Keep your eyes on thyme blue …

"The palace keeps its word!"
The moon has been assured that she breathed a sigh of relief and truthfully answered, "Back to the empress NaLanQing seduced the five emperors, and they have ulterior motives …"
"oh? What unreliable person? " Eyes casually glanced at the screen direction as if through the screen to see the expression of Nalanqing’s face.
"Handmaiden saw NaLanQing erotic flirting with five emperors, and his words and deeds were very erotic and ambiguous …"
Baililan squinted. "Are you sure?"
"It was the handmaiden who saw it with her own eyes and saw Na Lanqing lying on the table and holding the five imperial waist kissing place …" When the moon said this, she blushed and didn’t know how to say that she was a unmarried woman.
Thyme blue eyes are getting colder and colder. She waved, "What’s your wish?"
Moon quickly fell to the ground, and she immediately said, "The handmaiden admires the Five Emperors for a long time!"
"Your beautiful imperial concubines will promise you if they don’t agree with each other!"
Imperial side princess?
Moon’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t help laughing.
Was it the concubine who didn’t think it was the emperor’s side princess?
"Xie Niangniang!"
"Well, go!"
It was not until the maid-in-waiting left that the blue face was gloomy than her eyes swept to come out from behind the screen. Na Lanqing sneered, "So that’s it. You and Long Ze are like this. No wonder you protect him like this!"
Na Lanqing slightly narrowed her eyes and killed the maid-in-waiting of the moon.
A maid-in-waiting who can recite the Lord’s palace doesn’t need to stay and get rid of what is necessary!
"Even if I have skeletons in my closet with the Five Emperors, it’s a good reason to assassinate a small mirror!"
"Empress!" Suddenly, a maid-in-waiting came in from the outside, and she said carefully, "The maid-in-waiting of the Empress is the maid-in-waiting who has seen the maid-in-waiting who has hidden a portrait of Nalan’s adult on the table, and she will take a look at it when she falls asleep day and night …"
Bang, the teacup in Baililan’s hand went straight to the past. "Somebody pull this nonsense bitch out and chop it!"
Welcome everyone to join the group. There is soft moonlight to flirt with.
Qingjie Story 53371262
Qingjie Story 53371262
Qingjie Story 53371262
It’s hard to admit your mistake? (thirty more)
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Never let too much suffer this stain.
Maid-in-waiting doesn’t know what she did wrong. It’s not white to be dragged out and beheaded directly to death. She’s just a victim of other people’s chess.
Thyme blue walked up to NaLanQing, anger made her lose her cool, raised her hand and slapped her, and she went toward NaLanQing …
Na Lanqing reached out and clenched her wrist. "Empress is angry!"
"Nalan Qing Palace will never allow you to pull out of sight too soon!" Baililan is really angry. If you recite the male name, it means everything will be ruined.
We can’t let this man ruin everything for her son.
Let NaLanQing take a step back and squint, "Excuse me!"
Until she walked out of the door, and the blue rage sounded in Taidong Palace …
"Don’t let the palace see you again!"
People in Taidong Palace were so scared that they knelt down directly when they heard the roar of Thyme Blue. Empress White Queen was not so furious.
When Nalanqing came from Taigong, a maid strode up to her and blessed her. "Please welcome my young lady!"
It was Nalan shallow who brought the maid’s first snow from Wuan Hou.
She didn’t come to take a look after the fire in Nalan Shallow Yard. I believe Nalan Shallow doesn’t want to see herself, right?
"Miss is injured … and it seems to be arson in detail …" The first snow bit her lip and wanted to say something but was awkward.
Nalan’s shallow face was wrapped in a bandage from the neck position. When she saw Nalan coming over, her eyes glared at the bottom of her eyes and crossed a very cruel cold light.
Are you going to hide the hatred in her heart
"See me so your heart?" He sat in front of the bed, wrapped in gauze, and smelled of medicine.
"yes?" Na Lanqing light ask
Nalan made a shallow fist, and her eyes were filled with hatred. Suddenly, she lifted the bowl and cup in front of her. "It’s all because of you … Nalanqing, I am like this because of you!"
NaLanQing narrowing her eyes eyes cold mang swept away.
"Don’t talk is guilty? I’d be like this if you hadn’t provoked me and couldn’t provoke anyone. I will be ruined because of you … Nalanqing I hate you and hate you! "
Nalan’s mood is very unstable. She can’t help hating at the thought that she may live with an ugly wound forever.
Why should she be treated like this because she is Nalanqing’s sister?
Why should she suffer this?
It’s Nalan who cleared the mistake!
Na Lanqing glanced at her faintly and woke up. "Noisy can’t change the fact that you are unlucky!"
"You are so cold-blooded! It’s your fault!"
He laughed coldly. "Did you send the maid-in-waiting who said that she watched my portrait sleep too day and night? Don’t you want me to fall into the abyss when you call me cold-blooded? Everyone likes each other. What do you have to complain about? "
"I ….." He shallow hatred eyes is hate her neck look excited "yes, I sent her to do it because of you. The five emperors are hated by the queen, and you will bring disaster. The root is not worthy to be by his side …"
"Then you deserve it?" Sitting in front of Nalan’s shallow bed, she picked up a fruit and peeled it.
Looking down, "You and I are fighting for Long Ze. I don’t blame you. Everyone has love … provided that you can bear the failure result … If I am defeated by you, can I admit that my mistake is difficult?"
"Don’t talk to me in such a condescending tone. What are you?" Nalan angrily scolded back, "I’m not at all wrong. It’s all your fault that I became like this!"
She resolutely refused to admit that she was wrong.
Put the peeled fruit in front of her, and Nalan cleared it up. She smiled coldly. "Really?" After that, don’t blame me. I can’t protect you even if Mrs. Yu is here! "
"…" He glared at her back with a grin. "I will definitely get his absolute!"
The demons can be solved by taking medicine
Nalanqing left Taigong to Lanyu Palace, and Long Ze left inexplicably. I believe he already knew about this matter.
Be prepared in case of need.
When she stepped into the Lanyu Palace, she saw the moon with a tray beside Long Ze. She gently said, "The temple handmaiden has just been called by the Empress!"
Long Ze "…"