"arrest them for me!" Huang Rong shouted that the beggars’ sect brothers handed over the weapons of more than 30 people and then ordered acupuncture points.

There seems to be no murderer left in this dozen people. Huang Ronglang said, "You are all Da Songmin and will work for Mongols? Today, if you can help my Beggars to eradicate the traitor Qiu Qianren, I will let bygones be bygones. You are welcome to join the Beggars’ Beggars’ Brothers! "
These iron palms help all the people whisper. After a while, more than a dozen people walk out of the crowd and call out, "We are wrong! We are all willing to join the Beggars’ Guild, and the leader of the Yellow Clan is the leader! "
Seeing this situation, other iron palm gangs gradually made a decision, and more and more people came out. The murderers have been punished or captured. The Beggars’ brothers have no deep hatred for these other iron palm gangs, and they all accepted these soldiers.
"Welcome to the Iron Palm Brothers!"
"Everyone is the Song people who are killing each other!"
"Let’s kill the mountain together and cut the traitor Qiu Qianren to pieces!"
Beggars’ brothers shouted to the Iron Palm Gang in succession.
"good! Let’s keep going! " Huang Rong was so happy that he led a great army along the mountain road to climb to Ling Feiyang. He thought to himself, "I haven’t seen you for three months. Not only has Rong Er made great progress in martial arts, but the prestige of Wang has also been established. It’s no big deal to have such a woman to help Ling Feiyang!"
In front is Zhu Liu, the first knuckle student of the middle finger peak. Seeing a rocky pile on the side of the mountain road, I thought there must be an ambush here. Suddenly, I pulled out a wolf’s pen and ran past with flying skill!
Sure enough, more than 200 iron palms were hidden in the rocky pile to help the public see Zhu Liuchong coming and shoot with bows and arrows! Zhu Liu’s brush kept poking arrows and rushed to the crowd. The brush waved a piece of ink and spilled it. The ink spots were as sharp as hidden weapons’s, knocking several iron palms in front to help the crowd to the ground!
The iron palm gang raised their spears and gathered around Zhu Liu. Zhu Liu suddenly turned and ran to a bush next to them. These iron palm gangs saw that one of the enemies was coming after them!
Zhu Liu used to practice the golden rooster in that narrow Liang Shi for ten years, and his independence was outstanding. These iron palms helped the gang just chase into the bushes, but Zhu Liu had already run out of the bushes and shouted to the mountain road, "Shoot the arrow!"
That more than a dozen iron palms help crossbowmen immediately ignite the arrow tip tung oil, and one by one braved the fire and the arrow left the string. This bush immediately burned up and trapped more than 200 iron palms help people in the fire!
More than 100 iron palm gangs rushed out of the fire in a wailing way, but they were surrounded by beggars’ gangs. Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong followed the previous method to capture or execute the gangs that had killed beggars’ gangs, and then forced other gangs to surrender to beggars’ gangs.
The mountain road ahead is getting steeper and steeper, and it seems that it has become a powerful road. Hundreds of iron palms suddenly flashed out of the mountain road, and some people were holding large stones in their hands, while others were pushing thick logs together.
Huang Rong had expected that there would be an ambush here before the rolling stone fell. He had ordered the Beggars’ Brothers to step back fifty paces away. Although there were no casualties, the terrain here was easy to defend but difficult to attack the mountain in a short time.
"Four uncles, you take your beggar brothers here to feint the three of us to kill Qiu Qianren directly from the cliff next to you!" Huang Rong said.
Huang Rong’s method of catching the thief and getting the king first is risky, but it can greatly reduce the casualties of Beggars’ brothers. Besides, Ling Feiyang, Huang Rong and Ying Gu, together, Qiu Qianren’s martial arts are no matter how high they are, they must be able to resist Zhu Liu and other four people who thought of this.
Ling Feiyang, Huang Rong and Ying Gu quietly went around to the cliff behind the middle finger peak to display their flying skills to climb. The flying skills of the three of them were extraordinary. They jumped for a moment at the raised stone tip of the cliff and reached the second knuckle of the middle finger peak.
Ling Feiyang saw that there seemed to be a cave in the darkness of more than twenty feet on the left, and thought to himself, "This must be the place where Jian Nan, the official of Tiezhang Sect, collected Wu Mu’s legacy!"
The three men ran to the cave with flying skill. Suddenly, four green figures appeared in front of a big pagoda tree, and a huge fishing net was thrown at the three men!
Yesterday’s answer Qiu Qianchi and D Gongsun Zhi are Qiu Qianren’s sister and brother-in-law, and Qiu Qianren is sure to have to help King Jinlun when he is in trouble. He is still in Lin ‘an after the peace talks, and he is still helping the Mongols attack Xixia Monjero and Basruk, who just returned to Mongolia to call me back, and will gradually appear after the Hunan Dharma King and the Japanese Ninja.
I admit that this question is a little difficult for everyone, but one friend guessed it right. Although these two people guessed two more, it was really difficult, so we must add one more watch in the afternoon!
Chapter 179 3v3 duel
"Back off!" Ying Gu exclaimed that one or three people jumped backwards together, but the four people in green immediately jumped from the tree and approached the three people with fishing nets!
This fishing net is full of praise and square. It seems to be made of gold wire mixed with steel wire. The surface is covered with sharp knives and barbed wire. The wrong place of oral sex is also covered with magnets. Obviously, it is to suck away the enemy’s metal weapons. Each of the four green men, hidden weapons, grabbed the corner of the fishing net and staggered and cooperated with each other. It is very tacit to cover this huge net with these three people!
This finger peak mountain road is very narrow, and the three people are gradually pushed to the edge of the cliff by fishing nets. Huang Rong suddenly pulls out the dagger engraved with the word "Guo Jing" and jumps at the fishing net!
Those sharp knife barbs in the fishing net immediately pierced Huang Rong’s coat with holes, but it was blocked by soft hedgehog armor, which could not hurt her skin. Huang Rongyun cut the dagger to the fishing net with all her strength, but the tenacity ratio of the fishing net gold wire was not cut. "clank" a dagger flew out of Huang Rong’s hand and stuck to a magnet!
Four people in green immediately tightened the fishing net to see that Huang Rong was about to be wrapped in Zhong Ling Feiyang’s right middle finger suddenly pricked out this finger, which was greatly closed and magnificent. It was the sword in the six-pulse Excalibur!
"Hey!" Fishing net gold wire was stabbed by Ling Feiyang’s finger force, which made a big gap! Huang Rong dexterous body immediately jumped out from the gouges where whole pieces were missing and pounced on one of the people in green, at the same time, he made a monk’s orchid brush the hole and his fingers gently brushed this person before him and immediately fell to the ground!
At the same time, Ying Gu also jumped into the hot pot and instantly pierced the throats of two people in green!
Finally, a green man threw a fishing net and turned to flee, but suddenly a man and a woman blocked his way!
"Waste!" The woman thundered and clapped her hands on the green man’s head. The green man cried and bled to the ground and died!
Ling Feiyang looked up and saw this man and a woman, both aged around 30, with a close look like a couple. The man was wearing a sapphire satin robe, handsome in face and handsome in manner, with a slight chin. The girl is short, her skin is white and beautiful, but her eyes reveal a cloudy and surly color.
"It seems like an iron palm for this woman to shoot the green man to death!" Ling Feiyang suddenly thought that "there is one person who will make iron palm work in this world except Qiu Qianren, and that is Qiu Qianren’s sister’ Iron Palm Lotus’ Qiu Qianchi!"
"Since this woman is Qiu Qianchi, is this man Gongsun Zhi, the owner of Desperate Valley?" Ling Feiyang was thinking about suddenly noticing that this man was holding a serrated gold knife with a thick back and a wide blade in his left hand and clinging to a long, thin black sword in his right hand, which immediately confirmed his judgment!
Qiu Qianchi’s brother Qiu Qianren left Tiezhangfeng because of trivial quarrels. He met Gongsun Zhi in Desperate Valley. Gongsun Zhi couldn’t help but pursue it and married him. Ling Feiyang was very clear about this matter, but he didn’t expect that Qiu’s brother and sister actually had no big contradiction. Qiu Qianren sent someone to invite back his sister and brother-in-law!
The couple are both first-class martial arts experts, and their martial arts skills are not much worse than those of Qiu Qianren. As a result, Ling Feiyang and others have completely lost their original chances of winning!
Ying Gu was very impatient, and when she saw these two people standing in front of her, she was very impatient and shouted, "Get out of the way!" Body shape like an arrow rushed to the hands to raise money to Gongsun Zhi throat disease!
Shi Ling Fei Yang’s brain has made a quick search and shouted, "Ying Gu’s predecessors should be careful of his skill of closing acupoints and confusing the blade of Yin and Yang!"
Qiu Qianchi has always looked like herself, but now she finds that this little girl is 100 times more beautiful than herself. Her eyes are fixed on Huang Rong, and her heart is full of extreme jealousy. Suddenly, she shouts, "Little girl, let’s show each other!"
Taking Qiu Qianchi’s word, he swooped down on Huang Rong, and in the palm of his right hand, there was a faint black gas, with a strong breeze, and he patted Huang Rong’s face, trying to destroy her!
Huang Rong got a fright, jumped out of the room at once, and at the same time pulled out a dog stick from his waist and cried, "Hit people without hitting their faces, you crazy bitch, so you don’t understand the truth, so I’ll teach you a lesson!"
"Although Qiu Qianchi hasn’t practiced jujube nails yet, a pair of iron palms are very strong and not much worse than her brother. Rong Er may not be able to beat him!" Ling Feiyang was thinking about helping Huang Rong before. A yellow figure suddenly fell from the cliff above his head, commanding and slapping to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang’s body was immediately enveloped by palm force, and he hurriedly used Lingbo’s micro-step shape to slide forward rapidly!
"bang!" This palm will make Ling Feiyang just stand on the stone steps and shatter to pieces. A Ge Yi old man has been in front of Ling Feiyang. It is "Iron Palm Shui Piao" Qiu Qianren!
"Ling Shaoxia, don’t get sick!" Qiu Qianren seems to be winning the battle with a smile!
"Qiu Qianren, we came here this time to avenge the two hundred dead brothers of the Gai! Did you kill yourself? Or let me do it? " Ling Feiyang is too lazy to talk to him and said bluntly
Qiu Qianren’s face changed and he shouted, "The defeated soldier is so daring!" Iron palm work gathered ten successes to shoot Ling Feiyang, and the powerful horse palm immediately enveloped Ling Feiyang in Fiona Fang for several feet!
Kang Long has regrets! Ling Feiyang also gathered ten successes to meet Qiu Qianren in the past!
"bang!" With an earth-shattering noise, their bodies shook at the same time, and they didn’t retreat to unload their strength!
Three months ago, at the top of Junshan Mountain, Ling Feiyang once played against Qiu Qianren. At that time, Ling Feiyang even retreated three steps, but Qiu Qianren did not move. However, now Ling Feiyang’s article on easy tendon forging has risen to the sixth floor, and the North Ghost has absorbed more than a dozen iron palms to help master Li. At this moment, Qiu Qianren’s palm is even!
"This little martial arts entered the country so quickly!" Qiu Qianren was surprised and didn’t give Ling Feiyang a breather. It was another slap in the face!
"Before-"Ling Feiyang’s right index finger points out to Qiu Qianren’s palm that it is a Yang fingering! Delicate and long refers to the wind splitting Qiu Qianren palm force to his palm point up!
"This is not the south emperor Duan Zhixing Yang refers to? How can this small make it? " Qiu Qianren got a fright and hurriedly took back the palm force and jumped out to the side.
Refers to the wind from next to Qiu Qianren brush Qiu Qianren was about to fly to ling Yinggu suddenly rushed over from the side, eyes have become red as if to spit out blood and mouth shouted "Qiu old thief I fight with you!"
Chapter 1 Ling Feiyang VS Gongsun Zhi
Ying Gu was fighting with Gongsun Zhi, but suddenly she caught a glimpse of Qiu Qianren, and continuous shooting immediately forced Gongsun Zhi to rush like crazy!
"Who are you?" Qiu Qianren asked.
"Sixteen years ago, you sneaked into Dali Palace and seriously injured a baby who was not yet full moon. Do you remember that?" Ying Gu’s voice trembled violently, but it was like being caught in the wind!
"Are you Liu Guifei?" Qiu Qianren finally came white.
"yes! I will take your life and avenge my poor child! " Ying Gu said that she was as mad as a tiger and threw herself at Qiu Qianren. Her arms were fierce and her mouth was full of white teeth. It seemed that she would firmly embrace Qiu Qianren and eat him alive again!
Qiu Qianren although martial arts high-strength, but see Ying Gu and their hard also can’t help but heart of fear, hurriedly jumped next to Ying Gu a miss, then his feet slammed and jumped at Qiu Qianren!
"Crazy bitch!" Qiu Qianren left palm swept out and hit Ying Gu’s shoulder, but Ying Gu didn’t stretch out his hand, but desperately continued to pounce on Qiu Qianren!
Qiu Qianren this palm can hit Ying Gu hard, but also know that if she throws her arms around Ling Feiyang next to her, she will die. Qiu Qianren immediately withdrew her palm and did not consider that the iron palm was in front to help her run along the mountain road!
Ying Gu’s face was twisted and her expression was ferocious, and she followed Qiu Qianren! Gongsun Zhi saw an opportunity to jump to Ying Gu’s back with a serrated gold knife in his left hand and cut it at Ying Gu’s back!
Gongsun Zhi!’ Ling Feiyang shouted a ling is a point that is chopping gold knife disease point in the past!
This refers to the little finger of the right hand. The wind is light and swift, and it is the six-pulse Excalibur. Don’t rush the sword!
"Choking solicitation" refers to the wind hitting the blade of the golden knife. Gongsun Zhi suddenly felt a pain in the jaws and hurriedly grasped the handle to avoid selling it. But this knife has lost its aim and split obliquely on the stone steps, splashing a piece of Mars immediately!