There are tickets, blades and rewards. Old drivers ask for them.

Welcome everyone to join the group. There is soft moonlight to flirt with.
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Qingjie Story 53371262
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57 hair for white hair, fate (5)
57 hair for white hair, fate (5)
I can’t give up my eyes, but I can endure it
It’s just that forgetting yourself is not a life-and-death parting, so it’s still acceptable for her to choose
"When I need a lot of blood from you, you may feel uncomfortable in the process of completing the third form transformation …"
Na Lanqing was lying beside Long Ze. She untied the ceremonial banquet in her chest, came over and looked at her with a slight female syndrome. Then she took out a few silver needles and stabbed her in the front of her mouth like the so-called one.
One activity after another climbed her chest, and the blood slowly changed. Her blood turned into a red silk thread and slowly wrapped around the sleepy Long Ze …
A lot of blood turned into a lot of silk thread to tie up Long Ze’s body …
If you look closely, you can find that the red silk color is not Nalanqing’s blood but the silk worm that sucks blood …
From a distance, Long Ze seems to be covered by a blood cell.
Na Lanqing’s face was very pale, and a large amount of blood loss made her dizzy. Her eyes kept staring at the blood roots in front of her eyes and she couldn’t see her face. Long Ze’s eyes were worried
Dizzy, she was a little tired, closed her eyes, half asleep, and she didn’t know how long it had been.
Feel what the ceremonial banquet did to her …
I don’t know how long it took her to wake up again. Her chest skirt has been tidied up, but there is still burning pain … She consciously pulled her skirt and found that her chest was covered with many wounds similar to pinhole size.
It’s about drawing blood to leave a wound
Long Ze once again returned to the method of pool latosolic red blood general blood cells did not disappear the method of worm is still blood color.
She struggled to get into bed and felt dizzy, and was about to fall to the ground.
The ceremonial banquet put her arms around her waist and said calmly, "You should rest for a while!"
"No thanks!"
"This adventure has drawn a lot of blood from you. This is fatal … you …"
"How is he?" Nalan’s pure heart is Long Ze. What will happen if she is not finished?
The ceremonial banquet tidied up the things in her hand and put away some materials at the same time. She looked at Long Ze in the pond and shook her head. "I don’t know the result until the line disappears!"
"These are called line method? Specially to suck blood? "
"Well, they can take human blood and can be classified by different people’s blood. If they have a taste, they will know …"
"Is there such a creature?"
"There are creatures left over from ancient times living here!"
Na Lanqing will take the ritual banquet as a hole in the cave to see that the outside world is about valuable when chatting for a few days while waiting for the result.
However, the ceremonial banquet doesn’t care if she looks at these things, but she will also specially explain and teach her the method of education.
It’s a pity that she has no talent for these things, and when she sees them, she hates them for a while, but she is rooted in the Law Society.
On the other hand, Lily is very interested in taking a bamboo stick and inserting several methods of worms to prepare ginger, onion and garlic, and then she runs to the side to make a barbecue.
Although these are poisonous insects, in fact, they all belong to this world, such as scorpions, snakes, rats and various animals.
It’s food for Lili!
At the ceremonial banquet, I saw that the baby in my method pool became Lili’s stomach. I was so angry that she picked up the stick and hit Lili. As she ran, Lili made faces and still stole the method worm.
Na Lanqing was wearing a coat. She sat in the hole and looked at her hand. Occasionally, she took a look at Long Ze’s body line. The red line method slowly disappeared …
Listen to the ceremony banquet and say that everything will be successful if the line method disappears.
"Sister’s adult, sister’s adult, look at the dragon brother’s body worm suddenly turning red!" Lili stereo looked up at Nalanqing and found that the original color was light and the line method suddenly became a lot of red. A lot of line methods gathered around Long Ze and turned red at this time to form a blood cell again.
She was startled and immediately got up. She was stretching at the hole. She heard her voice and immediately ran in …
See LanQing is close to Long Ze and Long Ze body line method itself …
"It’s not good to bite back!"
The ceremonial banquet was a surprise. She had never encountered the situation of line method itself.
Long Ze’s lip angle blood kept seeping into the line, and the method sucked away his blood, and his body became red …
"Didn’t you say you just disappeared? What has not disappeared but has become more? " Na Lanqing rose in her heart and felt as if these methods were sucking Long Ze’s blood.
"ah!" The ceremonial banquet slapped her forehead. She suddenly realized, "Coma people are actually conscious to hear external sounds … you and I are talking to erase his memory. He heard it and now he is subconsciously rejecting it … What should I do? Line method is a very sensitive creature, they feel that they are being rejected or attacked, and they are taking a bite out of Long Ze … "
"How to deal with it?"
He LanQing a surprised.
Long Ze, you hear me? So he knew his memory was going to be erased?
Long Ze spat out a lot of blood in his mouth. He resisted. She frowned in the eyes of the ceremonial banquet. "There is really no way to resist the body. Although it is lethal, it has a strong blood-sucking ability and can suck the living into mummies … The problem is that I got this solution in Long Ze’s heart!"
Unless the conversion is successful, it will be swallowed up by the emotional method.
Na Lanqing jerked her skirt and narrowed her eyes. "Are you going to make your own decisions again?"
She doesn’t seem to know this woman very well at the ceremonial banquet.