The old man’s brow wrinkled slightly, and the girl’s figure suddenly solidified and could not move. "Grandpa, what are you doing to let me go?"

"Girl, if you stay here, don’t get me into trouble. Take the red-violet fruit and we’ll go!"
The old man said that his body suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the crater. He looked into the volcano. "Hey, it seems that it is still a few minutes before it is mature."
The old man was floating in the crater and quietly looking at the surface.
Every minute passed, and the old man was not in a hurry, so he waited quietly for the square volcano, like a sleeping fierce beast, which constantly gave a strong shock to the steaming pool.
The hot, hot submarine volcanic fireworks kept rolling, and the old man turned a blind eye to all this. He focused on the half red and half green fruit.
There is a red lotus with a fist-sized fruit growing in a place at the mouth of the volcano. This is the red lotus fruit.
Now this red-violet fruit surface is completely red, and the top is still blue. It is slowly turning red.
Suddenly, a flash of silver suddenly pounced on the eyes of the old man with red-violet fruit, such as "I dare to be presumptuous here."
The silver flash at the exit of the words suddenly seemed to be motionless. It turned out to be a small silver snake, and its mouth almost bit the red-violet fruit.
"Just to make a multiplier for Linger!" When the old man waved his hand, the little silver snake disappeared and was put away by the old man. "When the fruit is ripe, there are animals guarding it. See? That little snake just now is not something you can deal with now."
The girl heard the old man speak in the back and spat out her tongue and said, "It’s not ready yet. Let me go and have a look."
"Stay honest"
Just after the old man finished speaking, a flame erupted from the crater, and the old man’s figure was submerged by the flame.
The girl turned white with fear and exclaimed, "Grandfather, are you all right?"
The flame fell, and the old man’s figure still stopped at the crater, and there was not even a trace of dust.
"Scared me to death!" The girl made a naughty move and continued to watch.
The old man looked at the flame behind the square and the whole red-violet fruit turned red. He smiled and said, "OK."
With a wave of his hand, the red-violet fruit slowly drifted away from the stems and vines and was collected by the old man.
The old man turned around and took a step by step and came to the girl. "Let’s go. This red-violet fruit is enough for me."
The girl rolled her eyes. "Why don’t we stay for a while when we go back so soon?"
The old man glared at her. "What do you want when you play?"
"Grandparents haven’t had enough fun yet!" Girls continue to coquetry.
"I haven’t played enough to go back and play!"
The old man said with a wave of his hand that the girl’s body flew up and a whirlpool appeared and was absorbed into the whirlpool.
The old man glanced at Haikui’s side and waved his body to him. He leaned forward and stepped into the whirlpool, and Haikui followed him into the whirlpool.
"Jiugui Xiandao Wuyang real little worm dares to distract me!"
On the other side, a middle-aged man in white looked unhappy and said in a low voice, "During the distraction period, I was distracted by three thousand incarnations. At present, Yuan Ying seems to have to wait for a while. Wuyang is going to destroy you and return to Xiandao!"
Wuyang reality stepped into the whirlpool, but his body suddenly trembled but instantly returned to normal. He suddenly looked up into the distance and looked dignified, but suddenly returned to normal. The whirlpool slowly disappeared and there was no trace of Haikui
Chapter 26 Another Yuan God
Wuyang real person appeared in a place with Haikui in the sky. Looking at it, this is a huge island. There are continuous mountains everywhere, occupying the whole island.
Those big trees are full of vitality and aura.
Those peaks are towering into the sky, half of them are filled with clouds, as if they are floating with white clouds, giving people a mirage and feeling like they have come to the fairy world!
I didn’t expect such a good place overseas.
This is Jiugui Fairy Island!
Wuyang real people take Haikui step by step towards Jiugui Xiandao, which is like walking in the middle of the park. It’s very comfortable.
The girl has been sent back by him.
Two swords flew in from the mountain peak, and two young people dressed in blue clothes danced in front of Yang Zhenren and said, "Grandfather, you are back."
Then I saw the real person behind Wuyang and Haikui said, "Do you need any help, Grandfather?"
"No, you should do whatever you want," said Wuyang reality with a gentle wave.
They sang a farewell to the imperial sword.
Wuyang reality is not in a hurry to take Haikui to the nine main peaks of Jiugui Xiandao.
Jiugui Xiandao means that the island has nine main peaks and eleven sub-peaks, and the last flying fairy symbol is Jiugui Xiandao.
Wuyang Real Rest Dojo is located in one of the nine main peaks.
He came slowly, and no brother dared to rush out. The reality of Wuyang has a high prestige in Jiugui Xiandao. Even the owner of Jiugui Xiandao has to salute the reality of Wuyang and call a martial uncle.
Jiugui Xiandao claims to be tens of thousands of disciples of Xiandao Sect. Among them, the extra brothers and sisters are selected from the outer brothers, mainly to let them deal with island chores and practice some basic spells. If they have high talent, they can be promoted to a younger brother and have a real brother. Elder Island Master!
Wuyang real person is a nine-return fairy island among the ancestors. Now there are six ancestors who have entered the distracted period, regardless of the secular stepping up their cultivation of Mahayana and then soaring.
Now the island owner is also a baby place, and he has to be respectful to other ancestors.
Wuyang reality strolled to the mountain peak where he lived, waved his hand, and a green light flashed like a defensive barrier. He was beaten by him, and he strolled into Haikui and floated in a coma behind him.
There are several huge wooden houses built on this mountain peak, which are like palaces. They are made of wood, giving people a feeling that the atmosphere is not lacking, simple and lofty, but grounded.
"Grandfather, why did you get people back!" Outside the peak palace stood a young girl stamping her feet on the ground and said
The real Wuyang smiled and scraped her nose and said, "Aren’t you afraid if I come back and you stay outside alone?"
"I’m not afraid of anything!" The girl frowned and said with discontent