"Don’t be nervous. Didn’t we say we wanted to talk business with you?"

Ling Tian took a stack of paper paintings at hand, which is all kinds of laws.
He took one out and handed it to Chen Youyou.
"Don’t you want to law? This is that law you just bought. "
"You … just give it to me?"
Chen is rich and a little stupid. He is afraid and can’t take care of looking down at his law figure and wondering if Ling Tian is lying to him.
The exchange price is 100 pieces of spar. I want to buy two or three hundred pieces of spar from others.
Just give it to him casually?
Why didn’t he know that Ling Tian was such a generous person?
Ling day nature is not so generous, he said with a smile
"It’s not impossible to give it to you. It depends on how big your order is."
"What do you mean?"
"The one in your hand is the lowest array. I have something better here."
Ling day generously showed him a.
He is not afraid that Chen has money to learn at a glance. If Chen had money, he wouldn’t be a dude now.
"These are all?"
Looking at the thick stack of paper, Chen Youqian’s volume is several degrees higher.
Ling day nods
"I won’t lie to you about the exchange price of these laws. You can find out casually."
"But I want to make a contribution."
"But …" Chen Youqian wanted to talk but was interrupted by Ling Tian.
"I know you didn’t contribute, so this price can’t be converted according to the contribution value."
"It’s not much to triple, is it?"
Is it much?
Not much.
You let Huang Hu Li Song’s family come, and they may not be willing to give up.
If you can contribute, why not send your family brother to hunt the monster beast?
But the Chen family is different. They have money!
Why take risks when you can solve things with money?
Chen rich nature is also the idea.
Ling day how many can guess what he’s thinking, smiled and said
"I probably calculated that a total of more than twenty thousand pieces of spar are needed …"
"How much?"
Chen Qian jumped up in shock.
More than 20 thousand?
Why don’t you grab it!
Ling day pressed him back and continued
"I’ll give you a discount for more than 20 thousand, even if you make 20 thousand."
"The one in your hand is for you."
"What do you think?"
Not as good as!
Chen has money to suspect that Ling Tian is deliberately entertaining him.
This array is probably worth so much spar?