Hu Dong woke up?

Picking batons, Liu stabbed them without saying anything.
Hu Dong screamed and sobbed on the spot.
Ling day aside a language toward the big Liu Dao.
"Don’t ignore Liu when he shows no signs of irritability."
Liu one leng then scratched his head embarrassed laughs
"Nervous, nervous"
"secondary attention"
Hu Dong sat on the ground and almost cried.
What the hell is going on here?
Are the risks of flattery so high nowadays?
I just wanted to ask myself which flattery I didn’t kiss well.
Can suddenly Hu Dong eyes a DengYuan breath transient manic.
Liu looked at his eyebrows pricked up.
It can’t be wrong this time!
Zi ~ batons and stabbed to Hu Dong a convulsion passed out.
"Good job this time"
Ling day nodded and then squatted down in Hu Dongshen research.
Only to find that Hu Dongzhong’s method insect is very cunning.
Let LingTianGen couldn’t find its location.
In this way, even Ling Tian can force him out.
"By the way, ask Chea Chang!"
I called Ye Feng at the thought of this Lingtian.
Let Ye Feng arrange a hundred brothers to guard around the Su’s regiment to prevent the method division from making moves against Sue Elegant.
There are so many people guarding that method teacher, and once he shows up, he will be found immediately.
Want to harm Sue elegant no chance.
Ling day this just rest assured with Hu Dong went to the cloud heights.
"Master Kun brought Chea Chang!"
Xu Kun promised that the sack would soon be carried and thrown to the ground.
The sack will pull Chea Chang out.
Zhang Jie turned blue when he came out.
What a shame! What a shame!
It’s a great shame that he should be put in a sack every day.
"What do you want!"
Chea Chang a face of anger toward ling day asked.
Ling day don’t try so hard suddenly toward lying on the ground in a coma Hu Dong a finger light way
"Chea Chang, do you think he has been tricked?"
Chea Chang one leng consciousness looked Hu Dong.
Then my heart suddenly jump nasty way
"Set me free quickly."
"I want to take a closer look."
Ling Tianqian’s silver needle stabbed a few Jie in Chea Chang and immediately moved.
"I warn you not to play tricks."
"Otherwise, your son will be dead!"
Ling day eyes cold with terror, fade words warned.
However, Chea Chang has ignored the answer and quickly jumped on Hu Dongshen.
Ears pressed against Hu Dong’s chest are better than listening attentively.
"Ha ha!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
After a few seconds, Chea Chang suddenly went crazy and burst out laughing.
Chapter 21 Sue elegant method
"What are you laughing at!"
Ling day eyebrows a wrinkly asked coldly.
Zhang Jie suddenly turned and looked at ling day gnashing way
"Ling Tian, you lied to me so badly!"
"My son is not in your hands!"
Ling Tianxin was shocked, but the surface was dull as water.
"oh? You don’t believe it? "