from this unmonitored remote restaurant.
In front of the abandoned wharf, there was a fuel truck parked in the fuel parking lot, and then a fat-looking man came over, threw a bunch of keys to the hounds, and then drove them to the car door to get in and take the car straight away.
Looking at the car away from Dany, she took Hou Dasheng and the hound into the water. It was getting dark, and the old pier was abandoned. I don’t know when a dinghy was moored. The hound checked it as usual, and then three people boarded the dinghy and slowly went upstream along the river.
The noise of the dinghy is not too loud, even in such a calm night. Dany took the dinghy against the current, and in about twenty minutes, she turned into a waterside bush, where the moonlight and starlight could be faintly seen. A small house was hidden in the bushes.
The boat quickly anchored on the shore and pulled a camouflage net. Dany and the hound quickly covered the boat and slowly approached the hut with Hou Dasheng and the hound, but Dany bypassed the hut and went to the bushes behind instead of taking them into the hut.