Zhang Pan pointed not far away. "They have been mobilizing over there without leaning over to Yuan Qing. You see, they seem to be building equipment over there."

Li Yuanqing looked in the direction of his fingers. On the west side of the Houjin War, Han slaves were transporting wood to the war. Wood and branches and leaves were not cut to see if they had just been cut down.
"Tatar even already sit still" Li Yuanqing sneer at slightly.
Chen Zhongdao said, "I’m tired of waiting. These dogs are more inky than women."
Zhang Pan is extremely calm. "I don’t think the Dalai Lama will attack on a large scale. It is also a big problem for them to harass us and let’s play around badly."
Li Yuanqing nodded. "It’s impossible for an old slave to give up the city halfway without gaining anything. They will definitely fight our side and get ready for it."
Both of them nodded
Soon arrived in the afternoon, 8 jin j didn’t move too much, and the battlefield stopped. It seemed that when it was quiet, both sides kept enough restraint.
The work on the reef has already begun and ended. Even though sharks are infested, Qinbing still cut back the heads of more than ten real slaves, which also made Li Yuanqing a little speechless.
This situation three people who also dare not careless to continue to increase the protection around Lushun City, send more scouts out to patrol four times to prevent 8 jin j from playing tricks again.
The rocks failed here, and the tartars on the east wall stopped pushing the earth forward and resolutely withdrew back to see how it would work.
After 8 jin j temporarily no offensive ChengTouJun side also finally had a rare moment to rest.
But the soldiers can rest. Li Yuanqing, Chen Zhong and Zhang Pan can’t rest.
Three people in the temporary headquarters next to the gate tower to discuss the one-step defense plan and improve Li Yuanqing layout at the same time.
In this situation, although the army has won several small victories, the initiative of the whole war is still firmly in the hands of the old slaves.
He can attack if he wants, and he can retreat if he wants.
Li Yuanqing three people even if very uncomfortable, but there is no very good way. If you can’t take the initiative, even if it is in the middle of the old slave’s arms.
But waiting patiently like this is not the way to make a plan: "Yuan Qing Lao Chen, I still have more than three good horses here, or I’ll take people to rush to bring those dogs here?"
Chen Zhong thought for a moment, "I think Yuan Qing can do this. I’m afraid it’s even more annoying for us to wait for the Tatars, and we need to play around to boost their morale."
Li Yuanqing thought for a while but shook his head. "It’s too risky. There’s no need to wave brothers’ lives. Don’t worry, two brothers. You can’t eat hot tofu. I estimate that things on the reef early today are enough for the old slave to drink a pot. Now it’s noon to steal the camp. At the very least, it’s late. Let’s wait and see how the old slave reacts in the afternoon."
Chapter 17
At this time, as Li Yuanqing expected, the atmosphere in the old slave tent did not seem to be very harmonious
Dozens of flag generals were so intent that they couldn’t breathe.
Even the old slave dotes on Dourgen and Duo Duo, two kids who dare not stay behind the old slave’s ass and carefully look at this group of people around them.
Abatai knelt on the ground with remorse 2.
He wanted to sneak up on Lushun’s three fleets and cut off the army’s retreat before and after, so as to catch turtles in a jar. He never thought that the army would react extremely fiercely. Not only did he persuade more than two warriors to feed the fish belly, but he also made the army more alert and it was difficult to find such an opportunity any more.
Abatai is not favored. There are only a few cattle records. These two people may be nothing to A Min, Mangurtai and Huang Taiji, but they are like killing him.
Plus, after he insisted on it, 8 Jin J pretended to attack this afternoon and didn’t really launch an offensive. It was a waste of time.
At this time, the horse will arrive in the afternoon, and the sun has reached the most toxic time, and the 8 Jin Army offensive can be delayed further.
"Khan Amal is guilty." Abatai feels that he is like a walking corpse at this moment. All his ambitions and dreams are shattered in the face of this bloody reality, and these brothers and nephews are embarrassed.
The old slave’s eyelids flipped slightly and did not move.
Come on, Lushun is a small town, and it won’t take much time and effort to get it soon. Then he will stop by Liaodong to destroy Mao Wenlong and have a good year together.
But he didn’t expect that this small town had brought him so much trouble now.
His two sons, A Min and Abatai, suffered heavy losses in the city, that is, the morale of the whole army is now bad.
For a long time, the old slave’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Old seven, get up."
"It’s Xie Khan Amar." Abatai got up carefully and stepped aside if he was granted amnesty.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to be scanned by his brothers and nephews. It’s worse than killing him.
The old slave tapped his fingers and scanned the crowd. "What do you think of Lushun City?"
It has come to this, and these nobles of the late Jin Dynasty have also realized that Lushun City is small, but it is by no means a soft persimmon. It is never so simple to make contributions to Lushun City and stand on its feet.
Dai Shan thought about it carefully and said, "Khan Ama Lushun City is small, but it is difficult for us to find any flaws. From the point of view, we must take Lushun City as soon as possible even if we have to lose some warriors."
The old slave nodded and looked at the others. Finally, his eyes fell on Huang Taiji. "What do you think, old man?"
Huang taiji hurried out carefully, saying, "Minister Khan Amar also agrees with the second brother that Lushun City must be taken as soon as possible, otherwise our army will be unfavorable."
Mang Gurtai also hurried out and said, "Minister Khan Amal is willing to be a pioneer."
The old slave nodded slowly. "Let’s go to Lushun City for lunch before noon today."