"Professor Frondorfen, can you hear me?"

As things pulled out, Professor Leidoffen suddenly fell to the ground.
Before Tang Yi hurried away, he pinched people and patted his chest for a while before he woke up leisurely.
"Who are you?"
When Professor Fodor came to his senses, his eyes were a little loose but he was a little angry.
He took a long breath, which he seemed to have slept for a long time.
"I’m a friend of Shen Mengyao, and I’m here to help you out. This is not a place to talk. Let’s go first."
Hold Professor Fodor up. Tang Yi knows that this place is not suitable for long stay.
Now we have to find a way to go out first.
Fortunately, he solved all the mercenaries, but just as he was about to take Professor Fodor away, he pointed to others.
"What about them? What happened to them?"
Looking at the wood that colleague professor fuduofen can ask?
"I guess you’re all hypnotized. I just helped you get rid of your temples, and you just woke up."
Tang Yi knew that it was impossible for him to take everyone out, so he had to take one person out first.
"It’s not hypnosis, it’s deep subconscious control, and Kunier Jie unexpectedly succeeded."
Sure enough, he was a scientific madman. After he woke up, he talked about what Tang Yi didn’t understand.
"I can’t save so much, whether it’s deep or shallow, but I’ve done a lot when you’re under control."
Tang Yi was able to save one. He naturally chose Professor Fudofen to take people out first.
While walking, Tang Yi told me what happened before.
"I made it. Really?"
Walking out in a daze, Professor Fodor has no memory of what happened before.
The two thorns in his head are that the receiver can do what it wants.
But just as the two men were about to walk to the passage, a dark gun was pointed at Tang Yi.
Chapter 44 Missed the trick
There was a burst of gas.
A dull and powerful attack carry a sense of lethality.
Fortunately, Tang Yi had a hunch and hurried to one side to avoid it.
With a strong breeze, it turned out that three anesthetic darts were sparking in the tin can.
"Damn it, someone’s coming again."
I can’t believe that the other party actually used an anesthetic gun. Tang Yi couldn’t help but frowned.
I may be able to rush out by myself, but it is inconvenient to move with a weak professor.
Fortunately, he has rushed out of the narrow passage at this time. If he was at the entrance just now, he would be in real trouble.
"Professor, you stay close to me. Let’s find a way out first. Do you remember anything about this place?"
There should be more than a dozen people in each other’s footsteps
Professor Tang Yi is not familiar with this place. According to his memory, he has to go back the same way.
"I don’t even know how I got here without an impression. All the exercises are in a deep will. Unless you can overclock me now, I may be able to remember."
Professor Frondorfen shook his head. When he was controlled by the other party, he had no independent intention at all.
He doesn’t know anything after waking up.
"Well, it looks like we can figure something out."
Observing from left to right that Tang Yi is pulling the professor means that you can’t let go of anything.
Well, there are a lot of complicated bunkers here.
There is no other escape route in sight, and the thin professor can’t leave his body for a moment.
There are three daggers left in the weapon. Although the dagger is sharp, it has no blood slot.
In this way, the method turns and the opponent is not close after knowing that his fighting skill is quite high.
Although the range of anesthesia gun is comparable to that of automatic rifle, it is far higher than the flying distance of dagger.
With Tang Yi’s throwing power of 15 meters, it is already the fatal limit, but they easily attacked at the time of more than 50 meters.
Fortunately, the other side’s anesthesia gun must have anesthesia needles again and again, and the power noise emitted by the gas collection pipe is much louder than that of firearms.
Plus, the firing rate is slow, and it is impossible for Tang Yi to find that these anesthesia guns can’t shoot himself for the time being.
But this is not a long-term solution. Tang Yi must find a better solution to bring the professor’s moving speed down sharply.
The hut that rushed in before her eyes caught Tang Yi’s attention.
The hut is still littered with ex-mercenaries. If he gets the gun himself, he will have a chance to rush out.
I believe that at this time, Rose and others are also outside the cave, and once they reach the Kaimi Road at the cave, they can escape from the birth.
Thought of here, Tang Yi couldn’t help but have a happy goal. What Tang Yi has to do now is how to rush to grab the gun.
"dang dang"
Suddenly there was a murderous look on the right.
Throwing the professor aside, Tang Yi also rolled on the spot.
Sparks splashed, anesthesia needles flew over Tang Yi’s scalp, and he almost got caught.
Lying on the ground, Tang Yi waved his dagger and fought back directly in the direction of shooting.
But the other distance control in the 30 meters position Tang Yi this knife for sneak attack to three people without any influence.
To reload the anesthesia needle, three people immediately chased them again, dressed in camouflage. They were naturally stronger than those guys before, but they were beside the jackal.
But just as the three men were preparing to pursue their victory, there was a sudden rush of sound.
Three people can look to the side and see that the tin can is rapidly discharging green viscous liquid more than five meters away from them.
At the same time, the tin can door was slowly punched and kept in it with an oxygen mask. At this time, the workers slowly opened their eyes.
A roar tore the mask directly, and the laborer rushed out with a loud roar.