Tears made a message to Hao and said, "Hao, bring me the evidence that I asked you to do something."

In less than a minute, Zhong Hao came in, handed tears a pile of photos and left.
Ya couldn’t stand it and ran out.
Tears and foam glared at Qian and chased out "Ya!"
Modest ya ran out and regretted it a little at the moment, but Meng Xin "Modest sister may want to play for you."
Modest heard this sentence immediately put just a little regret behind "said! Don’t pay attention to her after dreaming of us! " Said mercilessly glared at the place where Ya ran out just now
What about Xuan and Xuan? Tears and foam know that something has happened, so they call love and Qin to help the dark and the dark make trouble. Now Xuan and Xuan are in hot water! But I don’t know about this
Of course, Ya didn’t mean to sit on the stool when she used to comfort herself modestly.
Tears frown slightly. "Ya, don’t cry. Since you don’t believe you so much, you should just be cruel and leave him alone!" Tears patted Ya’s back.
Foam also learned to comfort the children and comfort Ya. "Ya Qian is not necessarily a good person. Don’t recover the dazzling Bai! I don’t mind! "
Tears still can’t stop flowing. "I know you are good to me, but I have too deep feelings for modesty. At the beginning, I, Qian and I will walk through our relationship safely."
Tears and foam look at each other with sad feelings in their eyes. In recent years, no one has let them say "Ya, let’s let go!" " Moshuo
Ya shook her head gently. "I believe modesty still loves me!" " Said with a forced smile.
Tears with a sigh, "Ah Ya, I think Mo said, Let’s let it go, let’s find a better one! Let Jiang Mengxin die! "
Foam is sure nodded "yes! Let Jiang Mengxin die! "
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Chapter 57 The painful price
Two young couples who were once so devoted to each other are now in such a mess that no one wants to but no one can help.
"hello? Modest? Hyun and I have something to do these days and don’t go back to school. Please say goodbye to the teacher for me. "Xuan said in a hurry and hung up.
Modesty is still in a puzzling state. So soon? What do you want? Anyway, after talking to the teacher, it’s none of his business ~
Meng Xin came out of nowhere. "Sister Qian …" Meng Xin pretended to be sympathetic and talked to Qian.
When Qian heard Meng Xin’s elegant address, he immediately changed into another expression, "Don’t talk to me!" " From then on, Qian became very grumpy when he heard about Yu Ya.
Meng Xin is secretly pleased with Jiang Mengya. You can’t beat me in the end. Haha! Modesty will soon belong to me. Now Meng Xin is not interested in Ming. Modesty.
The corridor looks very haggard and her eyes are red. Did you cry all night yesterday? After her, everyone around her felt distressed. Ya lowered her head and suddenly Ya felt that she had hit something. Looking up, she looked modest!
Ya gave a most brilliant smile, "Qian!"
Modesty is coldly took a glance "nothing don’t call so close! I’m not with you! "
Elegant tears almost unbearable again "modest! We are still lovers! "
"Then break up" without even looking at Ya.
Ya froze, stared at Qian and didn’t believe it. Ask "Qian? Do you know what you said? "
Modesty still squints at Ya. "I know exactly what I’m doing and saying now. If I hadn’t looked at my tears, I wouldn’t have been so lenient!"
Ya covered her eyes with one hand and ran away from Qian. Did you accidentally bump into Qian or did you walk away with your hands in your pockets coldly? The people next to you looked dumbfounded. Qian Qian Wang was not like this! He is absolutely good to Princess Mengya! Modesty is not modesty!
"Boo hoo" I don’t know how long it took Ya to run, but she felt weak and sobbed a tree.
Ming went there and saw Ya, but he still didn’t move past.
Monitor Xiaoyu walked to come over "Dream Princess Ya, don’t cry" and took out a paper towel and handed it to Ya.
Ya looked up and saw Xiaoyu one eye "monitor? What? Do you want to do this to me? "
Xiao Yu smiled, "Maybe you have some misunderstanding." Xiao Yu is a very gentle person and is very popular in his class.
Ya wanted to tell Xiaoyu everything, but warned herself not to say it!
Xiaoyu could see the elegance of her mind and didn’t ask her to say more. "Well, here’s the thing. Princess Tears and Princess Mo asked you to go to the music park and I’ll have a message."
Ya tearfully pointed at herself, "Me?"
Xiaoyu smiled and nodded "hmm"
Ya squeezed out a smile and gave Xiaoyu a "thank you".
Xiaoyu is still so gentle "no"
Ya got up and walked towards the music circle.
Ya knocked on the door and saw tears and foam sitting in the chair. They looked serious and Ya couldn’t help shuddering.
Ya asked, "What can I do for you?"
Tears said, "Ya you, did you break up with Qian?"